I sent my well worn Paul Fredrick leather jacket in for reconditioning and repair of several rips in the leather. I figured that my jacket was in such poor shape that I considered just replacing the jacket. Then I call the customer service rep at Rago Brothers and talked with Hannah, and she said that they would take a look at it and let me know if they could repair and recondition my jacket. Once they got my jacket, they said that they could repair my jacket and recondition it. I agreed to the cost to repair the rips and recondition the leather. I did not have a lot of confidence or optimism that Rago Brothers could make it look like new, but I figured Rago Brother might make it look better. I received my jacket this week, and I was shocked and amazed how great my jacket looked – just like new and the ripped areas were hardly visible. Rago Brothers did an excellent job, and I am more than satisfied. Thank you Rago Brothers.