Shoe and Boot Repair

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What needs repair?

Heels (bottom layer)

On stilettos, this can also be referred to as a “lift”. On boots and loafers, there is generally a flat, larger surface area that can be made of rubber or a combination of leather and rubber, to comprise the heel.

Heel bases/blocks

When a heel base detaches from the upper, it can be reattached most of the time. If it cracks, then a new replacement heel base is needed. If the exact heel base is not available, we can change both to match with a suitable replacement.

If the leather is severely torn on the heel base, we can recover it using a suitable leather match.

On men’s shoes and boots, the heel block can wear down with excessive wear after the heel has worn away. We can rebuild or replace heel blocks.

Worn sole

When a sole becomes thin, or a loss of tread has developed, we can replace the sole with leather or rubber. Options for new soles include half leather soles, full leather soles, half rubber soles and full rubber soles. Not all options can be used on every style, and we will advise the best option once we evaluate your shoes.


Whether you are looking to protect your women’s or men’s shoes, new or worn, a thin sole protector is what you need. Sole protectors will guard your shoes from damp weather and are ideal for women’s shoes made with thin leather soles, such as ballet flats or Louboutin pumps. Our thin soles are available in different colors and add traction, with no compromise to the aesthetic of your shoes.


If the soles become detached from the upper, and the soles are intact, our welding process can adhere the two parts back together.


If your insoles have shifted or curled up, we can realign and seal back into place. If you have holes or extreme wear, we make custom leather insoles to fit your exact shoe. Additional foam padding can be inserted under the insole to add comfort.


The back of the shoe can break down, lose structure, or tear. We rebuild to strengthen, then reline the repaired area with leather.


The rim of the shoes above the counter can tear, in which case we can replace the worn trim.


When stitching is unsewn, we can resew loose or open seams.

Toe box

If holes have formed at the front tip of the shoe, we can fill and seal or cover the damaged area with leather. If the toe box wrinkles, it can be rebuilt depending on the level of damage. Shoe trees are a great way to help maintain the shape of the toe box. Ask us about adding a pair of our cedar shoe trees to your next order.


The stretchable material that often connects a strap to the buckle can lose its elasticity over time, in which case we can replace the elastics.


If you have lost your ankle strap, we can custom make a new set. When the holes on the strap are stretched or torn, we can rebuild the damaged area or smooth the lifted leather. If a tab holding a hardware piece tears, we can rebuild or replace it.


If you can zip up your boots, but the calf is snug, we can gently expand the leather to fit.

Take-in calf to make smaller

Our in-house boot specialist can measure and alter the shaft of your boot, if it is too large for your legs.

Add panel to make wider

When stretching the calf is not an option, we can add panels of leather or elastic to expand the shaft.

Shorten shaft height

If you would like to cut down the height of your boot to modify the style or fit, we can adjust the shaft to be shorter.

Add zipper

If you cannot get your foot in your boot, but the calf circumference fits your leg, we can add a zipper for ease of use.


We have select, premade generic tassels, or we can custom create a tassel to match your shoe.


With constant use, a zipper pull can become weak and break. If made of leather, we can make a custom replacement. If your original pull is metal, we have generic options available. If the slider is off track, we can realign or replace most sliders.

When the zipper tape is torn, or teeth are missing, we replace the zipper. We select the best match available for zipper tape color and teeth color and size.

Buckles/bows/decorative hardware

We can repair original hardware, replace it with similar, generic parts, or order select branded parts, depending on the company.


We can reuse some original parts, or replace them with similar, generic parts.

Toe box/instep

Using a wooden stretcher, we can slightly expand the shoe to allow for a more comfortable fit.


If your shoes just need a quick spruce-up, our cobblers can perform a standard shoe shine.


This service is ideal for shoes that have mud, mildew, light stains, or salt damage. We carefully hand-clean leather, suede, fabric and canvas shoes.

Refinish/Dye Leather

Once cleaned, if your leather shoes have color loss, our in-house artists custom-make colors to dye the leather as needed.


Whether you have major rips or minor scuffing, we can seal, smooth and refinish the damaged material.


Water and stain protectants can help protect your shoes from unforeseen events, such as getting caught in inclement weather conditions.

If your shoe squeaks while walking, our cobbler can remedy the issue.

Add height to soles/heels

Slight modifications can be made to add height to a shoe. Possibilities vary depending on style.

Cut/shorten heel height

Heels can be shortened slightly to make a higher heel a little more comfortable.

Animal bite damage

If your pet is in the “dog house” after snacking on your favorite shoes, our design specialist will work with you to find a creative solution, so you can keep wearing your shoes.

Before & After Transformations

Chanel Espadrille Custom Leather Work

Chanel Espadrille Custom Leather Work

Louboutin Heel Recover and Rip Repair

Louboutin Heel Recover and Rip Repair

Wax Removal and Leather Refinishing

Wax Removal and Leather Refinishing


“I am SO amazed at the work Rago Brothers does. I sent in my favorite pair of Christian Louboutin’s (also my wedding shoes!) that my dog had gotten a hold of. The tip of the shoe was completely chewed off. They repaired both shoes like new. I could not be more pleased! The process was easy and very quick! Thank you, thank you, Rago Brothers!!! I will never send a pair of shoes anywhere else!”
– Alex, Charlotte, NC

Wonderful Service

“I sent in my favorite pair (very loved and worn) Frye boots that I’ve had for over 8 years. The zippers were broken and needed to be replaced, and one of the heels was detaching. I was nervous about the process of shipping them, but it was such an easy process and the repairs were perfect. They look like new boots again, and I couldn’t be happier with the amount of time it took, how the boots look and feel, and how easy the process was. Thank you!”
– Jaclyn K., Long Beach, NY