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CollarSnapLapelSeamZipperWaist BeltCuffSleeveLining

CollarSnapLapelSeamZipperWaist BeltCuffSleeveLining

What needs repair?

With constant use, a zipper pull can become weak and break. If made of leather, we can make a custom replacement. If your original pull is metal, we have generic options available. If the slider is off track, we can realign or replace most sliders.

When the zipper tape is torn, or teeth are missing, we must replace the zipper. We select the best match available for zipper tape color and teeth color and size.

We can repair and seal rips on and off the seams on leather jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, and other leather garments.

Our in-house tailor can shorten sleeves, take in the arms/body of the jacket, and shorten the length of pants/coats/skirts. This service is mainly for customers who are available to visit us for an in-shop fitting.

We can repair rips along the seams, or replace the liner completely. If the main section of your garment is in good condition, we can replace specific sections of the liner (such as arms or pockets).

We can make new custom collars/cuffs, or repair your originals.

Snaps, toggles, buttons, and buckles are just a few of the many hardware components that we can repair or replace on your leather garment.

Light cleaning and refinishing can be performed in cases of stained, worn, or moldy leather.

We can apply varsity/team/group/brand patches to your leather jacket.

Before & After Transformations

Leather Tear Near Pocket

Leather Tear Near Pocket

Fantastic Leather Repair!

“Rago Brothers did a fabulous job on my Alice and Olivia pink leather jacket that had been ruined by a sudden rainstorm.
The coat returned to me is a masterpiece! It looks brand new, and I am so happy I can wear it again soon.”
– CY, Falls Church, VA