My husband bought me this purse towards the beginning of our marriage as a Valentine’s gift. At that time I never owned anything that expensive. I love this bag so much. It has been through the ringer with me. Flights. Jobs. Stores. Holding items for my kids. But last October when one of the handles snapped, I was devastated. And I could not fathom spending that kind of money again on a bag.

It took me some time but I went to a local Michael Kors store and they told me about Rago Brothers. And that was typically where they refer customers outside of the warranty (I was wellllll out of it). I looked them up and such an easy process. So professional. And so fast. I will only be going to them now! I am so happy my baby got brought back to life! Thank you Rago Brothers!

Service provided: Michael Kors Tote & Wallet repair (handle repair)