Handbag Repair

Zipper Tape/TeethHandleBindingTabFeetBodyStud/RivetPipingStrapZipper PullRing

HandleBindingTabFeetBodyPipingStud/RivetStrapZipper PullRingZipper Tape/Teeth

What needs repair?


We can custom make leather handles and straps to match most original designs using the best leather match available. If you’d prefer your new custom strap to be longer or shorter, we can accommodate your request. If your bag does not already have a crossbody strap, we can add tabs with rings to attach a custom-made strap.

Repair or replace leather woven through chain

If the leather in the chain is unstitched, we can re-weave to repair the damaged area. If the leather is severely worn or disintegrated, we can create a replacement.

Refinish handles

The leather on handles often fades or becomes stained due to the oils from your hands when carrying. We can custom create most colors to match the original finish to restore the handle color.

Reseal handle edges

Handle edges can crack, peel, or fray with use. We can strip and reapply the edge coating to seal and protect handle edges.

Shorten/lengthen straps

If your strap is not the right length for you, we can modify it to fit by shortening it, or lengthening it using leather or hardware components.

Stitch and rebuild

If your strap is not in need of replacement, we can stitch loose threading and/or strengthen and rebuild it at the base where the hardware is connected. When interior handle tubing has shifted or cracked, we can carefully open the handle seams to adjust or replace the damaged tubing.

Tab/handle anchor repair or replacement

Tabs often connect the strap or handles to the body of the bag. With wear, these tabs can become weak and rip. When possible, we will rebuild the existing tab. If severely torn, we custom make new tabs to closely resemble the originals.


When an interior seam becomes unsewn, we can repair it along the original stitch line.


When a liner is beyond repair (deteriorating, extremely frayed, severely stained), we can replace it entirely. We have a variety of leather color options for replacement liners to use for replicating the original pockets/sections in the liner.


Liners that have light wear and soiling can be cleaned. We cannot remove ink stains from liners, but we can clean the lining to sanitize it.

Interior zipper

We can repair or replace zippers on the inside pockets of your purse.

Replacement of piping/binding

We can completely replace piping and binding/trim around the perimeter of your bag. Sometimes these components are able to be repaired by feathering in close-matching leather in order to repair a worn spot.

Reseal edges

Edges around the top and sides of the bag can crack or peel and need to be resealed to rebond the leather to create a finished edge. We can reapply this edge sealant to help prevent damage to the leather.


If the leather is faded on the piping or binding, we can custom create a color match to lightly refinish the worn areas. This would be a suitable option for a bag that does not need a complete redye.


With constant use, a zipper pull can become weak and break. If made of leather, we can make a custom replacement. If your original pull is metal, we have generic options available. If the slider is off track, we can realign or replace most sliders.


When the zipper tape is torn or teeth are missing, we must replace the zipper. When choosing a replacement, we select the best match available for zipper tape color and teeth color and size.


When cleaning or washing a bag, the exterior will be carefully hand-cleaned to remove surface-level dirt. The washing option is best suited for fabrics, suede, and coated canvas. Washing will not remove deep staining, discoloration, ink, or dye transfer.


After being washed, a leather bag that has a natural leather finish can be simply conditioned to moisturize the leather and maintain the original look.

Refinish/Dye Leather

Recoloring leather is needed when the original color/finish is worn/faded/stained. Our color specialists custom mix colors to match your bag as closely as possible. The color is then carefully applied by hand in our refinishing studio.


Water and stain protectants can help protect your bag from unforeseen events, such as getting caught in inclement weather conditions.


When hardware components, such as D-rings, locks, or buckles are detached, and all parts are still intact, we do our best to reuse your original parts.


Hardware such as rivets, snaps, hooks, magnets, rings, grommets, stones/beads and feet that are broken or missing can most often be replaced with a similar part. While we do have some branded parts, we do not have access to all brands’ parts, in which case we would use non-branded/generic, similar parts.


For added protection, feet can be added to the bottom of your bag. Sometimes, we need to first add a structured base to accommodate the addition of feet. If you have an open-top bag, we can add a magnetic closure to help keep the bag closed while in use.


Hardware can tarnish and fade over time. In this case, certain hardware pieces can be carefully removed and re-dipped to restore the original appearance of the metal.

The body of a bag can slouch or cave in over time. We gently open the bag to insert interior panels that are custom cut to fit your bag in order to restore the loss of structure.

If you have a vintage item in need of some TLC, send us photos to see what repairs will suit your oldie but goodie.

Before & After Transformations

LV Damier Ebene Scratch Refinishing

LV Damier Ebene Scratch Refinishing

Chanel Leather Cleaning and Refinishing

Chanel Leather Cleaning and Refinishing

YSL Fire Damage

YSL Fire Damage

Fixed my Fendi

My cute little Fendi bag had a few injuries. I found Rago Brothers online and sent my bag in. In around 2 weeks, back she came as good as new! I definitely recommend this team of craftsmen.
– Kim F., Portsmouth, RI

Fabulous Work!

I had 2 purses/totes repaired by Rago Brothers and could not be more pleased. The process from obtaining a quote, to payment, repair and return have been flawless and expeditious both times. The repair work is exquisite and cannot be detected. I would not trust my designer items with anyone else! Plus, the prices are reasonable!
– Harriet, Smithville, TN