Word of mouth

There is a reason why I heard about Rago Brothers by word of mouth because the quality of their work speaks volumes. My LV neverful was in my mind destroyed. The cinch was in two, the handles were coming apart and were almost snapped. The inside had mold spores from where it got moisture inside from not being stored properly. I was a wreck and had searched online and asked around on social media who I should reach out to for help. Multiple people I knew and even online who I didn’t know recommend Rago Brothers. I was skeptical at first especially since I do not live anywhere near the business but after reaching out they made me feel secure and comfortable with what they could do for me and my purse. The communication with them was amazing and they always answered all of my questions via email even on same day. The mail-in process was easy and the estimated time for repair was accurate. After sending it off I received it back in 2 weeks times. It is silly to say but I did tear up a little opening up my box when it came. My purse is restored inside and out. The quality of their works shows. Beyond happy to have it back in hand and more than happy to keep spreading their name throughout for the work they have done.