Very Happy!

I sent in my favorite LV wallet for edge sealing, re-stitching, and leather conditioning/coloring. LV corporate told me my piece was rejected for repair because they couldn’t re-stitch the edges…so I chose Rago Brothers because I knew they could fix it.

I just received it back today and it looks wonderful! They were able to expertly stitch/repair the edges and color the beautiful cobalt blue to match exactly WHILE keeping the character and personality the piece has achieved with the use I’ve given it. It looks better than it did when it was new in my opinion. The LV canvas is supple, soft, and is still the piece I’ve come to know and love.

I’m really happy with every aspect of the services and professional rapport they provide at Rago Brothers. I know I’ll be sending many more things their way when the time comes, as I unconditionally trust their expertise. They are truly masters of their craft! Thank you all for the amazing job!