The Best Quality Work Ever !


Palm Beach, Fl

I just received my alligator wallet (which took about two weeks to be mended and returned) that I had purchased at Bergdorf Goodman sometime around 9/11/2001 for a lot of money, and had stopped using for a number of years since the stitching was falling apart, part of the leather had worn away as had the color. The item returned looked as good as if it were purchased yesterday. I was shocked at what a good job you did in repairing the worn leather, restitching the entire wallet, restoring the edges and restaining.

Beryl S, March 3, 2024

A Happiness Tear

Middletown, De

This was my first time shipping any item to Rago Brothers. I called and every person that I spoke with was very helpful from setting up an account, to the final process of shipping the shoes back to me. I told them it was my first time, and the person replied that I’m going to be so happy. When I received both pairs of shoes back in a timely fashion, I was so happy that I, shed a happiness tear. The work was exquisitely done, the price was very good, and I immediately called Rago Brothers to tell them I am very grateful for their work and courtesy.

Christopher, February 25, 2024

Best professional leather repair store

Pelham, Ny

Rago Brothers in NJ is the best and most professional leather repair store. Their service is beyond impressive and the quality of their work speaks for itself. Whether I take a drive or mail in my items, they always deliver exceptional results. It’s worth the trip every time.

Elsa, February 8, 2024

Great work!

Fulton, Md

I literally cried when I saw the results of my bag. You guys did an amazing job. This was by far the best experience and I’m more than satisfied with how it turned out. I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work.

Tiffany B., January 7, 2024

Spectacular Work

Fayetteville, GA

I used a pen and it leaked on my hand. I picked my bag up, and it ended up on the handles of my Louis Vuitton Saleya. I was so upset but remembered when I bought the bag there was a paper she gave me if I ever needed any repairs. It was the Rago Brothers shoe and leather repair shop. Best decision was to send it to them, it looks so beautiful. They are so gifted to repair something like that. I know they have seen worse but I am so thankful for them. Thank you so much

Diane G., November 16, 2023

Better Than I Could Have Hoped For!

Frederic, Wi

I had a new bright pink crossbody Michael Kors Bag that had been badly damaged in an accident. The deep scuffs were right on the front of the bag, and I was somewhat skeptical that they could be repaired and figured the purse might be trashed, but I was hoping. I was also a bit worried about mailing it out of state to be repaired. I just received the repaired purse back and I was astounded at the quality of the work! It is a very difficult color to match and a difficult pebbled finish, as well, and it looks so good. It was also very fast–it was back in my home in 2-3 weeks, ready to use. I am so pleased with this repair; I can’t even properly express it, so I thought I would write a great review as my thanks–Something I rarely do. I will recommend this service to anyone! Thank you SO much, Rago magic makers!

Jeanne L., October 27, 2023


Newton, Ma

My bag just arrived, and the work is incredible! I initially brought my taupe Givenchy bag to a local cobbler, the handles were worn and colored from jeans. He said there was no way he could match the color and wouldn’t touch it. After some research on the web, I found Rago Brothers. I called them to discuss the bag, and they couldn’t have been nicer. I sent pictures and received a quote immediately. Soon after, I mailed the bag, and within 2 weeks, it was returned. FLAWLESS! I wish they were local, but now that I know about Rago Brothers, I will be sending all of my leather items there. Thank you!

Renee L, October 18, 2023

Handbag and Shoe Repair

Sallisaw, Ok

Michael Kors Company was contacted concerning repairs for my purse. They highly recommended Rago Brothers, and with good reason. They did outstanding work, and I experienced amazing customer service. I also included a sandal. I was told by someone else that it could not be repaired. Both the purse and shoe look like brand new. A testimonial about personal experience is the best advertisement. I am thankful.

Judy B., October 18, 2023

Excellent Service!

Georgetown, Tx

WOW…I must admit that I was a little skeptical about sending a $5,000.00 handbag to a company that I knew nothing about. But I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Excellent service, very quick turnaround, and exceptional work done. I cannot express how amazed and pleased I am with my Prada bag repairs! I sent my bag on 10/05/23, and it was completed and returned to me on 10/16/23. Such fast service, and inexpensive. I “highly” recommend “Rago Brothers”!!!

Tracy S., October 17, 2023


La Porte, In

I needed a new zipper in my Louis Vuitton; you did a wonderful job! It looks perfect! Thank you so much for the awesome job and how quickly I got my bag back!

Christina M., September 7, 2023

The Gold Standard!!

Chicago, Il

Rago Bros. again and again exceeds all expectations! Truly the “GOLD STANDARD” in restoring, repairing, and making old precious items like brand new! The pride they take in their workmanship is a rarity in this day and age. Aside from their incredible skills, they are the nicest people in the business!

Diane L., July 28, 2023


Westerville, Oh

I sent in my beloved Christian Louboutin heels in for some much-needed TLC. I was a little nervous about mailing my shoes out for repair, but after doing some research, I went for it. I’m so happy that I did. Rago Brothers was incredibly prompt and easy to work with. I was blown away with at how amazing my shoes looked when I received them back. It was like having a brand-new pair! Thank you, Rago Bros, for restoring my favorite pair of heels!

Kylah, June 10, 2023

Fantastic from start to finish!

Nashville, Tn

Rago Brother’s customer service was prompt and great to work with. The entire process to get a pair of Ferragamo leather loafers re-stained was easy and fast! The best part was their work, though. The shoes looked better than they did when they were new! I’ve told several people about the great experience as well.

Stephanie C., June 7, 2023

Superb job!

Biltmore Lake, Nc

Second time my Louie Vuitton was sent in for repairs, a vintage monogram purse… I can’t recommend Rago Brothers
work highly enough. Excellent work, looks like new, thank you.

Fran, May 3, 2023

Thank you so much!!!!

Floyds Knobs, In

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your beautiful work! I am so glad I found you, and you could fix my LV handbag. I had wanted a Neverfull for years but knew it was a luxury bag that was not something I could afford. After battling stage 3 ovarian cancer, I decided I was going to save my money and reward myself with my dream handbag. I absolutely loved it, but not long after purchasing it, I noticed it was in need of repair. I was so upset and heartbroken. I tried so hard and for so long to get help from LV and got nowhere with them. I have been so frustrated, angry, and feeling so defeated. A friend of mine highly recommended Rago Brothers, and I am ecstatic that I listened to her!!! I love my bag again, and it looks brand new. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will always recommend you!!!

Danielle O., March 9, 2023

Gucci bag

Oxon Hill, Md

My handle on my Gucci bag handle and hardware was missing, and I found Rago Brothers on the website and read the reviews, and noticed how pleased they were, so I decided to take a chance, and boy was I happy. Everything was done in a timely fashion. They get an A+ for communication, punctuality, price, and a terrific job. I will be putting them in my address book and passing on their information to anyone who needs repair. Thanks for an outstanding job; you saved my bag.

Gwendolyn L., December 23, 2022

I will look no further

San Francisco, Ca

I purchased a pre-loved Goyard. The exterior wasn’t bad just dusty in deep corners, and minor cracking on the handles, one couldn’t tell unless they expertly inspected each and every corner of the handbag. The interior is slightly dirty, no big deal. However, I thought, why not? I might resell it. I asked for a quote. The quote was affordable since I told them I wanted the interior cleaned up and the exterior dusted. Then, sent the bag via USPS. I didn’t purchase extra insurance. Since this was my first time, I didn’t include anything inside the packet as to my information and what I wanted done. A week passed by, and I didn’t hear anything. I called to follow up. They couldn’t locate it. OH NO!!! Within an hour or so, I got an email from Hannah with a specific breakdown on the interior and exterior cleaning fee, touch-ups, and resealing on handle edges. The price had gone (tripled), but what the heck. Again, I thought I would re-sell the bag. I wanted Rago Brothers to have ample of time to take good care of my bag. Almost 4 weeks later, I decided to follow up. Sure enough, the bag was on its way back to me.

When I got the bag, the packaging it came in was very secure and neat. I knew that Rago Brothers had taken the utmost care of my bag. Then, I pulled my bag. Oh, My Word!! It looks so beautiful and shiny. It’s better than new!! I may want to keep it for myself!! All that money I spent, worth.every.penny. I am so impressed with their customer service, expertise, and workmanship that they put into my bag. Although they did not overpromise/guarantee anything, what they’ve done. It’s BEYOND my expectation. Thank you SO VERY MUCH. I emailed Hannah right away to thank her, and she immediately replied to let me know how glad she was to hear that I am so so happy with their services.

I am definitely sending all of my repairs to Rago Brothers! Yes, they are on the other side of the country, but they are worth it!

Mrs. W, December 9, 2022

My favorite Leather Jacket

Fort Lee, Nj

I’ve worn this leather jacket for nearly 40 seasons and the lining was worn and threadbare. I searched out a repair shop and brought in my jacket and was greeted very cordially after a brief discussion, I left to return home. Sooner than expected I was greeted by a box delivered to my home and was extremely impressed with the results. Better than new since it retained all of the qualities of its age with a brand-new finish. Thank you for your prompt attention and for beating my expectations.

Barry, October 30, 2022

Absolutely stunning results

Frederick, Md

The process is very easy to mail in for a repair. I had my mother’s Gucci tote bag that the handles needed replacing and the bag was in need of cleaning. I received it back today in a very reasonable timeframe. I could not believe how beautiful it was. It looks brand new and was purchased in the 70’s. Best decision I ever made!!! Thank you for your workmanship and quality. If I have any more bags, I know where they are being sent to!!!

Joy H., October 27, 2022

Terrific Service

Houston, Tx

I had a Balenciaga City Bag that I bought at a thrift store for $29 bucks! I used it for awhile and then it sat in the back of a closet for years. I just pulled it out and noticed that it needed some repairs and a little love. It cost a little over a hundred bucks to get it fixed up. I just received it back from Rago Brothers today, and it looks practically brand new. I heartily recommend this company for repairs of expensive items! Now, if only I could find more designer handbags for a steal!

Michelle W., October 20, 2022

Vintage Coach Shopper Tote and suede boots

Roseland, Nj

My Vintage Coach Tote had a clean tear on one of the corners on the very edge and they repaired it so well I cannot even tell which corner it was. It looks like brand new and I can tell the repair will also stand the test of time much like my beautiful Coach Shopper. I cannot thank them enough. They also replace a little leather zipper pull on a pair of suede boots and matched it perfectly. The Price was reasonable, worth every penny and them some!!

Thammy, October 15, 2022

Gucci shoulder hobo looks new!

Blandon, Pa

I have used Rago for my previous Gucci Large Canvas bag that I found vintage and returned to them for the repair of my Gucci Shoulder bag. Beautifully done and you can’t even tell it was torn or missing a zipper!

Samantha K., October 15, 2022

Incredible job!

Tampa, Fl

I thought there was no hope to salvage the red soles on my Christian Louboutin heels. But when I received them back from Rago Brothers I almost cried! I couldn’t believe what an amazing job they did repairing the red soles and small indentations on the heels. I will definitely be using them again for all my leather repairs! Thank you so much!

Idania, October 11, 2022

Wow Moment!

Frisco, Tx

It was a wow moment when my Kate Spade bag was returned to me with new handles! It was so beautifully and professionally done. Thank you so much!

Lisa B., September 3, 2022

Fantastic Service!

Chicago, Il

Thank you for the stellar service in the repair and restoration of my Michael Kors bag; it looks like new! Also impressive was the short window of repair time. Only seven days passed between my shipping the bag to Rago and receiving it at my doorstep.

I realize that this is a service that is provided at a cost, but there is no guarantee of exceptional performance. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!

Dina, July 19, 2022

Exemplary Repair and Customer Service

Amelia Island, FL

Don’t hesitate to use the Mail-In option for your cherished item. The process is easy, and Rago Brothers’ repair services will exceed all expectations. The staff is professional and capable of answering any questions immediately should you need clarification. Special “Thanks” to all involved in repairing my LV Rivoli. It looks brand new!

Christine, July 11, 2022

Coach handbag strap

Farmington, Nh

My coach handbag straps were fraying and splitting apart. So I sent my bag to Rago Brothers for repair. When I received it back I couldn’t believe what a beautiful job they did!! It looks brand new!! Price was very reasonable!! Thank you!!

Viki C., June 1, 2022

Purse repair

Mayfield, Pa

Excellent job on removing the stains. The purse was also cleaned. Very satisfied. I highly recomend Rago Brothers.

Dolores, May 24, 2022


Chicago. Il

Wow! You guys are awesome!! Total magical transformation of my worn Proenza Schouler handbag!! Absolutely fabulous workmanship! You are the best of the best!! Thank you so much!

Diane, May 14, 2022

Michael Kors

Mayfield, Pa

I had a female snap on the bag that needed to be replaced. They did a fantastic job replacing it. So pleased I sent another purse in for repairs. Highly recommend.

Dolores, April 28, 2022

Louis Vuitton Bag

Emerson, Nj

Repaired my LV bag, looks brand new, great work!

Josephine, March 2, 2022


San Antonio, Tx

My husband and I would have been together for 16 years earlier this year, on January 14th. He passed away in April very suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. This past year has been a bit of a blur for me, but a few shining moments have managed to breakthrough. This company’s unbelievable kindness and generosity are one of them!

The shoes I sent in for repair were one of the last things my late husband gave me, a Christmas gift I’d been asking for months! He wasn’t a man prone to big gestures, but he made the effort for me that Christmas! So though they may have been “just a pair of sandals” to most, they were a great deal more precious to me than that. When the strap started to bust I was devastated. I was told Frye’s had a lifetime guarantee, which they, unfortunately, do not! However, while researching that info, I found this shop and saw you did repairs on Frye’s shoes and had the option to mail in the item for estimate and repair. I had no idea it would be so pricey to fix and reinforce those straps! I was at a total loss when I got the estimate! I live on a limited income since my husband’s passing, there was no way I could afford it. I couldn’t even afford the return shipping at the time!

Patrick, who took my call when obtaining the estimate, was so kind and reassuring and promised to hold them for me until I could pay the shipping! I was so relieved that I wasn’t even paying attention to the phone number when they called me back to tell me they were going to repair my beloved shoes at no charge! Patrick spoke with Hannah, the manager and she made the decision to do my repair free of charge! I was in shock! I barely remember if I said thank you. I hung up and just cried, I was so elated.

I honestly can’t say how unbelievably thankful I am to both of them for how kind and generous they’ve been to a complete stranger going through a hard time. I sincerely hope that generosity finds its way back into both of their lives 10 fold. Thank you, so very much. I’m eternally grateful. I’ll definitely be recommending this amazing shop to any and everyone I can!

Also, the repaired shoes came back to me in better condition than they were before, looked amazing and the repair took barely any time at all! So much more than satisfied! Highly recommended!

Amber, February 25, 2022

1980’s Fendi bag

Staten Island, Ny

Brought my favorite Fendi bag from the 1980s into Rago Brothers for repair. Service was incredible! Anthony Rago took the time to explain the details of repair and gave me advice on cleaning products, to keep my bag in its great condition. Pricing was fair and reasonable, and the turnaround time was super fast. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so very much!

Susan F., February 17, 2022

Call Me Impressed!

Sykesville, Md

I was hesitant to send off my boots for a repair, but my local shop closed due to Covid, so I decided to take a chance with Rago Brothers. So glad I did. Not only does the repair look great (buckle replacement), but the boots were returned buffed up and looking brand new! Add reasonable price and quick turnaround time. I would not hesitate to use Rago Brothers again. Thanks for an awesome job!

David M, January 13, 2022

Mr Rago is the Best!!

Pikeville, Ky

I do not know how to start, all I can say is WOW, Mr. Rago went above and beyond!!! I sent an 80-year-old vintage Louie briefcase in for repair, Mr. Rago called me personally and told me he was unable to get the winkle out of the bag but he did a lot of repairs to the bag at no charge he wanted to issue me a $50 credit for his inability to repeat the one repair, I told him to keep the return due to the extra work he performed. This is not the reason I am writing this letter, he preceded to ask about my family because of the news about the tornado and flooding in my state of Kentucky I told him we received 26” of floodwater to our home. This is where the blessing started, he inserted a $20 in the inside pocket of the Louie just to let us know he was thinking of my family, but he did not stop there he proceeded to repair another bag I had sent but I told his staff it was not worthy of repair and just to return it. Mr. Rago repaired that bag at no cost and returned it in brand new condition. Mr. Rago and his company have proven that love does exist in the troubled world we live in!!!!
God Bless Mr. Rago and his business and family for many years to come.
I hope one day to make the trip to his office in New Jersey and shake the hand of a true and just man.

Stephen F.R., January 6, 2022

Mcm purse repair

Brooklyn, Ny

Rago Brothers are the best!!!! Sent in my Mcm bag for repair came back repaired PERFECT in a very timely matter I will most definitely recommend them. Thank You Rago Brothers.

Verdella, December 16, 2021


Nashville, Tn

Every time I send in something to be repaired I am blown away by the work you guys do. Y’all are magicians. Chanel, Louboutin, YSL, you name it they can fix ANYTHING.

Colby, November 21, 2021


Charlottesville, Va

I purchased a Michael Kors bag from an online thrift store and the handles were damaged. I sent the handles to Rago Brothers for repair and received them today. I now have an MK purse for substantially less than a new one and it looks as good as a new one. The repaired handles were better than expected. Thank you for your service. You deserve 10+ stars.

Sharon K., November 9, 2021

My Enviable Gray & Neon Pink Kate Spade Purse & Wallet

San Antonio, Tx

I admit I was doubtful of restoration efforts for my Gray and neon pink Kate Spade purse. My love of dark-wash denim destroyed the delicate gray and the vibrant pink on the backside of this structured tote with a shoulder strap. The purse itself was in great shape, as it only took me a few months of jean-dye transfer to make me never want to wear or use it again. This was back around 2016. Fast forward to this past spring and I am rummaging through my closet, aimlessly searching the internet, looking through catalogs for a purse suitable for a special birthday trip with the family to Las Vegas. I could not find a single purse that I wanted to purchase – even if money were no object. I came across this purse, perched on my closet shelf and I desperately wanted this purse to accompany me to Vegas. I was nervous to send in photos for a quote for the purse to be restored at Rago Brothers before mailing it. I thought their answer would be “no” – that nothing could be done about this purse. That could have been their answer even when mailing it, but I sent it fully insured anyways. This was on April 6th, and I submitted the lengthy list of items to be repaired/recolored and the neon pink wallet for color comparison of what the purse color was supposed to be (pre-jean-dye exposure). To my surprise, I was contacted via email immediately when the purse arrived at Rago Brothers. They provided me a quote over the phone to do the repairs and I was ecstatic. Now I was only nervous that I may not receive the purse in time for our trip the first week of May. This was one of two purse/wallet combinations that I sent on April 6th to the Rago Brothers. I thought for sure it would take the longest to repair, but it was returned as good as new on April 20th, with plenty of time before our trip to Vegas. It was impeccably repaired. It was as though I was looking at this purse coming brand-new out of the Kate Spade box and tissue paper, 5 years earlier. I received compliments, but the best was from a friend we went to dinner with who leaned over to her husband saying she wanted “that” purse, and me thinking that the poor friend will need to wait for this style/color to resurface again or search eBay because this purse is no longer available. This speaks to the incredible craftsmanship of Rago Brothers but also the timeless beauty of Kate Spade purses. I love that I was able to give this purse a second life. In a way, it honors the lives (especially ones in the materials) used to make this purse. The only thing I can remark on improving the experience is that I wish Rago Brothers would provide a way to pay insurance for the purse’s return home trip from Rago Brothers, or somewhere on their website that gave an option for a signature required upon delivery. Perhaps this would not be as critical for the purses I had restored (both of which arrived safely to the home that we work from), but I know some couture purses I would not want to sit in wait to be poached by a porch pirate. And for this added security I would pay an additional fee.

Stephanie A. M. H., October 20, 2021

Fixed my Fendi

Portsmouth, RI

My cute little Fendi bad had a few injuries. I found Rago Brothers online and sent my bag in. In around 2 weeks, back she came as good as new! I definitely recommend this team of craftsmen.

Kim F., September 18, 2021

Fantastic Service

Spring, Tx

This is the second time for your company to repair my Tory Burch work bag and I am very pleased with the results. The first time I only sent in one strap and this time I went ahead and sent in both. I love how easy it is for the process and I would not hesitate to tell anyone about your service.

Gracie M., October 6, 2021

Wonderful service

Long Beach, Ny

I sent in my favorite pair of (very loved and worn) Frye boots that I’ve had for over 8 years. The zippers were broken and needed to be replaced and one of the heels was detaching. I was nervous about the process of shipping them but it was such an easy process and the repairs were perfect. They look like new boots again and I couldn’t be happier with the amount of time it took, how the boots look and feel, and how easy the process was. Thank you!

Jaclyn K, September 27, 2021

Great Job

San Diego, Ca

I had a jungle-themed Ferragamo purse I had almost worn out. It was dirty inside and out and I was going to throw it away when I found the Rago Brothers online. I sent them photos of my bag and they sent me a bid for cleaning and repairs, telling me they had good luck cleaning this material. I decided on cleaning only and when I got it back I could not believe what a great job they did. The material looked almost new and the leather looked restored also. I am so pleased because I will get years more wear out of an expensive purse and for a very reasonable price. My advice is not to give up on your designer handbags until you get a quote from these wonderful people. They really know what they are doing and are upfront and honest in their bids. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Karen W., September 25, 2021

Thank you for Great Service

Potomac, Md

For several years I have used a Michael Kors handbag and must have loved it ‘to death’ because the purse straps became frayed and worn. I learned of Rago Brothers from a Michael Kors representative as a company that they recognized could repair the purse to perfect order. After contacting Rago Brothers who assured me that they could indeed repair the straps, I sent the purse and received it repaired in perfect order a few days ago. I am pleased that this beautiful handbag was repaired because I’m sure it has more years of service for me. Thank You, Rago Brothers, for Outstanding service and Craftmanship.

Mary Ann S., September 18, 2021

A++++ Repair & Cleaning

Allenhurst, Nj

You have to see it to believe it – I sent Rago Brothers a 10-year-old Louis Vuitton bag that I bought in Italy that had quite a bit of wear – when I received the bag back, I gave it to my daughter, and she thought I bought her a new pocketbook. Then I sent my Ugg slippers that I dropped a gallon of olive oil on, and I considered throwing them out – I sent them to Rago Brothers and they look brand new. Rago Brothers are the real deal and very reasonable.

Theresa S., September 17, 2021


Patterson, Ny

I never realized that the handles to my Burberry can be resealed making my tote look brand new again! I am totally amazed and am so happy I found Rago Brothers online! If I hadn’t taken the chance of trusting a company I had never heard of before, nor knowing anyone that has used them either, I would have never used this tote bag again – and after splurging on a Burberry, I want to love this tote for life. Now I know I can! Thank you Rago Brothers! Not only did you make my bag beautiful again – you did the work so quickly! I’m truly happy and will most certainly keep you in mind for the future!

Lori Ann M., September 17, 2021

Shoe and Handbag Repair Geniuses

Highlands, Nc

So what do you do with a great handbag that is in desperate need of repair? You contact Rago Brothers, send them digital pictures and ship your wonderful broken stuff to them. Voila, in a little over a week’s time you have your bags or shoes, depending obviously on how much work was needed. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a box today perfectly packaged with my two repaired bags inside. I cannot express adequately how professional, courteous and responsive Rago Brothers has been throughout this process. I am astounded!
In today’s world, where we have come to expect mediocrity and over-promised and under-delivered goods and services Rago Brothers stands out as a leader in their field. I would highly recommend using their services.

Dawn VF, September 16, 2021

Outstanding work!

Atlanta. Ga

My 10-year-old duffel has been restored to its former glory!

TM, August 26, 2021


Anchorage, Ak

I tried to get my bag repaired locally with no luck. When I called Kate Spade I was sad to learn that my bag was no longer under warranty but they gave me the contact information for Rago Brothers. The repair process was simple and fast. I’m grateful to have my favorite bag back in working order.

Heather H., August 26, 2021

Happy to Have my FAVORITE Kate Spade bag back!

Austin, Tx

The Rago Brothers process couldn’t be easier and more efficient! I LOVE the way they replaced the handles on my favorite Kate Spade bag! I won’t hesitate to send anything their way for future repairs!

Taralee S., August 25, 2021

Over Delivered – Wow!

Jackson Heights, Ny

Sent away a vintage Louis Vuitton City Steamer bag for a buckle strap repair – just cut open the box after returning from vacation, and I am shocked at the quality of work, and wish I would have done this years ago!

I hesitated to get this buckle strap repair done because I just assumed that the leather would look completely different – and so I ended up never using this bag for my travels, which is unfortunate because it’s my favorite bag to travel with (we’ve been all over the globe together).

Not only did Rago Brothers suggest a double strap change for consistency and color match – but the level of expertise in not only the craftsmanship – but the leather “oxidation color matching” to the existing body of leather is WILD!

I cannot believe my eyes!

I opened the box and thought that I was looking at a brand new bag, it’s perfection through and through!

If you’re thinking about that one repair that you may be hesitant to make because it might affect the original esthetic – let that go, send in your consultation pics, and just say yes.

I’m now digging through all of my other leather goods to see what’s been stored away due to the need for repair and will be sending it in for their loving care and beautiful work!

Beyond satisfied and incredibly pleased with my entire experience with Rago Brothers.

Gregory, August 24, 2021

First time customer

Sugar Grove, Il

I found Rago Brothers online, as I was looking for a place to have my Michael Kors purse repaired. I read all the information on their website and felt confident to send my tote to them. I couldn’t be happier! They answered my email right away and fixed the broken strap on my bag quickly at an affordable price. It was less than two weeks from the first time I contacted them till I got my bag back. The repair is perfect and I would highly recommend Rago Brothers!

Marie, August 21, 2021

Torn Louboutin Heels

Renton, Wa

I had torn up the heels of my Louboutins while walking on a cobblestone street and thought they were done for. I didn’t trust the person I bring my shoes to in Seattle but thought I had no choice. I did a search and found Rago Brothers as the sole place in the country that specializes in repairing Louboutins so I mailed them across the country. I just got them back today and boy did I make the right decision. They look as good as new, including the red bottom. Glad to know I have someone to trust with these shoes in the future when they need to be repaired, even if it’s 3000 miles from my home.

Cathy C., August 20, 2021

Color restored on purse

Chagrin Falls, Oh

Job well done!
Will recommend who needs your service.

Joan L., August 20, 2021


Aubrey, Tx

First of all, I’m not one to write testimonials or reviews. This company of craftsmen needs a “pat on the back” publicly. I found them on the internet and was skeptical. They asked for a completed form about the handbag repairs along with information that was only necessary for communication-not invasive at all. They emailed me a quote which was an acceptable amount for repairs. I sent my handbag to them and they texted me to call them about what they wanted to do to the bag. The gentleman I spoke with was very professional but kind and informative. He had the handbag in front of him and we discussed the pros and cons of what to do. He also gave me information about the quality of my precious handbag as well as other features I was not aware of. We agreed on the price. I received my handbag in 2 1/2 weeks. It looks brand new! I’m so delighted. It was such a positive experience. I hope more people will use this admirable company. They are the epitome of what all companies should be.

Jamie B., August 18, 2021

Very Happy!

Phoenix, Az

I sent in my favorite LV wallet for edge sealing, re-stitching, and leather conditioning/coloring. LV corporate told me my piece was rejected for repair because they couldn’t re-stitch the edges…so I chose Rago Brothers because I knew they could fix it.

I just received it back today and it looks wonderful! They were able to expertly stitch/repair the edges and color the beautiful cobalt blue to match exactly WHILE keeping the character and personality the piece has achieved with the use I’ve given it. It looks better than it did when it was new in my opinion. The LV canvas is supple, soft, and is still the piece I’ve come to know and love.

I’m really happy with every aspect of the services and professional rapport they provide at Rago Brothers. I know I’ll be sending many more things their way when the time comes, as I unconditionally trust their expertise. They are truly masters of their craft! Thank you all for the amazing job!

Diana W., August 20, 2021

Big Wow!

Friendswood, Tx

I had really worn my beloved handbag down. I wasn’t even sure if all the needed stitching & repairs (including many tears & cracks made over time) could be made, but the Rago Brothers’ team did it! With the exception of a few of the brass pieces I used & abused (& knew up front could not be repaired), the bag looks brand new. Like I said in the headline, this experience was a Big Wow for me! I cannot thank them enough!

Paula, August 18, 2021


Burlington, Nc

Rather than post lots of happy faces and A+’s, here’s the facts….
11 August – I made the shipping label and shipped the boots (UPS Ground)
13 August – received the email quote with an exact description of the work proposed, a cost, and a phone number to call and authorize. I called, spoke to Anthony – who was friendly, helpful, professional, and did not rush me. I authorized the work.
18 August – I received the boots back, fully and perfectly repaired, polished.

ONE WEEK, door-to-door.

The cost was less than expected. The service was faster – WAY faster – than expected. The quality is excellent.

I tend to buy good shoes and have them resoled / repaired when needed – Rago is my go-to from now on. Period.

Neil C., August 18, 2021

Purse repair

Pittsburgh, Pa

Thank you so much for the repair work on my Hobo purse. You replaced the straps and it looks like brand new now. I will get so many more years use out of a purse I loved. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again!

Susan M., August 18, 2021

Tumi Repair

East Rutherford, Nj

A perfect job!

My Tumi Arrive leather backpack needed a new zipper on the main compartment. Tumi said it was unrepairable – offering me a discount on a new one!

Rago Brothers repaired in less than weeks and you would never know there was ever a problem.

Make me wish I had more things to be repaired as I have found the right folks!

Michael B., August 15, 2021

Best service!

Nantucket, Ma

I have sent a few things for repair and cleaning. The Rago brothers are excellent with client services, quick reply, fast returns and excellent service! SO glad I found.

Jeanne H., August 14, 2021


Deep River, Ct

I’m very happy.
I had two coats that fit my shoulders, yet the arms were too long. Rago Brothers did the alterations quickly, and with such quality.

Michael, August 13, 2021

Fabulous work!

Smithville, Tn

I have 2 purses/totes repaired by Rago Brothers and could not be more pleased. The process from obtaining a quote, to payment, repair and return have been flawless and expeditious both times. The repair work is exquisite and cannot be detected. I would not trust my designer items with anyone else! Plus, the prices are reasonable!

Harriet, August 9, 2021

Henri Bendel/Kate Spade Handbag Repairs

Park Forest, Il

Rago Brothers did an exceptional job of repairing the edges of both bags. The process was very easy, they let me know when received the bag and the cost to repair it. Once I approved and paid for the repair, my bags were returned to me within a week. I am very pleased with their work.

Sandra R, August 7, 2021

Protective soles applied & heel repair

Montvale, Nj

Great job! Wonderful experience! Rago Brothers restored my Louboutins after I got my heels stuck in boards of a pier. They restored the leather on the heels. A protective red sole was applied, which will provide grip and the ability to walk without too much worry on rough surfaces. Great communication throughout the process as well.

Amy S., August 7, 2021

RAGO BROTHERS insure my treasured leather goods a long life

Yorktown Heights, Ny

Rago Bros. professionalism and leather expertise in their workmanship insure that my leather shoes properly maintained by them can last me for 20 plus years!!!

Patricia J, August 6, 2021

Amazing, Quality Work

Ocala, Fl

I sent in my Louis Vuitton purse that was over 20 years old and the interior was all torn apart. Not only did Rago Brothers do a beautiful, amazing job, it was done within a week.

Jennifer M., August 5, 2021

Puppy ate my Gucci, they fixed it.

Monroe, Ct

My sweet Ratchi decided she was bored and loved the buttery leather of my Gucci slide. She slightly gnawed the corner and I was horrified. I googled every place I can and came across Rago Brothers. I emailed them a picture, they responded with a quote the same day, I completed an online form and sent my shoe via USPS. They sent me an updated quote once receiving the shoe which was 25% higher than what they originally quoted me, but understandable since you can’t fully see the damage from a picture. It took about a week to repair and they sent it back to me. They did a great job with the repair. I would definitely highly recommend the easy process and quick turnaround time.

Uli, August 4, 2021

Good as new!

Uniontown, Oh

I was so upset when I found my newest leather Michael Kors handbag missing the “M”!! I had no idea how or when it disappeared, but I definitely knew I had to get it repaired! I looked online and found Rago Brothers and that they specialized in Michael Kors repairs. I was so pleased from start to finish! The website was so easy to use and they were totally on top of things! It took less than a week for them to repair and return my handbag once they received it. The repair was top notch, the service was AWESOME, and I truly felt appreciated as a customer! Thank you, I will definitely tell my friends about you and will use you again!!

Sandi H., July 29, 2021

Beautiful restoration work!

San Diego, Ca

I have had outstanding service and results with the refurbishment of some of my handbags. I was ready to toss a couple of Prada handbags as the handles looked to work. The good folks at Rago brothers restored to look like new! Turnaround time is quite reasonable as well. I highly recommend them for restoring and refurbishing handbags.

Carrie S., July 28, 2021

Michael Kors purse looks like new again

Springville, Ny

I sent out my Michael Kors handles to be fixed and they came back as beautiful as ever. Great customer service and fast turnaround. Very satisfied

Elizabeth B., July 28, 2021


Ridgewood, Nj

If you have a bag that needs loving
Just go to Rago!!! They are the Best!! They fix bags inside and out!! They make them like new!!
The Only Place To Go!!!!👜

Lisa E., July 25, 2021

Amazing Work!!

Pittsburgh, Pa

The Rago Brothers saved my favorite bag that was accidentally burnt. I am amazed and I will definitely be sending more of my items to them for repair! It looks brand new again!

Bobby D, July 23, 2021


Charlotte, Nc

I am SO amazed at the work Rago Brothers does. I sent in my favorite pair of Christian Louboutin’s (also my wedding shoes!!) that my dog had gotten a hold of. The tip of the shoe was completely chewed off. They repaired both shoes like new. I could not be more pleased! The process was easy and very quick! Thank you, thank you, Rago Brothers!!! I will never send a pair of shoes anywhere else!

Alex, July 23, 2021

Vintage Bag Looks Like New

Hollis, Nh

I purchased a vintage Coach handbag at a resale shop. It needed to be cleaned and reconditioned. Rago Brothers made it like new! The inside was cleaned and sanitized (very important to me), and some lingering odors were removed. And the outside was beautifully reconditioned and restored to its original even color. All with a very fast turnaround time. I highly recommend Rago Brothers for the restoration of your vintage bag.

Valerie C, July 22, 2021

As Good As New!

Palm Coast, Fl

I had all of the leather (piping, handles) on my Burberry handbag replaced. The quality of work was exceptional and the bag looks like new! I would not hesitate to use Rago Brothers again! THANK YOU.

Georgia K., July 18, 2021


Chicago, Il

I have sent a Dolce & Gabbana handbag for a new zipper along with a pair of silver designer booties. The booties were somewhat beat-up and a favorite pair. I asked if they could remedy them… They arrived today and look almost new! I am so pleased with this company! I give 5 stars all the way. The ease-the fast service-this company is simply the BEST! Highly recommend them!

Lori F, July 14, 2021

Great Service!

Oyster Bay, Ny

From the initial phone call inquiring about the repair to my pocketbook with a very friendly representative to receiving it back 5 days later, I was very pleased. The estimate process and instructions on how to prepare and ship to Rago Brothers were clear. I would recommend Rago Brothers to anyone that is looking for a quality handbag repair.

Marcella S., July 14, 2021

Best and Most Trusted

Hendersonville, Tn

I’ve sent two of my favorite and fabulous shoes to Rago Brothers to have that beautiful red sole replaced on each and they have always been timely and professional from start to finish.

Lucinda R, July 11, 2021

Great customer service and workmanship

Point Lookout, Ny

I sent in my Ferragamo sandals which I did not think could be repaired and they repaired them beyond my expectations. From the first call to Rago Brothers and email exchanges to my approving the repair, it seemed less and very professional. I would recommend them to everyone and will definitely use them for any future repairs.

Allison, July 9, 2021

Great Service!!!

Brooklyn, Ny

I had a couple of Ferragamo bags that I needed hardware repaired on and I found the Rago Brothers through a Google Search. Initially, I was nervous about shipping my bags out, which I had to do since I live in Brooklyn. But it was easy and I received the quote right away. The service was excellent and the return delivery was super fast! I’m impressed and will be using this company going forward.

Paige, July 8, 2021


Los Angeles, Ca

I sent a brand new Celine bag in with a large stain that no one in the LA area could remove. The Celine boutique in Neiman Marcus recommended them. Not only did Rago Brothers eliminate the stain completely, but they charged me less than half of what they had quoted me it would cost. I would never use another repair service for a bag again.

Carolyn R., July 6, 2021


Santa Clarita, Ca

The edges of the handles of my Tory Burch tote bag cracked. The color is fuchsia pink. They repaired the handles in no time and the result was far exceeded my expectations. The color matches perfectly and the edges are much softer now and easy on the hands. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. Excellent work and excellent customer service. Thank you!

Prof.M., July 4, 2021

Great work

Swansea, Ma

Wow, you would never know the handle ripped out of my Kate Spade Flamingo tote. Last week I came across a video of a burned Chanel with diagonal stitching that was repaired. It was fascinating to watch. I can only imagine how mine was repaired I would have loved to watch. I am a seamstress and I am very impressed with the repair and the price was very reasonable too.

Pollie P., July 1, 2021

Excellent repair!

Ossineke, Mi

Rago brothers did an awesome replacement of the white leather handles on my Louis Vuitton! I tried 3 other places none of who could design replacements. Louis Vuitton would not replace them due to the bag being over 10 years of age so I was stuck. Rago brothers made new handles of white leather matching the white which is tricky and the stitching with the rest of the bag. It looks brand new. Thank you so much!!

Teresa G, July 1, 2021

Michael Kors Handbag Repair

Long Island, Ny

OMG!!! I just received my Michael Kors Tote 👜 after being repaired by Rago Brothers…The straps were starting to unravel after wear and tear from handling. Rago Brothers replaced the straps and silver studs…it is as good as NEW!
Thank you Rago Brothers for taking great care with my Tote Bag …shipping and handling were top-notch. I highly recommend your service.

Lynne P., July 1, 2021

Exceptional Repair

Alexandria, Va

I was referred to Rago Brothers by MCM. I immediately looked up the reviews and decided to send in a pair of YSL tributes for repair. For years I’ve used another company but lately, my repairs have been subpar at best. I received my item back from Rago Brothers and needless to say, they have a new customer for life. My sandals literally look brand new, so much so that I cannot even tell where my damaged heel was repaired. This shop is amazing and not to mention extremely honest with their repairs. I am beyond pleased!

Nikka, June 30, 2021

Exceptional customer service

Fair Haven, Nj

Congratulations on your dedication to customer service — as exemplified by my experience. I sent an item in for repair. After several follow-ups, I received a call from the owner (Tony Rago). He apologized for not getting back to me with an estimate and explained that the item had been repaired incorrectly. His words:
“I’m terribly sorry for the way this has been handled. We screwed up. How would you like us to handle this and what price are you willing to pay?” The item was expressed shipped the next day. I am delighted with the quality of the work. I am very impressed and highly recommend Rago Brothers to anyone looking for a resource that delivers high quality work backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Scott N., June 28, 2021


San Juan, Pr

I just got my Salvatore Ferragamo shoes back and I am more than happy from the beginning to the end everything was sweet and super easy and of course the work they did on my shoes was another level thank you so much you just add to your client list another one

Ossie G., June 26, 2021

Like new: Chanel Vintage Double Flap

New York, Ny

Excellent repair of my 30-yr Chanel classic double flap quilted bag. Looks almost new.

Cynthia D, June 25, 2021

Excellent Service

Alexandria, Va

I sent in a Goyard Bellechasse bag for some spa work – it came back looking very refreshed and new! The total turnaround time was less than two weeks. I’ll be sending in some others in need of some spa treatment. Thank you, Rago Brothers!

Jaime S., June 24, 2021

Fantastic Leather Repair!

Falls Church, Va

Rago Brothers did a fabulous job on my Alice and Olivia pink leather jacket that had been ruined by a sudden rainstorm.

The coat returned to me is a masterpiece!!!!! It looks brand new and I am so happy I can wear it again soon.

C Y, June 24, 2021

Fantastic Result

Indianapolis, IN

Rago Brothers repaired my old Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Wallet. I am so very pleased with the results. The repair brought life back to the wallet, it looks close to its original condition. The company was very professional from the first phone call to the delivery of the wallet back to me. I will definitely use this company again if I have an item to repair.

Julie L, June 23, 2021

Beyond Pleased!

Moosic, Pa

I sent 11 pairs of shoes (Louboutin, Chanel, Valentino & Ysl) for some repairs. The online quoting process was so easy. I shipped my shoes & immediately received an emailed quote. The shoes were returned back to me so quickly and all repairs were amazingly perfect!!!
This company has its service locked up to perfection! Superb service and trustworthy. I Will definitely use them again & I’m referring them to all my friends.
Thank you Rago Brothers!

Chrissy C, June 21, 2021

My Valentino purse

Haddon Twp, Nj

Rago Bros has once again come to the rescue. There’s nothing more sickening than to realize your $2000.00 purse has come apart, literally at the seams. Rago Bros repaired it and it is 100% good as new. The mail-in process couldn’t be easier either. AAAAA++++.

Joani G, June 19, 2021


St Louis, Mo

Sent off an old pair of Ferragamo loafers to be resoled. They came back incredibly quickly, and I was so impressed with the craftmanship. Really blew me away with the quality. The is the second time I’ve had these done, the first by another company. Rago was so much better! Thank you!

OQ, June 19, 2021


Brookline, Ma

Everything about Rago Brothers is amazing. From the gentlemen, I talked to on the phone, the craftsmanship of the person that repaired my boots to the fast turnaround. My 10-year-old Jimmy Choo boots look brand new. I’m so happy, can’t wait to wear my boots in the fall.

Mary, June 19, 2020

Word of mouth

Parkersburg, Wv

There is a reason why I heard about Rago Brothers by word of mouth because the quality of their work speaks volumes. My LV neverful was in my mind destroyed. The cinch was in two, the handles were coming apart and were almost snapped. The inside had mold spores from where it got moisture inside from not being stored properly. I was a wreck and had searched online and asked around on social media who I should reach out to for help. Multiple people I knew and even online who I didn’t know recommend Rago Brothers. I was skeptical at first especially since I do not live anywhere near the business but after reaching out they made me feel secure and comfortable with what they could do for me and my purse. The communication with them was amazing and they always answered all of my questions via email even on same day. The mail-in process was easy and the estimated time for repair was accurate. After sending it off I received it back in 2 weeks times. It is silly to say but I did tear up a little opening up my box when it came. My purse is restored inside and out. The quality of their works shows. Beyond happy to have it back in hand and more than happy to keep spreading their name throughout for the work they have done.

Heather, June 18, 2021

Great Job- Wow!

Alexandria, Va

I have been storing a Gucci purse I bought in Rome 40 years ago because no one could repair it. The strap was broken off and even Gucci told me it could not be repaired. I was about to throw it out when I saw a posting on Facebook about Rago Brothers and decided to give them a try. Eureka! They did it: a beautiful, seamless, perfectly matching repair of my little handbag from 40 years ago. I can now wear it again. Thank you so much for saving this little treasure!

Laura G., June 17, 2021


Baltimore, Md

So I was forced to trudge 10 city blocks in my gold Chanel heels on my birthday…A sidewalk grate claimed my heel tap and most of the leather from my heel. I honestly thought my shoes were beyond repair. I remembered Rago Brothers had done a fantastic job on a vintage Gucci purse a few years ago, so I sent them my shoes and expected them to deliver a bleak prognosis.
Not only did they handle the repair in a DAY, but the repair is also so flawless, I thought they had sent me a new pair of shoes! Truly an amazing job! Thank you for saving my shoes!

Stephanie, June 13, 2021

Like-New Repairs

Boston, Ma

I liked so much what you did with my first repair of Ferragamo Lillaz pumps that I sent three more pairs for refurbishment. I can’t tell you how pleased I am. The leather was scraped and nicked and had a few cracks even, but you managed to do your magic and make them look brand new. So happy to have my favorite shoes to enjoy. Your craftsmen are the best and very much appreciated. I think you love shoes as much as I do! Thank you.

Maureen, June 14, 2021


Katy, Tx

When a piece of hardware broke on my purse strap, I figured it would be easy to get repaired. After 6 months I found Rago Brothers. Gave them a call & sent pictures of the problem. Immediately responded with a price & I mailed it to them. As promised, I received it in a few weeks! It looks fantastic! Made my day! I would definitely recommend them!!

Karen, June 11, 2021

Great work!

Wantagh, Ny

I had a Gucci bag for 30 years. After I bought it, the zippers soon broke…I used the bag anyway but was always annoyed when things fell out. Rago brothers fixed both zippers and sewed the shoulder strap (stitches in the strap came undone). Rago did a phenomenal job on a bag that I was going to get rid of.  So…Yay! I have my Gucci back…vintage baby!!

Laurie T., June 9, 2021

Professional Artisans

Lewes, De

I was a little skeptical of sending an expensive purse off to get evaluated and fixed, but I read reviews myself and can attest to how professional and prompt Rago Brothers was! My decade-old purse came back looking like new after the inside leather lining had dry rotted – it even smelled amazing. True artisans like this don’t exist anymore and I won’t hesitate to send my things here for repair in the future.

Ashley W., June 7, 2021

Repair a broken zipper – Michael Kors clutch

Middletown, Pa

The best and quickest service that I have ever dealt with. I sent my Michael Kors clutch in to have the zipper repaired – I received my estimate within a day from the date I mailed it, called to confirm to proceed with the repairs. It took them less than 2 days for them to replace the broken zipper and mail back to my home. I am so pleasantly pleased with the workmanship and expedite service. I totally would recommend Rago Brothers.

Scelina S., June 4, 2021

Hand Bag

New Bedford, Ma

Love my bag it looks a lot better. I should have taken a before and after. Asking myself now if I should sell it or keep it for myself?

Tracy W, June 3, 2021

Wonderful shoe and handbag repair

Lookout Mountain, Ga

They did fantastic job cleaning putting new soles and heels on Tod’s drivers. Like new now. Cleaned and touched up marvelously an older Bottega Veneta handbag. Again like new. Rago Brothers are the best of the best.

Kirby W, June 2, 2021

Repaired Gucci clutch

Bowling Green, Ky

I am so pleased with my repair by Rago Brothers. My daughter borrowed a clutch from our neighbor and got marker on the leather zipper area. After trying to clean it myself, I searched online and found Rago Brothers. I sent it off and received it approx 10 days later and couldn’t be happier. It appears just as it was before the damage. I will definitely be using Rago Brothers in the future if I ever need any other fine leather repaired. Great customer service!!

Ellen C, June 2, 2021


Haverhill, Ma

Was pleasantly surprised when I received my Coach bag back. I had sent it for repair of a broken zipper and was a little hesitant to use a company other than the Coach manufacturer for the repair.. I just got it back and the repair was done perfectly. The bag looks exactly as it did when I bought it.

L. H., May 29, 2021

Incredible Chanel Wild Stitch Flap Bag

Hamden, Ct

My Chanel wild stitch flap bag had been previously dyed from pink to black by someone else not Rago Brothers. The dye job was horrible and the dye was transferring. The strap had leather in the strap had been damaged and tied back together in a knot. The cream interior had been stained by the black dye. I sent my bag to the Rago Brothers hoping for a miracle and that is what I got. Don’t know how they got the dye out of the lining but they did. The redye was flawless no brush strokes showing. The leather in the chain sewn back together but I can’t see where because it is finished so well. And most importantly I can wear the bag because no dye is coming off on my hands or clothes. I am so beyond pleased with the quality of work and care taken for my Chanel bag. When you invest in a Chanel piece it is nice to know there is a company that respects the investment.

Lavona, May 26, 2021


Naples, Fl

Thank you Rago Bros for restoring my Chanel purse to it’s original condition. Having been severely damaged I never thought that it would be returned to me in such wonderful condition. Your work is amazing and I will recommend you far and wide.

Ruth M, May 27, 2021


Cantonment, Fl

The leather trim on my vintage Trocado (I think) was completely frayed and worn into two. The SA told me not to repair it. It added to the authenticity of the bag. It got so bad I was embarrassed to carry it. I sent it to RAGO BROTHERS in NJ. They are fabulous. Reasonable and very quick return. “New” leather matches the older!!!! RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!

Liz M, May 23, 2021


Newport Beach, Ca

I am so happy and pleased with the workmanship Rago Brothers did on my Louis Vuitton Handbag in replacing the zippers. This gorgeous bag of my mothers now looks beautiful and I will so enjoy wearing it. The Mail- in- Repair was easy and the customer service response time was great! Overall I am so pleased. Thank you Rago Brothers.

Patricia M, May 22, 2021

Thank You

Topeka, Ks

Just a short note to say thank you for the great customer service repairing my wife’s Michael Kors hand bag. You saved us several hundred dollars replacing it. I’m sure we will use your service again.

Mark E. S, May 21, 2021

Belt buckle sauter

Costa Mesa, Ca

After extensive research and shopping, Rago Brothers was the only solution to sautering my belt buckle. Additionally, they were efficient and professional. Thank you so much for your service!

Mark M, May 21, 2021

Wonderful work!

Victor, Ny

Love these guys! My 20 some year old Gucci bag (which I love) looks brand new! Also, LV bag looks great again too!

Linda K N, May 20, 2021

Chloe Nile repair

Clinton, Tn

I could not be happier with the professionalism and ease of repairing my Chloe purse. I sent the item to Rago Bros., they confirmed receipt of item, sent me an estimate which I approved, then sent me actual estimate amount, and in 3 days my purse was on its way back to me. I am thrilled with the completed work, professionalism and expedited service! Much faster than sending to major designers for repair work!

Terri W, May 19, 2021


Houston, Tx

I’ve had Rago brothers do four pairs of soles on my Gucci shoes and I’ve been beyond impressed. They have them looking brand new again and I will recommend them to everyone. You will not be dissatisfied I guarantee you that.

Ben B, May 17, 2021

Coach Handbag Repair

Tulsa, Ok

My favorite purse had an unfortunate encounter with hand sanitizer. It left a white streak down the entire backside. Rago Brothers completely redyed and reconditioned the purse for less than $200. It looks brand new. All of the correspondence I had with Hannah was very courteous and professional. I could not be happier
Thank you!!

Pam V., May 15, 2021

Michael Kors Leather Handbag Repair

West Chester, Pa

I sent my handbag to have the crossbody strap repaired. I’m very happy that the handbag strap looks perfect and my bag smells brand new. The handbag was delivered in perfect condition. I’m very gratefull for this company to repair my handbag. I would definitely use the company for any repairs.

Jane, May 13, 2021

Beautiful Skilled work exceeded my expectations.

Orange, Nj

Thank you so much for your skilled repair zipper on my bag it was not a designer bag I appreciate the time you took to keep it looking good as new. It Is Beautiful. So happy.

Nancy A, May 12, 2021

Just like new Eric Javits!

Norwalk, Oh

Thank you very much for fixing my Eric Javits purse. One of the stones fell out of the starfish not long after I got it several years back. I put it away thinking that I would probably never use it again. Voila! Fixed. Stone replaced and great as new!

Amanda C, May 4, 2021

Very pleased with bag fix

Lewis Center, Oh

I am so pleased with the work Rago Brothers did on my Burberry bucket bag! I sent it in for an estimate & when I had questions about the actual fix, I was able to speak to the team directly. They were kind enough to send me photos of the suggested fix. The cleaning & fix only took about a week & a half. It looks fantastic! I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to use it again after holes had opened where the fabric met the leather bottom. They did a great job, & I won’t hesitate to send them future bags or recommend them. Thank you!

Susan W, May 1, 2021

My Lovely “New” Chanel Purse

Boston, Ma

My stylish NJ sister-in-law had praised Rago Brothers to me, so I contacted them about somehow changing the hardware on my black quilted Chanel purse from silver to gold — which I was rather certain Chanel would never do for any amount of money. I shipped the purse to Rago from Boston, with adequate insurance. Upon seeing it, Hannah quoted me a reasonable estimate, and then proceeded to have the closure, grommets, chain, etc. re-plated per my wishes. I’ve just received the purse and it looks stunning. I am quite pleased and will highly recommend Rago Brothers, and use them again if the need arises. Thank you!

Joan B, April 30, 2021

Simply the best

Maywood, Nj

Have had many repairs done at Rago Brothers all have been top notch.

Rachel E., April 30, 2021

Craftsmanship at its best

Moorestown, Nj

Rago Brothers are professional craftsmen. Customer service is attentive and very easy to work with. Repairs are expedited in a very timely manner.

Kenneth Z, April 30, 2021

Extremely Satisfied

Boston, Ma

My Ferragamo bone color shoes came back to me and looked as if I had just purchased them. The scuffs and marks on the leather are gone; the shoes were entirely refurbished inside and out! I’ll enjoy wearing them all summer. The Uggs slippers also came back in great shape considering I spilled hot cocoa all over them. Chocolate stains are gone, the suede is supple again and they’re fluffy inside. Thank you. Thank you.

Maureen M, April 29, 2021


Alexandria, Va

My daughter has a Kate Spade purse she absolutely loves. It was in perfect condition except for the zipper pull which had become frayed. I call Kate Spade in New York and they referred me to Rago Brothers, I mailed the purse in (we live in Virginia) and they replaced the leather zipper pull with a perfect match. It looks brand new. She was without her purse for less than two weeks. The service and the product were both superb.

Louisa M, April 27, 2021

Improved on my Michael Kors Bag by 100%

Saint Clair Shores, Mi

I wanted a pink Kors purse. Found it, yeah! On sale! Double Yeah! No. It was a beautiful bag except one problem, the “ Jet Set In side now has this center zipper pocket section for a Tablet that makes this bag so tight inside nothing else fits. It’s like a file bag! Terrible. Literally it’s like a file cabinet drawer! I hated it. So I searched for a place or a shoe repair place that might be able to cut out this center section. Now I lived in NY most of my life, so I thought for sure such a place existed, that’s when I came across Rago Bro’s. Ad. Gave them a call, and the rest was history. Let’s just say, they were so nice, & reassuring. Everything went so easy. I mailed out my bag, paid less then I thought, I just got my bag back, and it looks as if I bought it this way! Perfect. I will recommend Rago Bro’s to everyone I know.

Maria C, April 26, 2021

Chanel Handbag

Reno, Nv

I was a little apprehensive sending a very expensive bag to a service with little to no knowledge of the company. Your repair process, website instructions and customer service were flawless. Each step from my first request to me receiving the bag back in my possession were a priority.

Thank you for a great experience .

Tina G., April 26, 2021

Absolutely AMAZING work and best communication EVER

Destin, Fl

The Rago Brothers took an absolutely DESTROYED Hermes Birkin bag. It was torn apart by a dog (not my dog!) and the original owner was just going to trash it. I knew the Rago Brothers could makes miracles happen to I took the chance and purchased the sad bag from the original owner. I even contacted Hermes first and they said there was nothing they could do to repair the bag. I just knew in my heart that the team at Rago Brothers could fix it. AND THEY DID!! I got a brand new looking Hermes Birkin back from them in a very short period of time. Tony Rago called me several times and let me know the process and shared his excitement of how great it was looking. I cannot recommend them any higher to ANYONE needing any leather work on any brand of bag even with a bag that brand new costs over $15k or more. THANK YOU RAGO BROTHERS!! I LOVE YOU!!

Emily G, April 25, 2021

Rago Brothers, my YSL loves your handiwork!

Juneau, Ak

As I searched for someone to entrust my discontinued and treasured YSL handbag to….one name kept popping up…Rago Brothers. I shipped from Alaska and Rago Brothers’ staff called me when they received it! That is customer service. I was told to expect my handbag back sometime the week of April 19th and I received it within that timeframe! That is customer service. Now to the workmanship. No one would be able to tell that minor repair was performed. My handbag returned home in such better condition than when it left. This bag is treasured because it is discontinued and was a limited supply stock. It’s a classic that one of my granddaughters will now be able to enjoy. Trust is what I think of when I think of Rago Brothers. Thank you, Rago Brothers for your beautiful craftsmanship and customer service.

Catrina M, April 23, 2021

Color restored on purse

Chagrin Falls, Oh

Job well done!
Will recommend who need your service.

Joan L, April 22, 2021

Bally Messenger Bag Restored

Colorado Springs, Co

My Bally Messenger had been in a box in parents basement which was damp and humid. When I found it, it had holes and indentations in the front pockets. Hannah handled my order and her team of people did an excellent job in restoring it returning it to me in record time!

Joy M, April 19, 2021

Repair of lining Louis Vuitton Trocodero 30 Purse

Douglassville, Pa

Sent in my Louis to have inside and outside lining replaced as with some of the Louis’ the lining degrades and gets
a black sticky substance. The purse was in very good condition but needed a cleaning since it had been hanging
in someones closet for a while. I am simply amazed at the quality of work that was put into this. This has been the
second repair that I have had done. The first repair was a 30 plus year old LV wallet that the edges had curled up
on, this had been handed down to me from my sister who passed away and wanted to keep it as a memory. Tony
himself is whom I had spoken to and assured me that he would take care of this for me. Again simply amazed how
they could have saved that old wallet and make it useable again, I use it everyday and think of my sister everytime
I see it. Rago’s turn around time is awesome!!!! They had gotten my purse in on Friday and by Tuesday it was
being shipped back to me.

Michelle, April 17, 2021

Now more life left in my beautiful boots

Spokane, Wa

I had Rago Brothers do a clean and refresh on 3 pairs of high end leather boots. They came back looking better than I imagined they could at a reasonable price. I’ll be proud to wear my beautiful boots for a few more seasons.

Shelley J, April 15, 2021

Coach Crossbody Bag Strap Repair

Overland Park, Ks

I was thrilled today to receive my repaired bag strap repaired as good as new. The hardware attaching the strap to the bag on one side broke after only a year of use. Now the strap looks new again just like the bag and I was impressed to see the new hardware matches the existing one. Rago Brothers was great to work, does excellent quality work, sends an email with the estimate, then another email when the product shipped to me with tracking link. Packing was professional and well protected with a nice note inside. Top notch!

Bridget L, April 14, 2021

Highly recommend!

Westford, Ma

Being in Massachusetts, I mailed Rago Brothers my wallet for repair. It has been my favorite wallet for over 10 years, and I could not find a replacement for it. The zipper slide had broken. Thankfully, Rago Brothers was able to assess the damage by emailed photographs, and they were able to replace the zipper slide – you would never been able to tell that the zipper slide broke or was replaced. It’s perfect, and I couldn’t be happier!

Kathleen N, April 13, 2021


Oxford, Ms

Rago Brothers does a great job with leather cleaning and provide fabulous service to their customers. I could not be more pleased! I highly recommend them.

Karen, April 12, 2021


Richlannd, Mi

I was most surprised and pleased with the results to a FURLA pvc bag I sent to be serviced. The service was personal and the result …. amazing. And that’s about the strength of it!

Linda C, April 1,, 2021

Repair of Louis Vuitton handbag

Norman, Ok

The work you do is amazing. I had a shoulder strap and a zipper replaced. When I got the bag back, I used the bag for a few days and the zipper was defective. I returned the bag and it was promptly repaired and mailed back to me. I loved the service! I am now enjoying my beautiful bag.

Andrea R, April 8, 2021

Wonderful job on the Michael Kors!

Boise, Id

The process of having my Michael Kors handbag repaired was so easy, and I received an estimate in about a week after shipping it to Rago Brothers. After I approved the repair, which was not all that expensive, I was told that it would be finished in 1-2 weeks and then shipped back to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find out later that day that my handbag was on its way back. What a quick turnaround! When my bag arrived back in Idaho, I could not even tell where the rip in the decorative tassel was. I would recommend Rago Brothers over and over.

Jennifer D, April 3, 2021

so happy!!

Petrolia, Kan

I purchased a vintage Louis Vuitton Saumur 43 off of eBay, sold as junk, I knew that it was a savable bag, I sent it out, got the quote from Hannah and they proceeded. To say I was surprised and happy is an understatement. The craftsmanship is amazing. this bag was in horrible condition. I have a great bag that I will carry for many years.
Thank you Rago Brothers, I will be sending all my repairs to you!!!

Jennifer M., April 1, 2021

Kate Spade Repairs

Cedar Park, Tx

Rago Brothers is the one and only shop for Kate Spade bags now! I highly recommend anyone to get their bags sent to Rago Brothers. I shipped my tote bag to them, the handles were re-waxed and sent back to me all within a month’s time. It looks good as new!

Erin, March 30, 2021

Dirty white bag

Salem. Va

I was so pleased with their work and would highly recommend. They made my old white, very dirty Gucci bag new again. Well worth the money. Will definitely use them again!

Lejuana M., March 30, 2021

I had lost all hope!

Los Angeles, Ca.

I had lost all hope of my precious vintage Chanel flap bag being repaired. The hardware had completely fallen apart and numerous other designer repair companies said there was nothing that could be done. Enter: Rago Brothers. They easily fixed the lock with all of my original hardware and did a leather clean. My 80’s flap looks like I purchased it at Chanel yesterday! Forever grateful.

Katherine C., March 30, 2021

Simply amazing

Philadelphia, Pa

I had heard about Rago brothers for years working in the fashion industry and even sent lots of clients towards him but I never actually went there myself well After just having almost $1500 worth of repairs done I can say without a doubt these men and women are in a league of their own. Not only are they quite frankly the best at what they do …. they’re the only ones doing it. They fixed shoes and bags that I thought were for the dumpster and their customer service skills are superb. Beyond that, they just are nice guys and gals

Ryan H, March 25, 2021

great workmanship

Brentwood, Tn

I sent in a pair of Jimmy Choo bc the latch broke. I was referred by Nordstrom (the place of my purchase). My repair came back quickly and with the exact same latch as the original. I will use them again for any future shoe repairs.

Johnna, March 23, 2021

Vintage LV Speedy 25

Philadelphia, Pa

Wow! Emailed and received a quote the next day and instructions for mail-in service. Mailed my vintage LV Speedy bag for the zipper to be replaced… bag was repaired and returned back to me within a week! Impeccable work and fair pricing! Blown away by the attention to detail! Stitching is perfection! Thank you so much!

Jenny, March 20, 2021

Another Positive Experience with Rago Brothers

Lynbrook, Ny

I recently had a second occasion to send a leather Ferragamo bag to Rago Brothers for repairs. On both occasions, they were responsive to my initial outreach, clear with instructions on how to get my bag to them, and ultimately returned the repaired bag to me within a few days. It could not have been more seamless, and you’d never know the bag had been damaged I highly recommend them and would definitely contact them again if the need arises.

Jill, March 18, 2021

Fantastic Repair

Greensburg, Pa

Sent my MK backpack to have the straps replaced that my dog chewed when he was a puppy. The bag came back perfect! Cannot tell it was ever repaired. The strap replaced matches the original strap exact.
Highly recommend Ravi Brothers.

Katie B., March 18, 2021

So Happy!!!!

Woburn, Ma

I have a Michael Kors bag that my daughter gave me when she was in the Navy which needs to be repaired where the strap meets the bag. I went around where I live and nobody would touch it. I got Rago Brother’s information from a salesperson at Michael Kors. I sent it to Rago Brother’s to be repaired and just got it back. You can’t even tell where the repair was needed, they did an excellent job it was well worth the money because the bag was in great shape otherwise. I will definitely keep Rago Brother’s information and will definitely use them again if needed. Turn around time is exceptional as well.

Job well done to everyone at Rago Brother’s!!!!

Joanne D., March 16, 2021

Beautifully Restored Louis Vuitton Handbag!!!

Pompano Beach, Fl

I highly recommend Rago Brothers! I found the company online, sent in my 10+-year-old Louis Vuitton handbag and it was restored to the original form beautifully! They also added feet to the bottom so the bag would not get damaged in the future. Great job with great customer service! Thank you Rago Brothers and Hannah!

Andrea, March 16, 2021

The Best Shoe Repair

Freeport, Ny

My experience with the Rago Brothers Shoe Repair exceeded my expectations. At first, I was skeptical about using the ‘Mail-In Repair’ system for two of my most coveted and expensive pairs of shoes. I am glad I trusted them. Not only did the Rago Brothers repaired my shoes, but did so efficiently and expertly. The staff was knowledgeable, engaging and assured me my shoes were repaired and returned to me post-haste. I will continue to use and advise my family and associates of their valuable services.

Keyza R., March 14, 2021


Tallahassee, Fl

I sent off a pair of Christian Louboutin boots that I bought in Paris. The heel tips had some off, the front of the shoes were showing wear, and the red sole was coming off. I found Rago Brothers online after doing a search for a respectable company that repaired these types of shoes. After a little over a week, I had a quote for the repair that included shipping. To my amazement, they were repaired and sent back quickly. They look brand new and absolutely beautiful!!! They fixed the soles, put on a new rubber protector on them, and fixed the scuff marks on the front of the boot. I couldn’t be happier! When I called to confirm that they could work on the boots. Hannah was my representative, was so nice and friendly, and answered all of my questions. I will be suggesting Rago Brothers to anyone that needs shoe repair done on their high-end shoes. And I will be using them again!! I cannot thank Rago Brothers enough for their wonderful job!

Paige H., March 9, 2021

Outstanding service

Manalapan, Nj

The BEST service!!! I can’t believe how quickly my bag was repaired!! The strap had become detached from my side satchel Louis Vuitton and I thought I would never be able to use my bag again. Thank you Rago Brothers for making my bag LIKE NEW again!!!! Customer service was amazing. I would highly recommend!!

Shawna, March 4, 2021

Salvatore Ferragamo Heel repair

Bozeman, Mt

Your company is an American treasure! We have to bring other companies to your level as we have forgotten what true service is about. My experience with your company is an excellent service, excellent repair as new.

Terrie H, March 3, 2021

Friendly, quick and spot on

Santa Rosa, Ca

Michael Kira recommended we contact Rago Brothers to make repairs to my wife’s purse handles and every part of the transaction was great. In a very quick turnaround we had replacement purse handles that matched perfectly. We had to do everything via email from CA, but if I lived near their facilities something tells me this would be a great place to visit for business. The impression I got was one of a business that recognizes and has never lost its craft and customer service ethics.

JV M, March 4, 2021

Amazing Work

Madison, Ct

I have used Rago Brothers for several repairs over the years. I am always amazed at how beautiful my handbags/leather goods return. Their workmanship is top notch and the items I have repaired come back looking brand new. Their personal follow up and turn around time is excellent. I highly recommend their services.

Kathleen H, March 2, 2021

Amazing Repairs

Mount Laurel, Nj

I sent my Louis Vuitton handbag there for three repairs and all of them came out perfect. The bag looks brand new again. They did a wonderful job and you can’t even tell where the repairs are. And the best was they only took a week to do the repairs and then they sent it right back to me!!

STACEY B., March 1, 2021

Great Leather Work!

Savannah, Tn.

Sent my vintage Louis Vuitton Ellipse to have the broken handles and tabs replaced. They did a wonderful job on the repairs and even matched the new leather handles with the bag’s existing piping perfectly! Would highly recommend it.

Teresa G., February 25, 2021

beautiful job

Tucson, Az

I live in Tucson – California is not far away – many repair places there, but somehow, reading what customer said about Rago Brothers made me feel more confident and so bag and shoes traveled all the way to NJ. Well, best decision I ever made – the work done is outstanding. To re-attach the handle on my bag the lining on the flap had to be opened and resewn back on and it was done flawlessly. Keep up the good work – thank you!

Lotte D., February 23, 2021

boots repaired

Baton Rouge, La

I had a zipper replaced on one Ferragamo boot. The boot is over 30 years old but I love it. No one here in baton rouge knew how to do it but Ferragamo gave me this company’s info. They did a great job and turned it around in days. Can’t praise them enough.

Tara B., February 22, 2021

Fenidi – Suede handbag missing screw

San Leandro, Ca

Fendi – Suede handbag missing tiny strap set screw.
I was unable to get a screw from Fendi even after waiting a month for them to tell they me did not have a replacement.
Rago Brothers came to my rescue. They replaced the screw very cheap, since the price was so good, I had them clean and brush
out the suede handbag. The handbag is 15.25 / 11.25 it is pretty good size. I a paid a very reasonable price for the cleaning and bushing.
But I said, Wow! when I seen the complete job. It looked like it was never used and I kept saying what a professional job. The screw was
perfectly matched. I can’t even tell which one it was. The cleaning look great, feels great and smells great. Fast service and shipping.
Rago Brother have the best crew!

Raul, February 20, 2021

Prada Zipper Puller

San Leandro, Ca.

Prada leather zipper puller – leather was broken where it attaches to the hardware. Rago Brothers made a leather replacement that matched the color perfect. It look 100% original and looks like it will last much longer than the original. The price was excellent just like their work. Great shipping.

Raul, February 20, 2021

Superb Service, Superb Repair

Littlestown, Pa

Excellent, exceptional, exemplary! My repair was sent, repaired and returned to me in 5 days! I was kept informed at each step of the process, from the initial communication to the repair return delivery time. I still can’t believe it! I have been in customer service my entire working life, let me state unequivocally the service and professionalism I received from the team at RAGO BROTHERS was THE VERY BEST SERVICE I have ever experienced. My repair was beautiful and honestly you could not tell my item had ever been damaged. I will definitely call Rago Brothers in the future, when needed, and enthusiastically recommend them to every one I know. Thank you all and keep up the good work!

Harriette M., February 18, 2021

Gucci vintage bag restored like new

Benson, Nc.

I was very hesitant in the beginning to send my bag out to a different state to someone whom I only knew about through their Instagram page. I sent out my vintage Gucci handbag that had one handle on stitched completely, during the whole process I had someone communicate with me when the bag arrived how much it was going to cost to get the bag fixed, they even called me to tell me that they could fix the trimming as well to make it look even nicer, again I was very hesitant I wanted to make sure that the stitching would match exactly as the bag was. I received a notification when my bag was on its way back which was very quick. When I receive my bag it was packaged much nicer than I had originally sent it and when I pulled my bag out it looked brand new! The color of the new handles and the trim around my bag matched identical to what it had you can’t even tell that anything was changed. The inside stitching matches the same color as the new handles that they put on the bag! I am so happy with the results of my back and love the communication that I was able to have with them! Not once did I have any issues! I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Very trustworthy and amazing customer service! Thank you for bringing my vintage bag back to life!

Johana, February 15, 2021

Incredible Service

Tierra Verde, Fl.

What a joy and pleasure is was to work with experienced professionals! My Louboutin pumps were polished, re-soled and re-heeled in just a matter of days. The process, from my initial query to payment, was clear and simple. I am thrilled I finally found dedicated specialists who can do wonders with leather. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Grazie fratelli Rago per la vostra maestria!)

Tina, February 15, 2021

Soo Happy!!!

Encinitas, Ca

I have used Rago Brothers twice now to repair my Louis Vuitton handbags. They are professional from the start with preparing me to mail out my bag, acknowledging receipt, pricing and mailing back schedule. Quite obviously investments like these need to be followed carefully.
The work they did on both bags made them look absolutely brand new and I am so appreciative. This is the only company I will let handle my investments:))

Lynn S., February 12, 2021

I sent, you repaired…

Los Angeles, Ca

Not only did Rago brothers do a wonderful repair on my Michael Kors handbag, they did it quickly. Since this purse was out of warranty they were very reasonable in their pricing. I will definitely use Rago brothers again.

Carol F., February 12, 2021

Like New!

Raleigh, Nc

I hesitated to replace the straps on my Kate Spade bag because of its age, but it has been my FAVORITE purse that I carry every winter for years and years now. The straps had seen their better day although the rest of the purse was like new. I just received it back from Rago Brothers and you would truly think that it is a new purse except for the faded Kate Spade logo from years of loving carrying. This is the second time I have sent off my leather good to Rago and every time I receive them back, they EXCEED my expectations! Thank you!

Kelly P., February 11, 2021

Repair of Coach Handbag

Middle River, Md

I am totally satisfied with the repair done to my Coach HOBO shoulder bag. It looks brand new, just like I bought it many years ago. the workmanship was perfect. Great Job! If I ever need any repairs in the future, Rago Brothers is my choice.

Cherie G., February 9, 2021


Hixson, Tn

Sent a very well loved Chanel bag for repair and wasn’t sure anyone could do it. They exceeded what I though could be done and did it well within the time quoted. Will most certainly use again and recommend. Thank you for letting me have a few more years with my favorite carryall.

SANDY C, February 8, 2021

Michael Kors Bag Repair

Clermont, Fl

I have a beautiful Michael Kors bag which I received as a Mother’s Day gift from my husband 6 years ago. I use it daily and as you can imagine the straps started to fray, I contacted Michael Kors to see what could be done because I love the bag so much I didn’t want to stop using it but I was concerned the straps would snap. They referred me to Rago Brothers for repair. I sent the bag to them, they contacted me with my estimate and approved it. They replaced the straps and matched the color perfectly! I was told when I called to approve the repair that it would take approximately 2 weeks for the repair but my bag was returned much faster which was very much appreciated. I should also mention, when I called to approve the repair, I spoke with 2 people… the owner answered the phone and could not have been more personable. The lovely lady who took my information was also extremely polite and we chatted for a few minutes. I highly recommend Rago Brothers for your repair…mine exceeded my expectations and I will use them again.

Angela A, February 8, 2021

Extremely Happy

Walled Lake, Mi

I bought a pair of Allen Edmond Casual shoes 17 years ago in NY City. They are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, over time the upper part of the back of the shoe wore and cracked, torn, etc. The local repair shops wouldn’t touch it. I reached out to Allen Edmonds sent the shoes to their repair shop and they would not touch them. I almost gave up until I was searching the net and found Rago Brothers. I called and they asked that I send a photo to which they replied send them. Well, they now look like new. To the team at Rago, THANK YOU!!!

John, January 19, 2021

Exceptional Service

Bronxville, Ny

The service provided by Rago Brothers replacing the leather on two of my favorite Ferragamo belts was exceptional. I received calls and photos of the leather they intended to use, the turnaround time was far faster than I expected, the web page was easy to use and intuitive and the belts arrived in perfect shape. Both belts are exactly what I had wanted.

Peter A, January 18, 2021

Outstanding service

Oklahoma City, Ok

The entire process, from the initial photo assessment of my purse strap to the end when I received it back in the mail, was quick and easy. The website is extremely user-friendly to get an initial assessment/quote and to see what steps were needed to submit a mail-in repair. Once I mailed my strap, I was updated via text and email about the status throughout the process. The repair was done quickly and I had my item back in no time. Great customer service and excellent quality of work, I highly recommend!

Angela S, January 18, 2021

Oh My Gosh!!!

The Villages, Fl

I bought a Louis Vuitton bag on an auction site. The site failed to accurately describe the cracking at the top of the purse and shot the photos so as not to show the actual amount of cracking. Needless to say I have not been able to use the purse. I finally went online to try and find someone who could do a repair, if possible. The results were phenomenal!! They put leather around the top to cover all the cracks and then put leather in the corners as one of the corners had a significant crack. I would heartily recommend Rago as the workmanship was superb. Thank you for making a bad purchase a beautiful purse.

Geri H, January 17, 2021

Battered Burberry Brought Back to Life!

Toledo, Oh

I bought a Blue Label tote several years ago and after some time, despite taking excellent care of my bag, the leather handles began to dry rot. My local shoe repair guy was even afraid to take it on, fearing that he might damage it further. So I packed it away and thought about reselling it “as is” on Poshmark or something.

One Sunday afternoon Google-fest, I looked up designer handbag repair and Rago Brothers popped up. After viewing their gallery of work I started a repair and sent it in. So when I received it back I was stunned by not only how quickly the repair was done but the quality of the work. Rago changed the original design (flaw) improved it and made it likely how it should have been made in the first place. I did not take a before picture but I can assure you: it was not good. Enjoy the after picture instead. Beautiful work.
Thank you!!

Merilee G, January 21, 2021

Now I can enjoy my LV bag

Chesapeake, Va

I am completely satisfied with the wonderful job that Rago Brothers did with making my LV bag customized just for me. The customer service I received when deciding exactly how my bag should be altered gave me the peace of mind that it was in good hands from the get go. Once I received my purse back from them I was overjoyed that it looked so beautiful and ready for me to enjoy for many, many years to come. Thank you Rago Brothers for your professional attention to detail and expert work you performed on my purse, I couldn’t be happier.

Ruth Earlene H, February 8, 2021

Excellent repair on a very difficult item

Columbus, Oh

I mistakenly cut the cable on the top shoe lace loupe on a brand new pair of Naglev Unico hiking shoes. It was a very difficult repair because it required ungluing the top of the hiking shoe, fashioning the loop, and then regluing the top leather to the shoe. Rago Brothers did the work so well, it’s impossible to tell which loop was cut. The work was the highest level of artisanship. Thank you!

MaryEllen F, January 21, 2021

Excellent Service

Silver Spring, Md

Rago Brothers provided exceptional service from beginning to end. In addition, my totes look brand new. Thank YOU Rago Brothers.

P, February 4, 2021

Replacement Straps for Michael Kors Handbag

Roanoke, Va

I purchased a Michael Kors bag back in 2016 and this past Christmas realized that one of the straps was beginning to break!! YIKES! I called the company and was referred to Rago Brothers. I contacted Rago Brothers by email and they instructed me to send them pictures of the bag and the straps and they would then send me an estimate for the repair work or replacement. I got that quote really quick, accepted their estimate and sent both of the straps to the company. They received the straps within 2 day and the turn around for my replacement strap was within 2 days! I was very impressed by the speed of their business. The replacement straps were not a perfectly matched leather, but I was told that it wasn’t likely they could match the leather. I was thrilled that the straps did have grommets in the holes rather than just punched leather. I was very impressed with the work – TO TOP OFF THE EXPERIENCE, both of my original straps did NOT get returned back to me as I had requested and when I let Rago Brothers know about this, they made me TWO MORE straps to make up for the error.
These guys were professional, friendly, did great work, and are SUPER affordable. I am so glad that I was referred to Rago Brothers and I will use them again when I need leather work done. I would highly recommend Rago Brothers to anyone who needs leather work done on an expensive handbag.

RoxAnne C, February 3, 2021

Superb Service

Athens, Ga

My Gucci shoes were in bad shape overall. Rago Brothers Co replaced my heel and made the leather look brand new. I am highly satisfied and would recommend their services!!

John W, February 3, 2021

Quality work and customer service

Tucson, Az

Lost the loops that came with my Ferragamo belt, which you are unable to buy through the vendor. They are irreplaceable. I was recommended Rago Brothers by the company and I am very happy with the quality of repair. The color matching is perfect. Would recommend working with them!

Sonya, February 3, 2021

Crossbody Bag Repair

Fort Smith, Ar

I had a Louis Vuitton bag that had a broken strap on the front that was in terrible condition. I sent it to Rago Brothers to get it fixed and when I got it back, I was shocked in the best way possible. It looked brand new and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Anna S, February 3, 2021

Very Impressed

Quincy, Ma

Rago Brothers repaired the zipper and fixed/sewed the straps of my Kate Spade bag. I was very impressed with their work. I’ve used this bag every day for the past 5 years so it has taken a beating! Now it looks brand new! I couldn’t believe how fast the whole process was. I highly recommend Rago Brothers and I will definitely be using them in the future! Thank you so much!

Nicole M, February 1, 2021

My Louis Vuitton Cite GM

Port St. Lucie, Fl

Rago Brothers brought my vintage Louis Vuitton Cite GM back to life with a repair of the back strap loops. I love my new bag! Thank you! Will be sending you my Neverfull!

Julie B, January 30, 2021

They Made My Dream Come True!

Ancramdale, Ny

Let’s just say I had to make a very personal effort to get an alligator hide. After it was dyed and tanned nobody would work with the hide bc I kept saying I wanted it to look like a Birkin. (I had very low expectations. Just thought I would reach for the stars). Tony took it and turned it into one of the most beautiful items (certainly not just purses) I have ever owned. He brought me pure joy.

Hayden G, January 26, 2021

Fast Repair

Fairfield, Ct

It took me a long time to figure out how to repair my much-loved snakeskin Celine Trio bag. I found Rago Brothers and sent them in my bag for repair. I cannot tell that the snap has been replaced. Amazing and quick service. I won’t hesitate to send them anything that needs repair in the future!

Kathryn M, January 25, 2021


Beverly Hills, Ca

Thank you for then perfect work you did on my two orange travel bags—a large Prada silk journalist shoulder bag and a leather tote bag.
They both look like new, and are ready for great new adventures—when we can all travel again!

Hon. Meralee G, January 22, 2021

I can’t believe it!

Upper Marlboro, Md

The repair of my Kate Spade handbag is beyond my expectations! I am so pleased with the professional way the RAGO Brothers team handled every step of my transaction: from the format of how to request a quote, the communications used to pay, the timeliness in which my handbag was returned, but most of all… THE REPAIR… it’s like I have a brand new handbag! I’m a baby boomer and just could not believe that there are still companies that truly care about their craftsmanship, but the RAGO Brothers definitely know how to treat their customers!

Andrea B, January 22, 2021

Thrilled Again!

Fresno, Ca

I obtained a Vuitton Neverfull MM that had been horribly neglected. I knew the miracle workers at Rago Bros could refurbish the bag and I was not disappointed!
The leather was beautifully redone in a custom color and the cracked canvas was given two cute patches. I also requested that the bag be cleaned and sanitized.
Hannah is a joy to work with and I have such admiration for all the craft experts at Rago Bros…I cannot stop singing their praises!
How lovely to give this bag new life!

Kim Z, January 15, 2021

Handbag strap

Horsham, Pa

I purchased a pocketbook that needed more holes in the strap. I sent it on Friday and got it back on Wednesday. The work was just stupendous!

Caryn, January 15, 2021

What a Wonderful Surprise!

Canal Winchester, Oh

I just received my leather coat. Tony said that I would be happy and that was an understatement! I was “out of breath” happy! It is absolutely beautiful. This jacket was ready for the giveaway bin but it was still a warm and well-fitting coat. At 30 years of age, I knew I couldn’t get this coat replaced. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you knew was right to make my coat look brand new. It Does! It is better than I remember. I will proudly wear it and brag to my friends who wear leather how and where they can get breathtaking results. Thank you again!

Althea Y, January 13, 2021

Handbag handle repair

Hampstead, Nc

I had carried my Kate Spade handbag daily for 5 years or more, wearing the handles out. However, the bag itself was still in good condition. Rago Brothers repaired the handles and they look every bit as good as the day I bought the bag. Thank you, Rago, for such quality workmanship!

Mary Ruth M, January 11, 2021

Great Service and Craftsmanship

N. Myrtle Beach, Sc

I have used Rago Brothers for years and the more I use them the more I’m impressed by their overall service and their quality craftsmanship provided. Highly recommend!

Roger L, January 10, 2021

My bag is perfect

Damariscotta, Me

Imagine my delight finding a beautiful Coach Bag at a thrift shop – with a label inside and a number – it’s lightweight, leather, “vintage” and alas it had close to close the flap.

Rago Brothers did a perfect job: their instructions for filling out the mail-in form were thorough, they called (& texted) when they received the bag, I paid , they repaired the bag and returned it. And it is spectacular. Thank you thank you for such competence and efficiency.

Patricia, January 8, 2021

Awesome Experience!

Fayetteville, Nc

I choose to write a testimonial because of the amazing experience that I had working with Rago Brothers to repair my wife’s Tory Burch pocket book. The handle was broken and she was devastated. I used the google machine to lead me here to Rago Brothers and I couldn’t be happier with the customer service and ease that the repair was done with. Even during the holidays the turn around was fast and the pricing was palatable. I have told all of our friends and will be a customer in the future if required.

Zachary W, January 8, 2021

Best shoe repair around!

Jacksonville, Fl

During Christmas, I received my first pair of Louboutin shoes in which our Christmas puppy also found as one of the best gifts for her. She completely chewed up the shoes all around and Rago’s sent them back almost brand new! It was in rough shape and they came back with only small bite marks that are barely noticeable. With a Jersey wedding, we needed them quickly and they were sent in and rushed back in a week and an half’s time. I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone, and they will always be my go-to shoe repair!

Sophie E., January 5, 2021

30 Year Old Channel Handbag SAVED

Deerfield Beach, Fl

I sent a 30 year old handbag that I literally used every day to Rago Brothers for repair and WOW, what a surprise! It looks brand new, the leather in the chain was replaced and the chain was re-dipped, the rough edges are all smooth! It is absolutely BEATUIFUL!

My friend saw the bag and is convinced that they just had replaced it with a brand new bag that they had stored in the vault incase someone needed a repair!

KUDOS to Rago Brothers for an excellent job! I will send all of my repairs to them!

Debbie N., December 31, 2020

True Craftsmen!

Tucson, Az

I purchased a Fendi bucket bag years ago. The bag had become worn with weathered leather that was so bad the bag was unusable. This is no longer the case. I received my bag back today and my mouth dropped at how perfect it looks once again. I am not sure what my expectation was but I can tell you that this result exceeded what I could have even hoped for. I am so thankful to have my bag once again looking like new. I also have to add that the customer service is extraordinary. I received a phone call once my bag was received to discuss what was needed as well as the cost for the repair. The price was definitely fair for the work that was so beautifully done. Thank you Rago Bros. You are now my go to for all repairs!

Amy H., December 29, 2020

Bucket Bag Restoration that Exceeded my Expectations

San Rafael, Ca

My 25 year old Bottega Veneta bag showed scratches and signs of wear from age and poor storage practices. AND Bottega Veneta no longer restores this leather line (“Marco Polo”) in house. Rago Brothers had great reviews and WOW, they really exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Their online instructions were simple and clear, the telephone and email communications with staff were prompt, courteous and confident. They confirmed receipt of my bag, gave me a precise quote (not much different from what was indicated over email) and returned it to me, all in about 3 weeks. My bag looks like new. I’ve already added Rago Brothers to my database. They are now my “go to” for high end leather restoration. I could not be happier! 5+ stars out of 5!

Susan C., December 29, 2020

Black Suede Ferragamo repair

Tulsa, Ok

Needed new sole on favorite pair of Ferragamo shoes. Sent to Rago Brothers for repair. Results: friendly, fast, professional, high-quality workmanship. Couldn’t be more pleased. There’s a reason why they’ve been successfully around since 1911.

Jim G., December 29, 2020

Amazing Work

Lancaster, Ca

I received a beautiful Kate Spade bag as a gift a couple years ago, but after a few uses the hardware attaching the strap broke off. I was so disappointed because it was no longer useable, yet it was still beautiful since it was in pristine condition. It sat for 2 years until I discovered Rago Brothers. Wow… amazing customer service, beautiful workmanship, plus they fixed it within a day and shipped it back to me same day! So very kind, caring and efficient… I would love to meet them in person if I ever have the opportunity… that’s the kind of people they are! I love my bag once again thanks to Rago Brothers! Thank you and your family for the awesome service!

Suzanne B, December 28, 2020

Unfortunate Pleasure

Alpharetta, Ga

I have had the, unfortunate, pleasure of having to use Rago Brothers twice, on two separate occasions. It was only unfortunate because it’s never fun having to have anything repaired, but it was a pleasure because Rago Brothers made feel like a valued customer during both experiences. Both repairs were returned in timely manner, and the quality of the repairs restored each item (both over 10 years old) to a like-new condition. From one small business owner to another, thank you for the quality customer service!

Babatunde F., December 27, 2020

Amazing Repair Job on my Louis Vuitton Purse!!!!!

Wall, Nj

My Louie was 4 years old and as the service reps at Louis Vuitton said, “well loved”. The leather had some tears on each corner of the purse, small but bothersome. LV turned my repair request away, but not Rago Brothers! They received my purse on a Monday and I had it back the following Tuesday (8 days with shipping). I was so reluctant to send my purse away but figured I had nothing to lose at this point. Rago did amazing work, they repaired the corners with leather, cleaned, shined it up and gave my Louie new life. I am so completely thrilled.

Elaine T., December 22, 2020

Trim & Handle Repair – AMAZING

Woonsocket, Ri

I sent three bags to be repaired by Rago Brothers, and I could not be happier with the results. They redid the trim and handle on my Louis Vuitton Saumur and I could have cried when I got my bag back. I can use it again and not worry the handle is falling off. You can’t even tell there was a repair since the leather is almost identical even though this is an old bag. They also repaired zippers on my Louis Vuitton Speedy and Toilet Pouch, again they are useable again! Thank you so much. I’m forever telling people about your business when we are talking about bags or something comes up. I will use you for many years going foward.

Stephanie H., December 21, 2020

Favorite bag finally repaired

Pueblo, Co

My favorite mini black coach bag that I bought during the NYC marathon has been unrepairable (according to Coach). Rago Bros. Quickly repaired it. I can’t thank you enough for the quick turnaround and perfect job!

Jennifer, December 19, 2020

Rago Brothers 5 Stars

Burke, Va

Excellent and friendly service, helped me out big time with a Christmas gift situation. I will use them anytime I need leather parts or repairs. Very happy with this company!

Daniel G., December 18, 2020

Beautiful Gucci

Cartersville, Ga

I am speechless regarding the restoration of my Gucci Totebag and Shoulder bag. My set is over 30 years old and both items look amazing.

Thank you for doing an awesome job!!!

Rae G, December 17, 2020

Very happy!

Cutchogue, Ny

Only a couple months after purchasing a nice kid glove leather jacket my left arm was caught on a briar bush and it gouged a hole in the leather that I thought could only be fixed by applying a patch over it. Several shops I contacted said the same and rather than sew a patch on the arm I chose to do nothing. Until I discovered Rago Brothers online. I live on Long Island and drove to Rago Brothers shop and was very impressed. I dropped off my jacket and within a week received it back via UPS repaired beyond my expectations. These folks know leather. The hole was seamed together with leather and color was matched perfectly. I never thought I’d get to wear my jacket again but thanks to Rago Brothers it has once again become my favorite jacket.

Jim K., December 9, 2020

Amazing job Rago Brothers!

Nashville, Tn

My Bottega Venetta shoe looks like new again! I scuffed the heal badly and Rago Brothers repaired beautifully and quickly! Thank you Rago Brothers!

Alissa, December 9, 2020

Amazing repair job

Albany, Ny

I sent in my Acne Studios leather jacket with a broken zipper pull, and it was sent back within a week with a new pull that matches exactly. The jacket looks as good as new and I couldn’t be happier!

Emma O., December 9, 2020

Fantastic service… definitely recommend Rago Brothers

Washington, Dc

I entrusted Rago Brothers with two pairs of vintage Frye Campus boots. They did an amazing job. Quick turnaround. Friendly service. I will definitely use Rago Brothers in the future. 5 stars!

Jim R, December 5, 2020

Rago Brothers are Artists!!

Germantown, Tn

This was my second time to send an OLD Louis Vuitton suitcase for a new zipper,,,they were gifts from my mother back in the early 70s…their workmanship is perfect!! There were no new sewing lines. I would not hesitate to send them anything. They can give you a pretty accurate cost by looking at photos. Their prices are not cheap, but let me say you get what you pay for and I am totally happy. The suitcase was packed well for its trip back to me. I hope they are passing on their knowledge to a new generation of craftsmen!!

Carolyn A, December 5, 2020

Fast turn-around and great work

Sterling, Va

We had good communication with Rago Brothers regarding reopening due to covid. Once operations resumed, we were able to verify that the part needed for my wife’s purse to be repaired was in stock. The turn-around was very fast. We sent the purse on Monday and had back on Friday. My wife was very happy with the repair job.

Richard T, December 4, 2020

Jimmy Choo Python Purse

Hewitt, Tx

I called and talked to a very nice lady and personally let her know how pleased I was with the repair. But most of all how I received a phone call from one of the Owner’s I believe she told me his name was Tony. He was so pleasant and so honest about the repair that my beautiful purse required. They had given me a quote by email which I provided pictures of what needed to be repaired. He discussed what he could do and instead of cleaning the inside (if it was his wife’s purse he would clean the leather and would be a much better bang for my money). I appreciate the kindness and care that he gave me over the phone. If you want a really great, great, great repair and honesty this is the business you need for any leather repair. Thank you again y’all are the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie V, December 3, 2020

Magicians and Artists

Edmond, Ok

I’m not sure if the Rago Bros are magicians or artists. I suspect a little of both. I’d purchased a vintage Christian Dior handbag and when it was shipped, the seller bent the handle so far to the left to fit it in the box, the leather had completely cracked.

I’d seen pictures.

I’d read testimonials.

I followed their Facebook page.

I knew exactly where I was sending this bag.

I received a congenial phone call from a friendly gentleman. We chatted about the bag, and I gave the go-ahead.

It came back carefully wrapped, properly shipped, and voila – it looks fabulous.

I hope their family continues their tradition for generations. This kind of work is a dying art, and rare to find. Should the need arise in the future, I know Rago Bros will work their magic again.

Lisa S, December 2, 2020

Blown Away! Wowza!

Naples, Fl

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened up the package! My Chanel handbag looked like it did when I bought it new many years ago. Completely blown away. Impeccable job and fast service! My husband couldn’t believe it either. You have a customer for life!!

Thank you!

Sandra, NOvember 29, 2020


Yonkers, Ny

I’ve spent years looking for a leather jacket that could make my husband part with the one he had. His leather jacket was complete disaster. Cracked, discolored, shredded sleeves, missing buttons and broken zipper. When i sent in the jacket for an estimate i figured there would be no hope in it even looking decent (or so i thought). Rago brothers estimate process was super easy. sent in a few pics and they gave me a round about idea which was right on the money when they actually received it in person. Tony was such a delightful person to speak to and assured me that my money will be well spent and it sure was. They completely overhauled every component of that jacket. I swore they sent me a brand new one. My husband has never been so happy. Thanks you Rago brothers for helping me restore such a sentimental item for my husband. Looking forward to working with you for years to come!

Christina P, November 22, 2020

Great repair

Washington, Dc

Excellent repair on a Kate Spade wallet. Good as new!!!

Zoe S, November 21, 2020

Chomp Happy Doggos Destruction, Restored!

Forks, Wa

Okay I cannot rave enough about the beautiful job these guys did to my beloved backpack!
I have a loungefly backpack I got when I first moved was sl it holy destroyed but my sisters puppy back in December. I found it found Rago Brothers and they repaired the handle on my bag beautifully!! I cannot wait to send them my next repair, and couldn’t suggest them more.

Thank you so much!!

Emma-Grayce F, November 21, 2020


Overland Park, Ks

I did a Google search for ”repair designer purses” as one of the d-rings on my MCM had broken… Rago Brothers caught my eye even though they’re in NJ & I’m in KS.
All I can say is WOWZA!! They received my purse, gave me their assessment, and then did an AH•MAZE•ZING job at repairing both d-rings, cleaning it, and touching up where some of the cognac-colored leather had worn off.

Mrs. Angel W., November 19, 2020

Louis Vuitton Repair

Amarillo, Tx

My favorite LV bag needed new leather tabs and I found Rago Brothers online and reached our to them and I had the best experience with them. Rago brothers responded quickly and as soon as they received my bag they contacted me and repaired my bag as good as new!!!! I will absolutely be using them again for any further bag or shoe repairs!!

Adrieanna, November 14, 2020

Superb Craftsmanship & Great Service!!

Miami Beach, Fl

I am so impressed with the craftsmanship of the repair team at Rago Brothers. Last year I knew I was going to be in NJ and brought 2 large leather handbags that had been pretty beaten up by the wear and tear of frequent travel. The inside linings were also quite dirty. Rago returned them in good-as-new condition. Last week I sent Rago a pair of leather slippers with a wedge heel in pretty awful condition. I wish I had taken before & after pics. so you could see for yourselves what they managed to salvage and restore to perfection. The upper part of one of the slippers had come out of the sewn-in side and someone at home, who shall remain nameless, tried to glue them back in place. What a mess! I thought they were beyond salvation but knowing that they are a favorite pair of my 98 year old mother I decided to mail from Miami and ask if they thought there was any hope. They said they would try. In less than 1 week since the slippers’ arrival in NJ the shoes arrived back in Miami today and I was blown away by how fantastic they look! My mother was thrilled!! Truly an absolutely amazing transformation!! Always pleasant staff both in person and over the phone. A big thank you to Hannah, the brothers, and the rest of the repair team.

Raquel, November 14, 2020

Fabulous, Fast and Perfect

West Hempstead, Ny

I was fretting about a big tassel on my Chloe bag that didn’t wear well, yet it is an important piece of the design. It looked awful and I didn’t want to use the bag, which was sad because it was an expensive investment. I found out about Rago Brothers and hesitantly sent off the bag for a replacement tassel. They responded immediately to my inquiry, gave me mailing directions and I sent it off. Within a week it was returned and it looks amazing. It has a new life! I am thrilled.

Joan DV, November 13, 2020

Rago Brothers – A+ Customer and Repair Services

Lakewood, Wa

I am a small business owner who collects vintage and designer handbags valued between $200-$15,000. Recently, I called Kate Spade customer service to inquire about getting repairs made to an inexpensive KS tote and novelty key chain. The value of these items is nominal which made them a good “test” for me to send from Lakewood, Washington to Morristown, New Jersey for repair. Beginning to end, Rago Brothers provided the best customer service and repair work I have experienced. The website is user friendly, the process to obtain a quote, ship and receive the repaired handbag/key chain was flawless. Rago Brothers team professionally and efficiently communicated throughout the process from providing the quote, estimated repair time and return shipping ETA. Based on this initial experience, I can say with absolute confidence that I will not hesitate to send any of the handbags in my collection to Rago Brothers for repair. In addition, I plan to have my company’s marketing director review Rago Brother’s website and exceptional communication process. Barb T

Barb T, November 13, 2020

Amazing Restoration

Philadelphia, Pa

Men’s pair of Ferragamo shoes, buckle fell off. I was dismayed. Googled where to get a repair made and found Rago Brothers. Also of note shoes did show some wear and tear that other shop buffed up for me. Rago ensured me they could not only restore the buckle but restore the leather as well. Let’s just say I’m floored. It’s like they are brand new!!! Amazing work and clearly pride in their work. Stop reading my review and send them your items.

Dan, November 6, 2020

Always Beautiful Quality Work!!

Red Bank, Nj

Thank you again for coming through for me!! The handles on my bag look brand new and beautiful. I’m so glad my research for handbag repair led me to Rago Brothers. I’ll never use anyone else for my repair needs. Many thank yous to you and your wonderful friendly and professional staff!!!

Kristine S, November 5, 2020

Awesome Work!

Jersey City, Nj

I purchased a VERY used Speedy35 to revamp ……sent it in for a zipper replacement and a handle reattached. I was very pleased with the work and I was expecting the bag in 2/3 weeks however I received the bag in one week. I’m a Rago fan!!

Robin H, November 5, 2020


Middlesex, Nj

Gucci was giving me the runaround so I did some research and found this place online. The customer service was second to none. One on one service with polite, friendly and attentive individuals. I sent them my Gucci belt to add a hole and they kept me updated every step of the way. I just received my belt meticulously packaged and beautifully done. I highly recommend Rago Bros. You will be very happy with the quality of their work and customer service. Five stars!

Oriana M, November 4, 2020


Port Washington, Ny

I sent Rago Brothers my precious Chloe Hudson bag to be repaired after the ball fell off of the hinge, sent the bag on a Tuesday, they received it on a Wednesday and I received the bag all fixed on the Friday of the same week….that is OUTSTANDING customer service. They were professional, courteous and prompt – what else can you ask for. On top of that they fix other luxury name brands (Louis, Gucci, Chanel, etc.), I’m so happy I was recommended to them by the customer service department at Chloe. Now I can rest easy knowing there’s a company out there that the luxury groups trust to fix their bags the right way. Thank you Rago Brothers, from start to finish you guys were fantastic to deal with, you fixed my bag and returned it to me expeditiously!! Going to recommend you to all of my family and friends.

SherBear, November 2, 2020


Wilton, Ct

These folks have customer service down to a science. I was thrilled with the rapid turn around time and their attention to detail. I highly recommend this invaluable service.

Karen L, October 30, 2020

Michael Kors handbag

Walkersville, Md

Such great service! From the time of our initial consultation in an email and phone call customer service was wonderful. My handbag looks as good as new and it was one week from when I shipped it out until I got it back!! Thank you

Stacy F, October 29, 2020

Great Service

Apopka, Fl

Thank you for your excellent service I am always truly pleased with the work you do on my shoes for the pass 16 years.
Thank you Thank you.

Sabrina, October 26, 2020

Amazing Work

Chattanooga, Tn

It literally looked like I was opening up a brand new pair of Chanel pale pink ballet flats! You guys do beautiful work (and FAST!) and I am still blown away at how brand new these shoes look after multiple repairs. WOW! Thank you so much. I have told all of my friends about you guys. I will definitely be sending more things to you.

Annie H, October 24, 2020


Blue Bell, Pa

Thank you so much Tom and team for once again working miracles with my LV bag! You have repaired and refurbished several bags and pairs of shoes for me….and everything is always returned to me “exactly” like brand new!!!! You are experts at your craft and pleasant to deal with!

Donna F, October 23, 2020

Satisfied Customer!!

Baltimore, Md

I was referred by Michael Kors to Rago Brothers when I needed my MK purse repaired. They did a great job bringing my favorite purse back to life!! Just recently I had a pair of boots sent for repair and once again my boots came back looking like new. This is now my go to place for shoe and purse repair.

La-Keshia, October 21, 2020

Unbelievably Exceptional Repair!

Detroit, Mi

I found Rago Bros. after looking at 25 websites to replace Ferragamo adorable black and blush patent leather bow on my favorite summer dress sandals. I am originally from NYC/Maplewood NJ and know the quality work done out there so mailed sandals after speaking to them without hesitation. The left sandal also needed a repair, which a prior shoemaker attempted but it ripped open after wearing 2xs. Not only did Rago Bros find a rare 2-toned bow but the repair was excellent as well. The sandals look brand new and were shipped back to me quickly. I will definitely have Rago bros do other repairs- its worth the shipping charges to have to have such lovely work done.

Rose D., October 17, 2020


Brooklyn, Ny

I sent a pair of Chanel Sandals and a Chanel Bag and the repair job I was told was a big job (the bag) and I was honestly getting a little impatient as the weeks went on. Nevertheless I am super happy with the results, the bag looks new and the shoes look great.

Lisa, October 16, 2020

Amazing work!

Chicago, Il

I “found” Rago Brothers when the Ferragamo store couldn’t help me with a lost bow on my shoe. I have now used them to refinish boots, and repair shredded leather heels on Stuart Weitzmans, Ferragamo pumps and Louboutin pumps. Each time, I have been more than pleased with the work done. I live in Chicago, where there should be more shoe “doctors” but none of them handle repairs to designer shoes like Rago Brothers. Don’t know if they are more expensive than a local group, but when they are saving $500+/pair shoes, it is worth it to me.

Collete E, October 15, 2020

A Fantastic Experience!

Morris, Ct

I am extremely pleased to write how overjoyed I am with the fine craftsmanship of Rago Brothers, along with their stellar customer service! My heirloom, vintage Gucci handbag was repaired, so perfectly, at a very reasonable price. I was kept up to date through out, and received my beloved bag back in a very short time; I couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to get it done. If you’re particular about your things, and appreciate a job well done with lovely people to deal with, then Rago Brothers should be your first choice. Honestly, don’t even think of going anywhere else!!

Sandra M. E., October 14, 2020

Best Leather Repair

Millington, Nj

Rago Bros saved my favorite leather boots that were almost destroyed by another (terrible) cobbler.
I highly recommend Rago for any leather repair on high end bags, shoes, boots or jackets.
I was so lucky to be referred to them.
My boots? Still rocking them! Thanks to Rago Bros.
Seriously, the best!

Christina T, October 10, 2020


Newtown, Pa

I had a small/medium size Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that I hadn’t used in a while due to the loops that hold the strap to the bag had worn and I didn’t want it to break so I stopped using the bag. I sent pictures to Rago and asked could they repair. They replied yes so I shipped the bag to them and in a few days they repaired it and shipped it back to me. The loops look fabulous and I am so pleased with their work I will be telling others about them.

Hattie S, October 10, 2020

Broken bag handle

Baltimore, Md

I had a Michael Kors bag that the gold bracket that holds the handle came off of. I sent the bag to the company on Friday and received it back fixed the following Wednesday. It looks great. I’ll definitely use this company again (hopefully won’t have to)!!! Great Service.

Shellie K, October 9, 2020

Results beyond expectations

Nashua, Nh

I sent my beloved but 20+ year Chanel bag to be “freshened up.” It came back looking like a brand new bag. Every inch of the bag has been lovingly refurbished and will now continue to enjoy the bag for another 20 years. Thank you!

Lori L, October 7, 2020

Good as new!

Williamson, Ny

I was so nervous to let my Michael Kors bag out of my sight, until I reached out to MK customer service and they recommended Rago Brothers, who was already at the top of my repair research list.

They provided me with an online repair quote (which was exact by the way, so no nasty surprises!). The process is incredibly simple. They kept me updated throughout and I just received my baby back today good as new!

Thank you, Rago Brothers, for a fast, affordable repair and top notch customer service. If I ever need leather repair again in the future, I know just where to go!

Rebekah N, October 7, 2020


Davidson, Nc

I sent my much loved LV Neverfull in a variety of repairs. I figured it might take a week or two for completion. I received my repaired bag within days of sending to Rago Brothers. Truly very happy with the quality, quick repair time and professionalism.

Anjanette L, October 7, 2020

Thank you for a perfect job!

Peoria, Az

My beautiful MK purse needed new handles and it now looks brand new. Thank you for your assistance!

Vicki U, October 6, 2020

LV Alma Bag

Siloam Springs, Ark

MY LV alma bag was restored. VERY FAST SHIPMENT. Thanks RAGO BROTHERS.

Ninfa C, October 6, 2020

OMG this is amazing

Delmont, Pa

My puppy got the corner of my LV pochette. She chewed one piece of canvas and got some of the piping. I thought it was ruined until someone told me about Rago Brothers. Just got the piece back and it is beautiful. An original just for me and I have my favorite pochette back agian.

Maggie L, September 2, 2020

Pretty in pink

Boston, Ma

I sent in my Kate Spade small pink bag that I had lost part of the strap and attachment during Carnival in Panama. I didn’t realize what exactly was missing so the team at Rago communicated clearly and expertly on their recommendations on how to fix. It has arrived home and is better than new. Thank you!!

Pamela R, October 2, 2020

Amazing repairs!!

Portland, Or

I just received my repaired Tod’s handbag in the mail today!! First of all, they repaired my bag in record time! From sending it in to receiving it back fully repaired it was less than 3 weeks!! They did a highly professional job replacing both hardware on the handle and adding a missing rubber dot detail which they hand-crafted from leather. I was impressed how they meticulously matched the color, shape, depth, and even slight “worn” look to match the other dots! (In the picture of the bag I’m including, it is the innermost corner dot on the lower left side of the bag. It looks the same as the others!) For all their professional work and including shipping, I paid about $160- which is especially worth it considering all the factors mentioned in addition to the fact that it’s a designer bag. Thank you, and well done, Rago Brothers!

Emily C, October 1, 2020

Gee whillikers!

Morrisville, Nc

Rago Brother’s self perception is on point! They repaired and returned my MCM bag quickly, they are highly recommended…enough said.

Angela M, September 30, 2020

Amazing work!

Brooklyn, Ny

Hi! I’m at beyond satisfied with the repair of my Louis Vuitton Eva shoulder bag. I thought I would never be able to wear this bag again because it was ripped in such a weird place. Thanks to RAGO BROTHERS my bag feels new again! From the point of contact until my item was back in my possession, RAGO BROTHERS were very professional, straight forward and very quick! I love this company. I would definitely trust them again with any of my luxurious items. There is even an option to mail in your item instead of going to their location in New Jersey!

Sharena S, September 29, 2020


Henrico, Va

WOW! My vintage Chanel purse’s white inner lining was so dirty/gross that I no longer enjoyed using the purse. It arrived from Rago Brothers yesterday and it looks perfect….a truly amazing job of cleaning the purse! I’ve had Rago Brothers repair and recondition a few purses and they did an excellent job but this cleaning was EXCELLENT! The process of getting an estimate is very easy as their customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend Rago Brothers!!!!!

Denise M, September 29, 2020

Superb Repair Work

Lewes, De

Rago brothers has repaired/restored several high end purses-Brighton, Mary Norton and Pucci. The work performed was just superb! The work exceeded all expectations. I will only send items to Rago brothers for any future orders. Highest recommendation!

Cheryl M, September 26, 2020

Red Steve Madden Boots Repaired To Perfection!!!

Richmond, Va

I had checked in with my local shoe repair shop about removing some black scuff marks from my favorite red suede Steve Madden boots & was told that they couldnt be repaired. I reached out to Rago Brothers after viewing their FB page and the photos of their repair work and was still a little fearful if they could get the scuff marks out. Their quick response to my inquiry & the even quicker repairs to my favorite boots was absolutely PERFECT!!! The level of quality & customer service I received was unmatched by any other shoe repair shop I’ve dealt with!!!

Nikisha B, September 28, 2020

Received the shoes as new!

Toa Alta, Fl

I sent my shoes with heavy wear and chemical stains on the upper leather and a the left buckle was broken and missing a piece.
Hannah, called me and explained everything they would do and they exceded my expectations. Second to none customer service by Hannah!

Johnny, September 26, 2020


Northport, Ny

I have a very expensive leather jacket that unfortunately ripped in the armpit area, right where the arm attaches to the jacket. It was a pretty big rip. Looking at it, I thought it was a lost cause. It just didn’t look like there was any way that it could be fixed, because it wasn’t like it was a ripped seam that could be sewn. It looked like it would somehow need to be glued back together. But I did an online search for “leather repair” and Rago Brothers came up. I sent them a photo of my jacket and they said they could help. Within about 2 days I had my jacket back. Wow, that was fast! When I took the jacket out of the box, I fully expected to see some sort of patch, or some evidence that a repair was done. Nope. It just looked like my jacket, before the rip happened. I couldn’t believe it. Amazing! Everything about the transaction was very easy, too. All the communications from the merchant, the turn around time…fantastic.

Ann C., September 25, 2020

Highly Recommend!

Kiawah Island, Sc

Rago Brothers replaced the main zipper on my Longchamp bag. I am beyond happy with the results!! They were also responsive and fast with the repair.

Maureen G, September 23, 2020

Amazing repair work!

Pittsburgh Pa

I have a large leather Italian bag that I use for work carrying a lot of papers and a laptop. The handles needed to be repaired after 2 years. My husband bought me this bag on his business trip to Austria. The bag was about 400$. It has a beautiful deep plum color with a combination of leather and suede. This bag is very important to me since my husband bought it for me. Rago Brothers did an excellent job repairing the handles and matching the color of the handles. Also, they cleaned the bag. It looks terrific now! Looks like new! The customer service is amazing too. They communicated through the whole process without any delays. I am happy to be reunited with my bag. Thank you Rago Brothers.

Alesia K, September 20, 2020

Impeccable Service

Greenville, Sc

Under the guidance of our then middle school-aged daughter, my husband gave me a black leather Ferragamo handbag for Christmas 20 years ago. It remains my everyday go-to bag. After a zipper replacement and a re-dye job at Rago Brothers, the handbag landed back on our doorstep – just a one week turnaround – looking every bit as beautiful as brand new!

Terrie A., September 19, 2020

Rago Brothers is a 5 Star Company

Lady Lake, Fl

Rago Brothers did a fabulous job replacing the lining & rejuvenating my Gucci handbag, as well as refurbishing a Louis Vuitton wallet.

I found the company on Google search and highly recommend them. I’ll definitely use them in the future for other leather repairs. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

Dale W., September 17, 2020

Professional and fast turn around!

San Francisco, Ca

I’ve had a Chanel bag that’s been used daily for work, the color had faded and it had some scratches here and there. I had previously been turned down by another bag repair service and came across Rago Bro’s on Instagram. I emailed them a few pictures to receive an estimate and shortly after I shipped my bag across the country. Once it arrived it took about 24 hours for them to properly treat my bag and it now looks brand new again. Thanks again!

Albert P.S., September 11, 2020

Louis Vuitton wallet

Penn Valley, Ca

Zipper was stuck badly on LV wallet. Contacted Louis Vuitton for repair and was quoted outrageous $ amount and month plus repair time. Searched web and found highly regarded Rago brothers in New Jersey. I am in Northern California on the way up the Sierras. Despite my location the total repair time was just 11 days including transportation and at fair price. Would have been faster but I opted for non express return service. Very pleased.

Ann S., September 11, 2020

I love my “new” handbag!

New York, Ny

My old Gucci bag was desperately looking for a nice treatment and repair, Rago Brothers’ team did an incredible job and my bag is looking new again.
Thank you so much!

Alessandra C., September 8, 2020


South Dartmouth, Ma

I had Rago Brothers repair my seven year old Michael Kors handbag. The results were simply amazing. The bag looks as though it was purchased yesterday. Thank you so much. I will post a photo when I am able, but truly I can’t thank you enough for your expertise and craftsmanship. Coming from a country where clothing was made to order when I was a child and when something broke, it was fixed not thrown away, I am so happy to see that there are companies who feel the same (still)! They were my first choice in repair services and will be my last! May God bless your company tremendously!

Paula O., September 3, 2020

Amazing Repair!!!

Irvington, Ny

Was devastated to find my favorite Ferragamo sandal chewed by my lovable Grand-dog, Charley! I was told one of the cobblers specializes in “dog” repairs! Just what I needed! When my sandals were returned, I could not tell the difference! Beautiful work!! Thank you!!!

Liz B., September 2, 2020

Amazing work and customer service!

Hamilton, Va

I received my first Kate Spade purse two years ago and it is by far the most favorite bag I’ve owned. I was so sad to see wear on the handles. I was referred to Rago Brothers and the experience was simply 5 stars! I was contacted the day my bag was received. They were so helpful, providing all details and explanations. My bag was returned less then a week from when I had mailed it to Rago and it looks like new! I will definitely use Rago again for any leather repairs!

Kelly P, September 3, 2020

Fast Service!

Okauchee, Wi

I needed a repair (d-ring on the strap) on my Kate Spade purse. Since it was less than one year old, it was still under warranty with Kate Spade, I could have returned it for a full refund or exchanged it for another color. But I didn’t want to exchange it because the color I have (a gorgeous shade of Lilac purple) is no longer available. Kate Spade recommended Rago Brothers for repairs. So I initiated the mail-in repair order with photos and was given an estimate the next day! The price was reasonable ($52 including shipping for a $300 purse) so I went ahead with it. I was notified when it was received and given an estimate of a shipping date, which was just a few days in the future. However, the next day, I was notified that it was repaired and ready to ship back to me. The purse looks fantastic now!

Peggy, August 20, 2020

Very Fast Service!

Melbourne, Fl

I sent my Kate Spade backpack via USPS priority mail on a Monday evening. On Thursday of that same week, I received an email from Rago Brothers saying they had my bag and a quote. After I called to give them my credit card number, I had the bag sitting on my doorstep 2 days later! I was ready to wait at least 2 weeks for my bag to return to me, but Rago Brothers surprised me with such quick service. And, to top it off, the cleaned my bag and it looks brand new! Thank you!

Laura N., August 21, 2020

My Grande Dame LV got a face lift!

Orlando, Fl

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with, not only the work you all have done on my decades-old Louis Vuitton messenger bag, but also with the lovely interactions with and patience of Hannah, as I asked lots and lots of questions in the beginning of the process!
My bag looks fantastic, and even better, I have the sentimental value of the years I carried it world wide as a reporter, and the sheer joy of using it again since it’s been discontinued.
I wasn’t the least bit nervous about sending my items to you from Florida either!
I’m telling everyone about your business! Thank you!

Charna W., August 21, 2020

Excellent Service – Awesome Repairs

Philadelphia, Pa

Rago Brothers was recommended to me by a friend who said that I would be totally satisfied by their refurbishment of my leather handbags and luggage. He could not have been more on target. I’m amazed at the outcome of every piece I’ve ever submitted for repair – or in the case of my luggage, for redesign. The work has been excellent, and the turn-around time has been exceptional. Their prices are reasonable relative to their craftsmanship. I’ve been using this company for the last two years, and intend to maintain my relationship with them. Ours is a long-distance bond – they are in New Jersey; I am in Pennsylvania. Despite the geographic divide, and the fact that I send them my belongings through delivery service, I wouldn’t consider any other company for the work that I want done. Rago Brothers is awesome!

Anita W., August 23, 2020


River Edge, Nj

Very happy with the reseal of my Louis Vuitton wallet!! Looks like new!

Rhonda, August 26, 2020

Awesome Experience with Rago Brothers Yet Again!

New York, Ny

Do not think twice about sending your treasured leather goods to Rago Brothers! Consistently, this fourth generation family owned and operated business has perfectly and professionally restored and refinished my Michael Kors bags. Shipping and returns are smooth and communication with the company is excellent.

What are you waiting for? Send your leather shoes, bags and garments – even if it’s only for hardware repair – in to the Rago Brothers today!

Shannon A. McCabe, August 26, 2020

Now Pristine

Elkhorn, Ne

I had purchased a 2nd hand turquoise Gucci bag online described as pristine. It arrived with all corners on both sides very worn, and the strap needed deglazing in spots. The interior was lightly soiled. Not what I considered pristine! Rago Brothers recolored the corners beautifully, fixed the strap, and cleaned the interior. It is now like new!!! I am so pleased with the repairs! Their customer service is wonderful too!

Jami N., August 27, 2020

Saved my Bag

Dunmore, Pa

Thank you so much for fixing the zipper on my bag. I am so happy to have my bag again! Service is fast and easy. These people are fantastic to work with !I was informed every step of the way, so fast and easy. Thank You!!!!!! I am very happy!

Paula G., August 28, 2020

Michael Kors Handles

Montgomery, Al

I sent handles for my wife’s Michael Kors handbag to Rago Brothers for repairs. I called to get an update on the repairs. During the call, I was informed the handles were being mailed that day. As it turns, the gentleman saw one of the handles but I actually sent two handles for repairs. Tony Rago personally gave me a call to inform me of the accidental misinformation. I really appreciate the personal call – that’s GREAT customer service! Also, the handles have now arrived and they are done with outstanding craftmanship. My wife and are I are extremely happy with the results.

Reggie J., August 29, 2020

Incredible Job

Woodland Hills, Ca

Rago Brothers did a perfect job repairing my tote. The service was fast and very cost effective. Thank you!

Deborah F., August 31, 2020


Hialeah, Fl

I am so extremely thankful I came across this website when looking for a place to repair my mini LV bag! I did read reviews and do my research to make sure this was a legit page since I did have to mail in my bag to a different state for the repair, Like myself, I know many other people get skeptical and question if this is all legit…and yes it is! From the very first instant you start the process with the Rago Brothers team (via email in my case) everyone is very informative and they are very quick to email back which made me feel like my bag was in good hands. Definetly a 5 star for the customer service! When I received my actual product finished in the mail I was STUNNED at the amazing work since I did have to get my LV hook re-plated one of my concerns was if it was going to look exactly as the original before melting the metal and I expressed this concern via email and they advised me not to worry so I was anxious in seeing the final product because I wanted it to look exactly as the original version prior to getting damaged.. and thats EXACTLY how it turned out, as if I had just boughten a brand new bag all over again!! Another thing, the shipping back was very straight forward a signature was required and they put my purse in a box very well wrapped so nothing would happen to the bag on its way back to me in Miami which I highly appreciated!! The overall experience was phenomenal, I would recommend Rago Brothers to everyone and give a 10 out of 5 stars for the review if I can!! Thank you so much Rago Brothers 🙂

Yelyn R., August 19, 2020

Beautifully Restored Vintage Mark Cross Handbag

West Roxbury, Ma.

Both of my parents recently passed away, and I was trying to find mementos for each family member from their belongings, before I cleared out the apartment. There wasn’t much my 15 year old found interesting, until we discovered a vintage Mark Cross handbag up on a closet shelf. Vintage, because my mother purchased it in the 1950’s or 1960’s. It was in surprisingly good condition, except for the handles, which needed total replacement. I sent the handbag to Rago Brothers, and they did an amazing job bringing it back to it’s original condition! They replaced the handles, and fully reconditioned the leather. It is heartwarming to see the bag in use again; and my kid gets a huge kick out of having something that no one else has!

Renee A., August 15, 2020

Micheal Kors purse

Houston, Tx

I was kind of hestitant about sending my purse for repair so far away. I am glad I did. Rago Brothers put a new buckle & cleaned all the ink stains & smudges off of it & it looks brand new. Thank You Rago Brothers.

Kathaleen H., August 17, 2020

Beautiful work!

Edina, Mn

Thank you, Rago Brothers, for the beautiful work you did to restore my Prada handbag. It has been a long-time favorite and has served me well, but was showing some wear and tear. Making things more complicated, it is an unusual color. I was absolutely delighted when I took it out of the box and saw the amazing job you did returning it to its original glory! It looks brand new and now I can continue to happily use it for many years to come. Thank you!

Angie F., August 17, 2020

Pretty good job

Ewa Beach, Hi

For the sake of my own neglect, my motorcycle jacket was in bad shape. One big hole and an assortment of malfunctioning zippers and snaps. These folks fixed it right up, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Glad I chose to send my jacket across the country. Can hardly even tell it was worked on.

Harlan K., August 15, 2020

Purse repair

Port Richey, Fl

Did a fantastic job on repairing my purse. Looks like new. Pride in workmanship shops. Thank you for a job well done.

Shirley F., August 13, 2020

I Have my Beautiful Ferragamo Shoes Back!

Henderson, Nv

I lost the bow on one of my favorite Ferragamo shoes and believed that I would have to throw out my shoes. I found Rago Brothers online, sent a few pictures and was delighted that they could replace my missing bow.
The communication was timely and professional. It’s been a while since I have dealt with such an organized and caring company.
Not only do I now have two bows, but they came back cleaned and looking like I just purchased them.

Thank you so much.

Lynda J., August 6, 2020

Quick Response, Great Job!

Chandler, Az

From the moment I first contacted Rago Brothers to repair my wallet, the experience was great. They responded immediately to my mail-in repair request with am affordable/reasonable repair quote so I sent my package immediately. They received my package on Monday, firmed up the repair quote and it was on its way back to me the next day. I couldn’t ask for more! Wallet is like brand new. thank you so much! If I need any leather repairs in the future, I know I will be back to Rago Brothers!

Barb M., August 5, 2020

So Very Pleased!

Brooklyn, Ny

I was so happy to be recommended to Rago Brothers by Furla when the strap on my bag broke. The process to get an estimate and initiate repair was very easy. Plus, I received my bag back, beautifully repaired, in record time. I was totally blown away and would absolutely use Rago Brothers again in the future. (and recommend them!)

T.E., August 4, 2020

Highly Recommend!

Moline, Il

I sent in a cross body strap for my Frye Melissa crossbody bag. The hardware that connected the strap to the bag broke. Rago Brothers promptly fixed my strap and it looks excellent! I highly recommend this company! Their customer service is excellent, with communication throughout the entire process – from initial quote to final product. I will definitely be contacting this company in the future with any leather good repair needs! Thank you Rago Brothers!

Morgan F., August 4, 2020


Ringwood, Nm

Had heard about Rago Brothers from several people when inquiring about refurbishing my dull grey Chanel handbag. Brought my bag in and immediately the owner came over to take a look at it stating he could re-dye it grey or possibly black. My preference was to have a black evening bag so I agreed. Within only a few weeks I was told it was ready and OMG! The bag is gorgeous, you would have thought it was always a black Chanel. Absolute perfection! Amazing attention to detail, great customer service and an all around excellent experience…..Highly recommend!

Sharon J., August 1, 2020

Beyond Impressed

Greece, Ny

I sent my MK purse strap in to be repaired after the swivel connection wore down. This is my favorite handbag. I’m not sure what I expected, but not this level of quality service. You cannot tell that the strap had been repaired at all. It looks brand new. And for the price, its money well spent.

Jessica, August 1, 2020

BIG! Mahalo and Thank You


Rago Brothers was referred to me by the department store I originally purchased my handbag from. Well, I sent the one side of the handle back to Rago to have it repaired. Their pricing is very reasonable. I received my handle back in less then two weeks. Thinking I have the strap finally fixed. When I opened the box… SURPRISE!!! Rago Brothers sent me two..TWO NEW Straps for my handbag. Talking about going over and beyond!!! Thank You Rago Brothers !! and I truly recommend Rago Brothers for all you luxury brand handbags that needs to be repaired.

Colette A., August 1, 2020

Worth Every Penny

Cincinnati, Oh

I had two vintage Gucci bags (small and large) that needed the interiors completely replaced, a hole in the handle repaired, Tears patched, leather sewn and sealed, the shoulder strap completely repaired. and an overall refresh of the leather trim. I found the process of getting an estimate very quick and easy. I was able to discuss specifically each area I wanted repaired and also received suggestions for areas I didn’t know how to ask to fix. Start to finish the process was quick, customer service was outstanding, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My bags look practically brand new. Exceeded my expectations.

Lane, July 31, 2020


Blanch, Nc

It was a little scary send my first 500$+ designer bag up the coast for a good cleaning. But I am so glad I did.
Got yourself a lifetime customer.
“Will recommend 😃”

Lamoille C., July 30, 2020

Rago Brothers is the best

Valdosta, Ga

I sent in 4 Bottega Veneta hand bags. Ranging in ages from 20 years old . Rago Brothers made them look like brand new.
I had one that the entire lining had deteriorated and one that the hardware had oxidized. Another had a couple of spots where the weaving had broken. All were repaired and refinished. They look brand new. I am so happy.

d.k.r, July 27, 2020

I am so pleased with Rago Brothers!

Killen, Al

I have used Rago Brothers for several repairs on very nice, designer purses. They refurbished a Louis Vuitton bag and it looks brand new! I also had a Fendi bag re-trimmed with leather and it looks amazing. Most recently, I had a Gucci wallet refurbished and Rago Brothers did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family!

Lynda D., July 26, 2020

Just Thought I Would Let You Know

Chicago, Il

I just thought I would let you know, that I told my advisor at The Real Real all about the wonderful service that you give. She took a look at your website, and said that she would be using you in the near future. She was amazed. The quality of your service really needs to be brought to more people. She also said that she would let the powers that be at The Real Real, know about your quality workmanship. Best wishes for a profitable new year!

Robert L., July 25, 2020


Bloomfield, Nj

I was definitely skeptical about this. You go online enter in the info on your item and what you would like done, print out a receipt label and mail off. Because of Covid I figured this was the best thing to do. Needless to say the process was efficient and painless. They received my package within 3 days (USPS, NJ zip) and contacted me immediately with two options. I can’t say if the price was high but I thought it was fair and worth it. I provided my cc and they started the process. Within a week they sent me my item back. It looks like NEW! I’m truly amazed and will definitely use them again. Thank you so much!

Serena, July 25, 2020

Excellent Craftsmanship

Pottsville, Pa

COACH briefcase 8 years old.

Your team did an excellent job replacing the hardware and repairing the handle.

Great value for the quality of the repair work. For my repair, I requested heavier duty tuck-locks as this bag is fairly heavy when full. These repairs are definitely stronger than the originals.

There’s a reason these manufacturers won’t repair bags, etc. of a certain age, they all wear out! Rago Brothers can bring new life to these favorite leather items!

I will continue to use Rago Brothers for all of my high end shoe and leather repair!

I was offered a re-dye for my leather, but as of now I prefer the worn look.

Derek, July 23, 2020

Truly Amazed

Richmond, Va

I was so amazed to see my favorite boots restored to almost new by Rago Brothers.
They went above and beyond to restore the soles and heels. The quality of the repair is impeccable and I would most definitely recommend their services to my friends and family.

Starlet, July 23, 2020

Fantastic Service

Ludlow, MA

Would use Rago Brothers again in a heart beat! Strap on my Kate Spade bag had been broken for awhile. Needed new rivet/buckle. From start to finish of the process, easy and uncomplicated. Friendly when I called to approve the work to be done. Hands down– would use them again~

Beth, July, 16 2020

I was devastated when I stained the lining in my handbag

Rome, GA

I was heartbroken when I realized I had dropped an open pen in my handbag. The stain on the lining was large and black. I tried everything I could think of to remove it then I thought to email Rago Brothers. They didn’t make any promises but said they would do their best. I almost cried when I unzipped my bag when they returned it. The stain is now barely noticeable. It would have probably been completely gone if I hadn’t tried every google home remedy on it first! I couldn’t be any happier with the result and the service I received was excellent.

Tammy F., July 16, 2020


Woodbridge, VA

I Googled for a company to repair the patent leather handles on my Tory Burch canvas tote. Because Rago Brothers received many positive reviews, I decided to give them a try. From receipt of my bag, to repair, to shipment back to me….excellent! My bag looks brand new! I highly recommend their services. Great customer service as well! No regrets.

Maria, July 16, 2020

Like New!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have used Rago Brothers over the years to repair designer bags and just recently, to repair a designer wallet. Rago Brothers never disappoints! My wallet, like my other hand bags, looks like new. I received the wallet for my 50th birthday and it was beyond worn out. I couldn’t part with it because it was so sentimental so I gave Rago Brothers a shot at the repair. I was absolutely astonished when I got the finished product back – it looks just like new! They are extremely service-oriented. They respond quickly, and more importantly, they service products quickly. I’m from Toronto Canada, and even still, I had my wallet back in my hands in less than 2 week. Well Done Rago Brothers!

Shawna P., July 14, 2020

Gorgeous Craftsmanship!

Cartersville, GA

Sent my Louis Vuitton bag in for repair after the shoulder strap broke. The repair looks amazing. I am so happy Rago Brothers were able to save my bag. I highly recommend their meticulous craftsmanship!

Nicole T., July 14, 2020

What a Miracle!

Chicago, IL

I had given up hope that my Birkin would never look the same again. I took the Birkin to the Hermés in Chicago. They said they would have to send it to California. Evidentally, the people in California could not repair it, and they sent it to Paris. Four months later, I got the bag back, and they told me that there was nothing they could do. At least they didn’t charge me anything, as they said they could not repair it. I had given up all hope and relegated it to the closet. Then, I heard or saw something about your website, and I thought…maybe. I am so glad I did. You gave me back my bag, looking better than I had ever seen it. It looks like a brand new Birkin! I may have more items in the near future that need to be resurrected, and I will definitely call upon you. Thank you so very much.

Robert L., July 12, 2020


Fresno, CA

My Vuitton is refurbished and customized beautifully.
Loved the customer service – the design changes were mutual (added a cross body strap) and the detail work impeccable (trim restored, handles replaced, lining sanitized).
I have had repairs done by both Vuitton and Prada and the wait was long (up to 14 weeks), this work was done in half the Rago Bros estimated time.
I’m coming back!
Thank you!

Kim Z., July 10, 2020

Canadian customer is highly pleased with the results !

Vancouver, WA

I sent in my beloved bag from Canada and it was a streamlined process. The end product is lovely and I am very happy with the quality of the repair! Thanks once again!

Ruth Anne L., July 7, 2020

The Best!

Robbinsville, NJ

Rago Brothers was recommended to me several years ago by Coach when I had trouble due to poor design of a pair of Coach shoes. Rago Brothers solved the issue with impeccable results and service and since then I’ve been a loyal customer and referred family and friends who also report great work and service. Rago’s process for mailing in shoes, getting a quote and retuning the repair is beyond efficient. I’ve had a legacy Coach bag beautifully refurbished, Louboutin shoes re-soled, gladiator designer sandals repaired, refurbished, and on and on. The quality of work and customer service is exceptional. I would not hesitate to send any type or brand of leather item to them for repair and highly recommend this business to anyone needing shoe and leather repair services.

Renee U., July 3, 2020

Great job, great service.

Boynton Beach, FL

I just received my Bottega Veneta back from this company that I sent for repair. The bag is about 15 years old and was used almost daily all winter for at least 13 years and it showed its age. Soiled inside, the strap was worn and the bottom was pretty worn. Sent it to them several weeks ago and I dealt with Hannah. I assume she was the one her worked on my bag. I can’t believe how happy I am with the repair done on my bag. It looks brand new, even the inside is much cleaner.
I can’t say enough good things about this repair. This was a very expensive bag when I purchased it and I thought I might have to retire it soon. Thank you Hannah, you did a great job.

Sally, July 2, 2020


Whiteville, NC

I had two Louis Vuitton bags repaired and when I received them they were perfect, looked almost new!

Charmaine M., July 1, 2020

The Best Quality Work Ever !

Jupiter, FL

I can’t say enough how happy I am with the work performed by the Rago Brothers Organization. The level of professionalism from start to finish was outstanding !

Fred C., July 1, 2020

Speedy Service

Algonquin, IL

I had the first Kate Spade ♠️ Purse my spouse ever got me here and it was amazing! From the quote to the final product, all steps were very quick and detailed. Great service, will definitely be coming here for any of my repair needs.

Jamie, July 1, 2020

Gucci Shoulder Bag Relining

Lincolon, RI

Amazing job, the bag looks like new, process was easy, quick and efficient, just snap a few pictures fill out the form, mail it in and wait for your bag to return to you better than you expect, workmanship is exceptional!!

Natalie I., June 28, 2020

Makes everything Brand New!!

Winchester, MA

I discovered Rago brothers a couple of years ago. My mother passed away and left me a slew of Chanel bags. Some were in okay shape and some needed a lot of TLC. Rago brothers has made all I have sent them look brand new! It is worth every penny if you enjoy an investment item. Thank you Rago Brothers!!

Veronica H., June 28, 2020

Excellent workmanship!

Lincolnton, NC

I couldn’t be happier with the repair on my Kate Spade satchel. It looks brand new! The process is simple and the customer service was excellent. My handbag was returned to me in the time frame stated on the quote and looks amazing. I will be using your services again soon!!

Kerry S., June 23, 2020

Excellent craftsmanship

Rochester, NY

I have been looking for a place for high quality leather repairs for years and I’ve finally found it! I had a pair of sandals where I lost one of the straps. They made two new straps that perfectly matched the original. They also did some excellent work for a broken purse handle and resoling shoes.
Fair pricing, excellent work and very professional. Highly recommend and will definitely use their services in the future for other items!

Gabriela, June 23, 2020


Glen Cove, NY

I sent in my favorite Michael Kors bag to have the zipper replaced. When I received the bag back from Rago Bros, I was beyond thrilled with the job done! The quality of the work & the craftsmanship were amazing, and the bag was returned in pristine condition; it looks brand new in spite of being 3 or 4 years old and well used. I could not be happier! Rago Bros: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eileen F., June 19, 2020

Outstanding Team and Service!

Richmond, VA

From my first phone inquiry to receiving my completed service; top level service from start to finish. The team is so personable and will go the extra mile to understand your unique needs and exactly what you want accomplished. I am so pleased with the quality of the service and repairs. Most of all, I appreciated the time they took to listed to my questions, assist me in weighing my options with multiple pieces to be repaired. Follow up calls along the way. So precise! Rago brothers is the best! If I lived in their town, I’d visit them every day just because everyone is so delightful. Thanks, everyone. I can’t wait to bring you more oldies to revive.

Alison W., June 18,2020

#1 Repair Company

Stuart, FL

I just received my authentic Gucci waist pack after Rago Brothers repaired my buckle. They did an amazing repair and used authentic Gucci parts…unlike a prior company I dealt with the fixed my Louis Vuitton purse for a zipper. They did not use an authentic zipper, and I $125.00 for a generic zipper. Rago Brothers are extremely reasonable with their pricing I actually thought for the price they quoted me I would have gotten a generic buckle. I have other bags that need to be repaired and I will never use anyone besides Rago Brothers. They are also extremely fast even with the pandemic going on! Thank you Rago Brothers…so glad I found you!!!!

Sheri A., June 18, 2020

They made me a believer!

Chicago, IL

True story… I ran across the Ragobrothers on Google years ago. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I decided to get some repairs done by them. Looking at their pics in the gallery… I said to myself… well pictures don’t lie. So I gave them a try! Not only did they respond in a quickly manner via text but they responded through email too! I just knew they would’ve taken a long time with the repairs and shipping! Nope! Not at all! Those guys work fast like lightening! I will definitely be using them in the future!

Jasmine J., June 18,2020

Louboutins Restored to New!

Haddon Township, NJ

What a beautiful job! My red soles were pitted from stones and Rago Bro’s restored them to their original, brand new look. I am beyond thrilled. Thank you!

Joan G., June 16, 2020


Lafayette, LA

I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the finished product! I sent a brand new Gucci backpack that I recently bought and had never been worn to have the straps lengthened. The final product is even more perfect than I could have imagined it would be. The leathers match PERFECTLY, so perfectly when I first opened my package I almost couldn't tell anything had been done to the bag. They were even able to save my original rivets to put the bag back together. The customer service was amazing and I truly enjoyed speaking with everyone who helped me from my inquiry emails to the final product. Will be a Rago Brothers customer for life! Thank you all so much!

, June 15, 2020 / Natalie G

Love my Louis Vuittons!

District Heights, ML
Love my Louis Vuittons

I always had a great experience with Rago Brothers since I found them about 5 years ago from an internet search to repair my leather handbag. I was a bit sceptical to send my most precious leather handbags so far away but to my surprise they did an excellent job repairing it. Most recently, I trusted my instinct to have them repair my most precious vintage Louis Vuitton handbags which need dire repair but again the work was exceptional beautiful. I recommend anyone who needs any of their precious designer or leather goods to get repaired for a decent price then you found the place…Rago Brothers. Thanks again!

, June 14, 2020 / Monika A

So happy with my Louis Vuitton repair

Newnan, Georgia

I’ve used Rago Brothers twice to replace leather handles and piping on my Louis Vuitton bag. I can’t say enough about how easy the process was both times and the work is top notch. Will use for every repair!

, June 13, 2020 / Amy M

Excellent work!

Point Pleasant, NJ

I have used Rago Bros 3 times now. 2 for Louis Vuitton repair and both came out excellent! The third were my favorite sandals which were scuffed at the toe area and I hated to toss and and I just received them and they are like brand new!! I am beyond thrilled !! Thank you for your excellent workmanship on my things! Also everything is always returned packed with care! I would highly recommend Rago Brothers for your repairs!

, June 11, 2020 / Marie

Valentino Clutch

Denver, NC

This company is amazing, the job on my Valentino clutch was amazing and affordable.
Honest, reliable and fast service!
Would recommend for any high end repairs.

, June 09, 2020 / Emma S

Fabulous Service

Concord, NH

I was so lucky to come upon this shop in looking for a luxury bag repair service. They are exceptional in their quality of
craftsmanship and customer service. I had purchased a YSL purse that needed repair to even be used. Well the Rago Brothers made that happen. Great communication and they know their luxury line of items. Extremely pleased with my purse and will certainly recommend and use them again in the future. Thank you Rago Brothers!!

, June 09, 2020 / Cindy M

Very good experience

Tallahassee, FL

Rago Brother’s was recommended by Kate Spade customer service. They repaired it to my satisfaction. They gave me an estimate prior and the communication was very good. I would use them again for my designer bags.

Service provided: Kate Spade Handle Replacement

, April 21, 2020 / Tonja M

Great Job!

Dayton, OH

I love how you fixed my Kate Spade. The straps were broke and I couldn’t use it. However, I can now use it and it looks great. Plus you went the extra mile and cleaned it. Thanks for a great job. I love it. Christa

Service provided: Kate Spade Handbag (strap repair)

, April 15, 2020 / Christa J

Awesome Job on my vintage Gucci


This purse stayed in my closet for the longest time because of a broken strap. Found Rago Brothers online and I’m glad I gave them a try. They did an excellent job of replacing the broken strap and the tab. The purse looks amazing! Thank you so much!

Service provided: Vintage Gucci Handbag repair (strap and tab replaced)

, April 15, 2020 / Febie

Fabulous work-looks new!!!!

Hammond, LA

My 33-year-old blue Gucci handbag looks incredible and brand new! My family and friends also agree that it looks like a new bag. Rago Brothers did a fabulous job and sent it back in 2 weeks as promised. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Service provided: 33-year-old blue Gucci barrel handbag needed new zipper, new lining, and cleaning

, April 1, 2020 / Cheryl M


Winston-Salem, NC

Rago Brothers repaired and sewed the zipper on my Coach handbag. I managed to catch a scarf in the zipper and broke several teeth out extricating the scarf. This was a professional repair and very quick. I’m glad to have my handbag back. Thanks.

Service provided: Coach Handbag Repair (zipper repair)

, March 30, 2020 / Martha F

Rago Brothers DID IT!

Burlington, NJ



Service provided: Louis Vuitton wallet repair, Prada Suede handbag repair.

, March 23, 2020 / Martha H

Superb job!

Waterford, WI

I was so very pleased with the wonderful craftsmanship you demonstrated in repairing my vintage Louis Vuitton purse. It looks like new! I was also very impressed with how you treated me on the phone and how you returned the purse back to me with such careful detail. I did also send you a “thank you” earlier since I am a retired teacher and still write thank you’s the old-fashioned way. A satisfied customer in Wisconsin. 🙂

Service provided:

Louis Vuitton (zipper replacement)

, March 19, 2020 / Cheryl A

Balenciaga Looks New Again!

Charlotte, NC

I did a lot of research on where to send my well-loved Balenciaga for repairs and decided to go with Rago Brothers because of their amazing reviews. I am so happy I did– everything about the process was quick, easy and professional, from getting a quote to making a payment to getting my bag shipped back to me in less then 2 weeks.

I just opened the box and couldn’t be happier with the result—my bag looks almost new again! I highly recommend their services and will definitely be using them for any leather repair or cleaning needs going forward.

Service provided: Balenciaga 2012 Velo Bag (piping replaced, corner repaired, handle repair)

, March 18, 2020 / Ella H

Chanel Handbag Repair

Wallingford, PA

I found Rago Brothers while searching the internet. I’m glad that I did. My beige Chanel handbag was dirty and there was a significant ink mark in the inside. My handbag came back looking brand new! A Chanel handbag is quite an investment and I am happy that Rago Brothers took such good care of it.

Service provided: Chanel Handbag repair (re-dye and interior ink stain removal)

, March 18, 2020 / Colleen


Tampa, FL

My husband bought me this purse towards the beginning of our marriage as a Valentine’s gift. At that time I never owned anything that expensive. I love this bag so much. It has been through the ringer with me. Flights. Jobs. Stores. Holding items for my kids. But last October when one of the handles snapped, I was devastated. And I could not fathom spending that kind of money again on a bag.

It took me some time but I went to a local Michael Kors store and they told me about Rago Brothers. And that was typically where they refer customers outside of the warranty (I was wellllll out of it). I looked them up and such an easy process. So professional. And so fast. I will only be going to them now! I am so happy my baby got brought back to life! Thank you Rago Brothers!

Service provided: Michael Kors Tote & Wallet repair (handle repair)

, March 17, 2020 / Diana G.

Never thought 40 year old bags could look brand new

Delray Beach, FL

I sent three bags from Florida and received them back within two weeks. Rago Brothers was delightful to deal with, more than reasonably priced and obviously artisans. Service provided: Bag 1: Judith Lieber (repair tears and recondition) Bag 2: Judith Lieber (recondition) Bah 3: Chanel (recondition)

, March 14, 2020 / Carole R


Alexandria, VA

On short notice, I was called to attend a big, important meeting out on the West Coast and I needed my most prized and impressive bag–an Orange Ferragamo structured tote. Unfortunately, I’d neglected the bag and the now well set in water stain along the entire length of the bag on one side was 2-3 inches high. Frantically, I took the bag to several reputable places for the repair. Not only were they uncertain of fixing the bag they said it would 2 weeks to even try! I needed the bag in days not weeks!

Then, Salvatore Ferragamo Customer Service referred me to Rago Bros. I called and got Debbie in quick order. Debbie was so kind and sympathetic to my plight. She instantly understood how important it was to me to get the work done fast and professionally. She walked me through the entire process–the website request form, what to write on the ticket so the staff expedited my repairs and sent it back to me overnight. Debbie was so kind and patient. She told me the approximate price and how long the process would take. With Debbie, I felt like I had chose the right place for the most expensive bag I own.

Everything was fine until USPS got involved. The Post Office was a day late delivering my bag. Time was of the essence. I talked to Debbie again and told her the situation. She was kind and reassured me that they’d still have time to do it but to call her as soon as I knew it was delivered. That’s exactly what I did and Debbie ensured they got started on it right away.

I am so grateful to Debbie and the whole team at Rago. They did excellent work and took expert care of me in a tight spot. I wish everyone I dealt was as diligent and professional as the team at Rago Bros! I’ll never send my bags anywhere else. THANK YOU!

Service provided: Ferragamo Handbag Repair (stain removal and re-dye)

, March 10, 2020 / Dana W

Kate Spade banana yellow purse

Austin, TX

The strap on my Kate Spade purse ripped, I was going to donate the purse to Goodwill since it looked horrible and non functional. Then I discovered Rago Brothers online, who repair quality name brand purses making them look brand new. So I decided to get them a try. I packaged up my purse and off it went via UPS. They called me once it was received and told me the cost of the repair and return shipping. I chose to go ahead with the repair. Much to my surprise, they did a FANTASTIC job repairing my Kate Spade purse that I really like and gets lots of compliments on both by men and women.

It’s a very unique banana yellow color and they matched it PERFECTLY!!! I am so happy that I did not get rid of my purse. Rago Brothers keep up your outstanding customer service and repairs!! It was worth the money! And the way they shipped the purse back to me was nicely done with plastic packing inside the purse to maintain its shape and along with a thank you card and my receipt.

Service provided: Kate Spade handbag (strap repair and color refinishing)

, March 10, 2020 / Doreen

Best of the best!


I needed the strap repaired on my Gucci bag. After an internet search for the best repair shops Rago Brothers came up even though I was searching in Manhattan. Sending them my bag was the best choice. Their customer service is beyond excellent and the repair is top notch!

If you need anything repaired have no hesitation. I will be back for any of my repair needs in the future.

Service provided: Gucci Handbag Repair (strap repair)

, March 6, 2020 / Joanne B.

Excellent work

Washington, DC

I am so pleased with my LV that came back in a week! What a great smooth process to clean and fix some tearing on my LV! Service provided: Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair (cleaning and leather repair)

, March 5, 2020 / Jackie

Awesome service

Fredericksburg, VA

I had my bag fixed and back in a week! They went above and beyond my expectations. The handle is just like new and they even fixed the fraying on my handles. I would definitely recommend this company and will not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Service provided: Kate Spade handbag repair (handles repaired)

, March 5, 2020 / Laura

Love my repairs

Hoschton, GA

I had two LV purse repairs done. One was a bucket purse (trim around top, piping on bottom of bag, and stitching on the handle) and the other a crossbody bag (zipper and leather handle repair.)

After much research, I choose to use Rago Brothers. So glad I did. The bags look practically brand new. I have had repairs done from the LV store and this looks just as good, excellent and quality workmanship. The turn around time said 2 weeks but it was less than that. They let me know the price as soon as they received the bags and also when the bags were shipped back.

I will be using again as I build up my LV bag collection. Thank you so much Rago Brothers

Service provided: Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair

, March 3, 2020 / Betsy R.

Good job

Brooklyn, NY

Rago Brothers repaired my rubber driver loafers. Good quality replacement materials. Professional job. Got my shoes back promptly as well. Thank you. Service provided: Gucci Rubber Driver Loafers (replace rubber soles)

, February 28, 2020 / Caleb B.

Amazing Work!!!

Livonia, MI

I sent my Michael Kors bag to be repaired because the edging around the straps have completely come off making the bag rough to sit on my shoulder. Since I was getting that work done I also decided to have the exterior cleaned since I could tell that some of the dye from my clothes was starting to transfer to the leather. I got my bag back a couple of days ago and I could not believe the condition that it was in; it looked like the day that I got it at the store. There was a set in dark hair dye stain that had been there for over a year and the stain was completely removed! The edging looks beautiful and I can finally use my favorite bag again. Thank you so much!!!

Service provided: Michael Kors handbag repair (edge repair and refinishing)

, February 27, 2020 / Jennifer

My Prada Bag is Like New

Sarasota, FL

I bought a beautiful yellow Prada bag, but, as all light colored leathers do, it took on some of the dye colors from my clothing. I thought I could clean it myself and just made things worse – it sat in my closet until I found Rago Brothers online. I shipped my bag, got an immediate reply with estimate, and got my bag back yesterday.

I was astonished when I opened the box it looks like new. The leather is supple again, the color is all yellow (not yellow with dark stains). I just could not be happier with the overall service from Rago. This was money well spent!! Don’t hesitate to send your luxury items to them for repair.

Service provided: Prada Handbag Repair (dying and refinishing)

, February 26, 2020 / Jo E.


Park City, UT

My spouse surprised me by sneaking two pair of my Louboutin’s out of the closet and sending them in for work. I had not taken the time to have any sole protectors applied and had worn the heel taps down a little (I guess I walk heavy) There was some worry about turn around time so that the shoes could be back in the closet without my noticing.

What was estimated to be two weeks plus return shipping turned out to be one week total time and they were back before I noticed. I was so happy when I went to put them on, right gobsmacked! They look super fab and the sole protectors are nearly the same color as the red bottoms. I am having my spouse send in two more pair for me, can’t wait to have them back looking like new 🙂 Thank you for excellent service!

Service provided: Christian Louboutin Shoe Repair (sole protectors and heels)

, February 25, 2020 / Brita B.

A BRAND NEW MICHAEL KORS TOTE at a fraction of the cost

Little Neck, NY

Excellent craftsmanship. The tote is less than 2 years old but I use it everyday. I did get my money’s worth. This tote now looks brand new with the strap replaced and the cleaning. It took less than two weeks for turnaround time. Customer service is above par, very nice staff and explained ALL with a follow up email. Their fees are reasonable. I will definitely use their services again. I have a few handbags that look worn & old and need some TLC. Thanks.

Service provided: Michael Kors Handbag Repair (new strap, cleaning, restoration)

, February 24, 2020 / Marian F.

Amazing Service

Leander, TX

My bit on one shoe had broken off these $600.00 shoes and they replaced it in a matter of days. Super affordable and fast service. I can’t believe I went two years without fixing these shoes. So glad I found them online. Great customer service as well.

Service provided: Hardware repair (broken bit)

, February 20, 2020 / Matthew G.

Thank you! Thank you!

Davis, IL

I am over the moon happy with your stellar repair service. I have not worn my beautiful bag for a few years due to the repair needed on the top of the bag. You brought it back to its original beauty and I am thrilled. Will use your services again and recommend to all my friends.Thank you so much Rago Brothers!!

Service provided: Shopping Tote- vinatge 1987 (stitching, cleaning dying)

, February 13, 2020 / Susan G

Two Leather Coats Repaired

Staten Island, NY

I recently traveled from Staten Island, NY to Rago Brothers to have 2 expensive lame leather coats repaired. Wow what can I say! What a FANTASTIC job Manuel did, and the Tony and his staff were great! Friendly and so professional. One coat had a 6 inch tear, done by my seat belt which after the repair, it’s almost invisible to the eye. The other had a complete lining and the pockets replaced, tears in 2 seams repaired and closures replaced. Both coats are like new. It was well worth my trip from New York. I highly recommend Rago Brothers to anyone needing leather repairs. I will go back for any other repairs needed. Thank you Tony!!!!!!

Service provided: Leather coat repair (rip repair, new pockets and lining)

, February 14, 2020 / Linda P.

Beautiful Work!

Redding, CA

I had two Louis Vuitton bags repaired. The repairs are PERFECT! Beautiful work! Great communication with me! Thank you!!!! Service provided: Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair

, February 10, 2020 / Kathleen D.


Voorhees, NJ

My Prada wallet was torn and dirty looking. Rago totally redid it and in less than 2 weeks and for much less than $200 including shipping, My wallet looks brand new. I was so happy to open the package.

I really am amazed. RAGO is an amazing company to do business with.

Service provided: Torn lining repair and cleaning on 10 year old wallet.

, February 9, 2020 / Barbara G.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Callicoon Center, NY

Tony took on the job for a very good price and did an amazing job. Many Thanks! Service provided: Leather Jacket

, February 6, 2020 / Alvin

Handbag Repair

Gig Harbor, WW

The repair was perfect and not noticeable at all. I love this handbag and use it (and abuse it) every day. It was a great investment and my repair made it as good as new. Service provided: Burberry Handbag Repair (split side)

, February 6, 2020 / Margaret L.

A Happy Customer

Rossville, GA

Very impressed with the great job of cleaning my pocketbook. Looks brand new! I highly recommend RAGO BROTHERS to anyone in need of having their purses cleaned. Excellent service. Five stars *****.
Than you!!! 🙂 Service provided: Michael Kors Handbag Repair (interior and exterior cleaning)

, February 3, 2020 / Brenda

Repair to Michael Kors purse

Ridley Park, PA

Customer Testimonial: I received my Michael Kors purse back and I couldn’t tell there was ever anything wrong with it. What an amazing job you did on it. You’ve made my granddaughter very happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Service provided: Michael Kors handbag repair

, February 1, 2020 / Kathy P.

Perfect Service!

Malibu, CA

My years old Prada shoulder bag looks brand new thanks to Rago Brothers!! They did an absolutely beautiful job cleaning and redyeing the leather, replacing two brass rings and resealing the handle edges, which were cracked from wear and tear. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with their overall service from start to finish. Hannah and Roxy were so pleasant and professional to deal with, the repair specialists did a beautiful job — and my refurbished bag was returned to me in less than two weeks. I would highly recommend Rago Brothers for their excellent customer service and workmanship!

Service provided: Prada Handbag repair (redye, hardware, cleaning, handle edges)

, February 1, 2020 / Marilyn W

Magical Customer Service

Orlando, FL

I bought a pair of Ostrich Gucci shoes at least 20 years ago and wore them out. I was sure nothing could be done to bring them back to life. I Googled shoe repair and found Rago Brothers. I followed their simple instructions and shipped off my shoes to them. Tom or Tony called me the day they arrived to tell me they have them and that there were different levels of repair that could be done at $125.00, $220.00 and $260.00. I picked the $260.00 price.

I got a call when they were completed telling me they were reducing the charge to $220.00 since they were able to do the work cheaper than they thought originally. Amazing! I received the shoes and they look like brand new. I paid maybe $150.00 for them originally. Today they are $700.00 so I am a very happy man. Great Service, Great Workmanship, Great Value. Thanks Rago Brothers. Being in business since 1911 is a testimonial in itself…Lee Cockerell, Former Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World Resort.

Service provided: Men’s Gucci Shoe Repair (Ostrich skin)

, January 31, 2020 / Lee A.

It looks brand new!

Corrales, NM

I sent my 4 or 5 year old blue Coach handbag in for cleaning and dying. I got it back a week earlier than they said and it looks like a brand new handbag! I couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t cheap but well worth it!

Service provided: Coach handbag repair (cleaning & dyeing)

, January 20, 2020 / Mary J.

Amazing Work

Lincoln City, OR

I was in need of a pair of Frye boots as I’d worn mine out completely. I tried two or three similar styles as the pair I own are no longer made and NONE of them were the equal. My husband bought me a pair for Christmas. Didn’t work. As he was packing them up to return them he went on line and found Rago Brothers. He then packed my old boots up and sent them in for repair. I just received them. They’re AMAZING. Look great. Like new but so much better than new as they’re broken in and comfy.

If you’re thinking about using this company stop thinking and just do it. My husband now gets credit for my new favorite Christmas present. My old boots.

Service provided: Frye Boot Repair (boot refurbishment)

, January 9, 2020 / Brenda O.

Very Happy!

Newton, MA

I needed the hardware on my Gucci bag to be repaired and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only does it look like it was never damaged, the turnaround time was unbelievably fast!

Service provided: Gucci Tote Bag Repair (hardware repair)

, December 18, 2019 / Carrie


Colona, IL

They did an excellent job on my purse. Received it back today and it was done perfectly. Thank you.

, December 16, 2019 / Karla G.


Sandy Hook, CT

OMG what an amazing job. So very happy with everything from beginning to end. Amazing people, repair quick, ship back quick, an amazing job, top notch. I am truly impressed with this company. Thank you thank you! If you have any concerns about shipping your expensive bag no worries they’ll take good care of it .

, December 13, 2019 / Karen P.

awesome job

Paducah, KY

I was little worried about sending my Lady Dior bag to a place to have the handles fixed and to touch up some scratches on bottom of the bag. They texted and emailed me when they received my bag and sent a cost of repairs. They also texted and emailed me when they were shipping my bag back to me.
This company is reasonable on repairs and their work was great. I would recommend them and I would use them in the future.

, November 27, 2019 / Carol G.

Burberry Bag Repair

Gig Harbor, WA

I sent Rago Brothers my much loved (and much used) Burberry handbag for repairs. I know I overload it.

I received the repair estimate in a timely manner and sent them my handbag. Rago Brothers repaired my handbag and returned it in excellent condition. They know their products and I am so very happy with the repair work they did for me.

My handbag is as now good as new. I highly recommend protecting the investment of a great handbag by putting trust in the expert hands of people who really know what they are doing, and take pride in a job well done.

, December 9, 2019 / Margaret L.


Ft. Meyers, FL

Better than the original.
Worth every penny.
Professional workmanship and rapid turn around time.
I’m dancing the happy dance now.
Thank you Rago Brothers !! Service provided: Gucci crossbody bag repair (interior lining, zipper pouch and tag transfer)

, November 21, 2019 / Melodee M.

Customer Service above ALL else

Amelia Island, FL

Rago Brothers is focused on quality of repair, and customer service first and foremost, period, end of story. After numerous tries, Rago was unable to find a turning latch for the lock on my handbag, so he requested a jeweler to custom craft a piece that matched the original hardware. I think he lost money on my repair, I offered to pay for the work, but they would not let me….they have me for LIFE and any one else I can send their way.

, November 25, 2019 / Tiffany S.

Very Pleased!

Phenix City, AL

I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but I was so pleased with the results. The shipping process was easy and the customer service was awesome! I can’t tell where the strap was broken. I could not be more pleased with the Rago Brothers craftsmanship.

, November 18, 2019 / Bridgett J

The only place for shoe and handbag repair

Apison, TN

I sent pictures of a pair of Cole Haan loafers to Rago Brothers to see if they could be resoled. They have repaired this brand/type of shoe for me before with beautiful results. However, the rubber part of the sole was coming apart in pieces. I wasn’t sure what could be done. They told me to send them in and they would do the work if possible. I received an email a couple of days later giving me a quote for the work. I paid over the phone and had my lovely shoes back home within the week. I will never trust anyone else with my shoes and handbags.

, November 16, 2019 / Lori L.


St. Louis, MO

I would highly recommend Rago Brothers.I called Nordstom and asked them who they would recommend to fix a broken buckle on a Ferragamo shoe and they sent me to Rago. The shoe was fixed and returned in less than 10 days and looked brand new. This company excels at every aspect of their business and provides world-class service and repair. Don’t trust your shoes to anyone else!

, November 15, 2019 / Brad

Doing a happy dance

Zimmerman, MN
Doing a happy dance - Deborah M.

I was so glad to find someone that could do repairs on my MK. Contacting the company and filling out the form was very user friendly and receiving my reconditioned and repaired straps was awesome! My purse looks brand new! Thank so much Rago Brothers for your great service and repairs.

, November 14, 2019 / Deborah M.

My Favorite Louis Vuitton Handbag

Sellersburg, Indiana

I just received my bag today and couldn’t be any happier with the results! The piping on my bag was wearing terribly. I found Rago Brothers by doing a search for designer handbag repairs. The process was very easy. They received my bag on Friday and was done with the repairs this past Monday. Very fast service not to mention the quality of the work is excellent! I will definitely use them again in the future for any other repairs that might need to be done. Thank you so much!

, November 14, 2019 / Stephanie P.

Excellent Service!

Voorhees, NJ
Excellent Service! - Sue W.

The zipper broke on my vintage Coach handbag. I found Rago Brothers by doing a search. Their online form was easy to complete and very efficient. They provided a quote right away, and I decided to go ahead with the repair. Within a few days, I received my repaired bag. The workmanship is excellent and the zipper looks just like the original! I am so happy and will definitely use Rago Brothers again the next time I need a leather good repaired.

, November 13, 2019 / Sue W.

Jimmy Choo Miracle repair

Orinda, CA

After trying two different Bay Area shoe repair shops recommended by the department store where I purchased them, I still had beautiful shoes with wrecked heels.

I called Jimmy Choo corporate and they sent me to Rago Brothers. Even though I had to mail my shoes across country it was worth it for the showroom results. Those skinned heels formerly poorly repaired now look brand new! I’m now a Rago Brothers fan and will come back to them with all of my repair needs.

, November 7, 2019 / Mary A.


Durango, CO
Unbelieveable - Peter Joslin

I sent my well worn Paul Fredrick leather jacket in for reconditioning and repair of several rips in the leather. I figured that my jacket was in such poor shape that I considered just replacing the jacket. Then I call the customer service rep at Rago Brothers and talked with Hannah, and she said that they would take a look at it and let me know if they could repair and recondition my jacket. Once they got my jacket, they said that they could repair my jacket and recondition it. I agreed to the cost to repair the rips and recondition the leather. I did not have a lot of confidence or optimism that Rago Brothers could make it look like new, but I figured Rago Brother might make it look better. I received my jacket this week, and I was shocked and amazed how great my jacket looked – just like new and the ripped areas were hardly visible. Rago Brothers did an excellent job, and I am more than satisfied. Thank you Rago Brothers.

, November 6, 2019 / Peter J.

Wonderful Job

Churchville, MD

I sent my teal Michael Kors purse, that I absolutely have loved and gotten so many compliments on, to Rago Brothers to repair a broken zipper and to possibly have it refurbished. The purse is about 10 years old and has been well used, so I was sure they could fix the zipper but was unsure if they could do much to make it look “less worn”.

When I opened the box returned from Rago Brothers, I actually cried! I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful the purse is again! They did such a great job that it looks almost unused. The zipper is the same teal color as the original, and both the inside and outside are beautiful. They even removed the scratches from the gold logo on the outside so it looks absolutely new!!

THANK YOU Rago Brothers for such great work and making me so very happy!


, November 1, 2019 / Karen M

Saved My Favorite Handbag

Ivyland, PA

I sent my Michael Kors backpack for a hardware repair and had it back within a week. This company is excellent to deal with. My backpack looks like nothing ever happened to it. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to throw away my favorite handbag. Cannot thank you enough.

, October 30, 2019 / Katie G.


Jupiter, FL

My tote looks brand new.Your service and workmanship are flawless.Thank you so much. Service provided: Goyard Tote bag (new custom made handles)

, October 30, 2019 / Martha M

Amazing service from “start to finish”

Quincy, MA

I was delighted with the professional, customer friendly interface found on the website for initiating a repair request. The online request was followed up by immediate contact by a company representative. The quote and subsequent initiation of the work was seamless. The speed of the actual repair and return of the goods exceeded my expectations! The repair work was perfect and I am a very satisfied customer. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Rago Brothers!

, October 26, 2019 / Jerrie C

Fabulous service

Sturgeon Bay, WI

I sent in a Michael Kors purse to be repaired and the service was very prompt and returned in wonderful condition. Thank you. Service provided: Michael Kors purse repair

, October 23, 2019 / Brenda M.


Bethel Park, PA

Just got my 25 year old Gucci purse from Rago Brothers. It is perfect. They replaced the lining with leather and used the original interior zipper and Gucci logo. The craftsmanship is impeccable! So very pleased!!!! Service provided: Gucci purse repair (lining replacement)

, October 23, 2019 / Paula J.

Shabby to like new

Sarasota, FL

Sent these folks a pretty worn out Gucci purse that I really loved. Came back with new insides, shiny outsides. A pleasure now to carry every day. Thank you for reviving my Gucci! Service provided: Gucci purse repair (refurbish bag)

, October 21, 2019 / Kathi H.

Highly recommend!

Brea, CA
Highly recommend! - Jacqueline

I would highly recommend Rago Brothers to repair any beloved, luxury item. Anthony spent time on the phone to discuss the repair issue as it involved finding a “vintage” Ferragamo buckle that had broken. The shoes are now flawless: The buckle, stitching and number of stitches match perfectly with the other shoe. All this was done, with shipping time, in less than 2 weeks.

, October 18, 2019 / Jacqueline

Amazing Work!!

Chester, NJ

Amazing! Great friendly, knowledgeable staff. Tom and Tony are a pleasure to work with. There aren’t any small businesses that I know of that run as smoothly as Rago Bros.

I’ve been going there for 40 + years. Started to go there when just their father (Mr. Rags) Tom and a worker were there. Mr. Rags instilled something special in his boys, and all of his the grand children, all the office staff (one is their sister) and all the skilled workers there.

I can’t say enough good things about Rago Brothers. Best Family run business. # 1 in my book.

, October 18, 2019 / Paul

Great Work

Pikesville, MD

Rago – Your work is most impressive! You make buying expensive shoes worth it when they can be repaired and made to look like new. Thanks, Ricky Service provided: Ferragamo shoe repair

, October 12, 2019 / Ricky C.

Looks like new, but it’s old

Avondale Estates, GA
Looks like new, but it’s old - Linda Russell

My 25-year-old green Coach bucket bag came back from Rago Brothers looking great. The faded and dirty leather was cleaned and restored. I didn’t know what to expect, and I’m glad I took a chance that they could make it look good. It really does look like new. Many thanks for your good work.

, October 15, 2019/ Linda R.


Waltham, MA
Perfection…… - Kymberley Mitchell

The Rago Brothers repaired a Kate Spade handbag for me a while ago… so I knew if my shoe could be repaired they would be the ones to be able to do it. I scuffed the tip of the left shoe and it was very obvious, had not worn them because it was too noticeable. Sent them to be repaired and you CANNOT tell they even had a scuff mark…..Excellent work thank you!!!

, October 9, 2019 / Kymberley M.

New Life for My Leather Jacket

Brant Beach, NJ

Never thought this gorgeous leather jacket could be repaired. Looks better than ever! Amazing service. So glad I found you. Service provided: Leather jacket repair (ripped leather)

, October 8, 2019 / Deb C.

So glad you are home

Rohnert Park, CA

This purse means a lot to me. I was horrified when I discovered I had roughed up the red cording on the bottom of my purse.

Rago Bros was an answer to my prayers when I found them searching for a place to fix my Gucci bag.

They are prompt to advise you the package with purse inside had arrived, and gave you a cost at the same time.

My bag is new again. I am so happy with the results. I have some Gucci sneakers that need Rago Bros attention.

Very pleased customer. Thank you. Jan

, October 4, 2019 / Janice F.


Pylesville, MD
Perfect! - Tracey F

My LV crossbody strap broke (aged leather). I love this bag and could not find anyone who was willing to fix it. I stumbled on Rago Brothers and got a quote. I was nervous at first about mailing it away and then seeing the cost (mine needed quite a bit of work to repair properly) but ultimately I agreed. I just received my bag in the mail today and it looks amazing! You cannot even tell it has been repaired. Wonderful job! So worth it!!! I am moving back into my bag as I type!!!!!!

, October 4, 2019 / Tracey F

Excellent and Convenient Customer Service

Springfield, VA

I sent my pink Kate Spade wallet into Rago Brothers to repair the gold metal embellishment that reads “New York,” which had fallen off. It was great that I could just mail in my item, as opposed to dropping off and picking it up at a shop in person (I work full time and simply mailed it on my lunch break…it’s hard to find repair locations with convenient hours). They called me as soon as they received it and gave me a quote ($40 to repair the missing metal piece). I had the option to decline their services, which was a nice option. I consented to the repair and they fixed the wallet and sent it back very quickly.

I highly recommend Rago Brothers for service quality, good customer service, convenience, and price. I could not send the wallet back to Kate Spade for repairs because I had bought it from eBay rather than through the actual company, so having a service like Rago Brother works great for me!

, October 2, 2019 / Caitlin

Awesome Prada Wallet on chain repair

Anaheim, CA

I recently experienced their mail-in service and I am a satisfied customer. I sent in my Prada wallet on chain for repair due to ink stains, leather discoloration, rubbing on the edges and tear on the strap. Rago Brothers did a great job on the repair of my item. All the damages were gone and it looked new. Hannah also communicated with me promptly. Thank you Rago Brothers!

, September 28, 2019 / Kirstie P

Best service ever!

Houston, TX
Best service ever! - Amy B

Following shoulder surgery, I ripped the arm seam in a brand new leather jacket, tugging too hard to get it on. After finding Rago Brothers online and reading their glowing reviews and testimonials, I sent it to them from Houston. From the initial online inquiry to mailing the jacket, getting the estimate, telling them to proceed and getting my jacket in perfect condition back in the mail, the process was seamless. Fastest and best service imaginable. I almost hope I need something else repaired soon, that’s how quick and easy this was. Great company, excellent service!

, September 26, 2019 / Amy B

Beautiful workmanship

Philadelphia, PA

In memory of my Mom, I had her Coach shoulder bag repaired and restored and what amazing and beautiful workmanship. I’m so pleased. Thank you Rago Brothers!!! Service provided: Coach Messenger shoulder bag (repair and refurbish)

, September 24, 2019 / Rebecca R.

Shoes Like New

South Boston, MA
Shoes Like New - Maureen McCarthy

My vintage bone leather shoes look brand new! But even better, they’re already broken in. I mailed my shoes in for repair and the day they were received, I got a call with the estimate. I agreed to have the repair done and within two weeks the shoes were returned to me with new bows, half soles and heels, and the little dings and scrapes and scuffs in the leather were gone as if by magic. The cost of the repair was far less than replacing the shoes which I really didn’t want to do. I’m very pleased with the entire process and will be sending another pair soon.

, September 22, 2019 / Maureen M.

Excellent Service

Staten Island, NY
Excellent Service - Yvonne Mendez

I am so happy with the service I received from Rago Brothers in repairing my Kate Spade Jackson Street Kristine bag. Rago Brothers’ professionalism and quick turnaround time in repairing my bag was amazing! The problem with my bag started when the thread on the interior zip interior pocket had come undone, which caused the interior pocket to hang and the shoulder strap attached to the interior pocket to come loose. I owned the bag for a few months and had contacted Kate Spade regarding their warranty. I was informed that they did not have a replacement and I could return the bag to them and get my money bag. I chose, however, to repair the bag because I love it. Kate Spade recommended Rago Brothers. I contacted Ernesto of Rago Brothers and was first informed that I should contact Kate Spade because the bag was still under warranty. I informed Ernesto that I had already contacted Kate Spade and decided to have the bag repaired at my cost. Rago Brothers contacted me, via e-mail, upon receiving the bag, informing me the price for repair, and when the bag was shipped to me. My favorite bag is brand new thanks to Rago Brothers. I will definitely continue to use Rago Brothers for repair of all my bags! Thank you Rago Brothers!!!!

, September 19, 2019 / Yvonne M.

Fantastic service!

Pagosa Springs, CO

Received my boots last night and they look amazing. After taking 4 years of hard wear and tear, they look as good as the day I bought them. The people were great to work with, the repairs were turned around much faster than I anticipated and the final product is beyond my expectations. Thank you!

, September 10, 2019 / Eric B.


WI Milwaukee, WI




, September 12, 2019 / KIM A.

Best work ever!

Oxford, MS

I had my white leather sneakers sent in to be cleaned and restored. When I sent my shoes they were essentially grey from all the dirt on the shoes. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the shoes clean.

My shoes came back sparkling and white. You can barely tell that the shoes are 2 years old. They look almost brand new.
I love working with Rago Brothers. I will continue to use them and also recommend them to everyone. They are so easy to work with and also complete repairs quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Thank you!!

, September 10, 2019 / Erika

Satisfied First Time Customer

Rocky Mount, NC

I searched online for a reputable shoe repair business to restore the look of my Louboutins. I came across the Rago Brothers site by happenstance and I am so happy I did. The shoes look almost new and the repairs are almost imperceptible. I will definitely use them again in the future!

, September 9, 2019 / Felicia S

Fast Fix

Evansville, IN
Fast Fix - Lisa

The process was incredibly easy and fast. I sent in my Prada nylon cross body bag with a broken zipper that actually had a hole in the ribbon. Nine days later from the day I sent it out (would’ve been quicker if not for the holiday weekend), I have it back in tip top shape. Super excited to carry it again. I would absolutely recommend Rago Brothers. Awesome service and repair.

, September 3, 2019 / Lisa

Fantastic Find

Tavares, FL

I needed my handles repaired on my Tory Burch purse, but didn’t want just anyone to work on it. I Googled my info and Rago Brothers came up. I’m so happy I sent it to them. My purse looks brand new and I know I’ll get several more years out of it. At first I thought the price was a little (not too bad) expensive, but when you figure how much the purse cost it was a reasonable price. Sure beat purchasing a new one! The return time was amazing as well. Thank you Rago Brothers for your great service.

, August 31, 2019 / Connie M.

Above & Beyond!

Massapequa, NY

I apprehensively sent my repair into Rago Bros with very weathered handles and scuffs on the front, requesting new straps and removal of scuff marks. The owner called me and explained that it would not be cost effective for me to replace the handles. Rather, he would seal them and “do his best” on the scuffs. I was floored by the fact that they called me to adjust my repair order to a solution that was more cost effective for me. And as for the scuffs, they were completely gone when the bag was returned to me! Thank you, Rago, for not only being kind and courteous when we spoke, but also level setting my expectation for repairs and then exceeding them while saving me money! I would absolutely recommend Rago for handbag repairs, and will certainly be using them in the future!

, August 27, 2019 / Cristina C

Stunning. Unexpected. Fast. Value.

Winchester, MA

20 year old Louis Vuitton purse that was loved to death. The corners had worn out on both the bottom leather base plate, but also the corners of the large ‘Logo panels’. There were actual holes, things were falling out of the purse. All was lost.

I went to a Louis Vuitton shop and their service team said ‘total loss, beyond repair’

On a lark I sent the purse in to the Rago Brothers team. Tony called me back and asked why I wanted to save the purse since it was really quite far gone. I explained my reasons; a gift from my husband, 20 years of service, ‘an old friend’. He listened and swore “to try his best – but no promises”.

Today a box arrived un-announced, weeks ahead of schedule. And what was inside was stunning. Through a combination of panel replacement, and artistic nip-and-tuck what was before me was basically a new bag.

If this is ‘no promises’, I cannot image what a promise would deliver…

And the price? Not really important.

, August 26, 2019 / Sandra W.


Washingtn DC
Awesome! - Margi G

I am so excited that Rago Brothers was able to help me repair my 2 purses!

Mitzi, my little Lulu Guiness bag, is my conversation piece that I carry on beach vacations, and I was so unhappy to think that I’d no longer be able to take along with me since her straw handle was about to break for good. You sewed her up and she is all fresh and ready to go. But I will be more careful now when we go out and not put too much stuff in there.

My Prada bag is also very special to me and unique with all of the beading that is on it. So unique apparently, that Prada didn’t want to try to fix the loose stones. I thought that it would sit in my drawer until I found Rago Brothers and you were able to repair the bag so that the beads/stones are sewn on and looks great! You also were so quick in fixing the bags and returning it back to me-it all took about a week. It was such an easy experience and not so expensive either! I will definitely use you again and tell my friends all about you!

Thank you!

, August 22, 2019 / Margi G

Valued Wallet Repaired

Renton, WA
Valued Wallet Repaired - Andy Stratton

42 years ago, my grandmother gave me a very nice southwestern themed leather wallet with my initials on it, as a high school graduation gift. I have used only that wallet ever since, and together we have both grown into antiques. So I was saddened when the leather at the fold started wearing thin, and it ripped. I wanted to find a company that knew what they were doing and would actually take care to treat the wallet with some respect. Rago Brothers’ website left me with the impression that they had these qualities. It was true. I sent them the wallet. They called me on the phone to describe what they would do to repair it. They did an expert job and returned it safely to me. I was very pleased with the work that they had done, giving my wallet a new lease on life. And it wasn’t a consideration, but they did the repair for less than I would have expected.

, August 21, 2019 / Andy S.

Service with a Smile

Deer Park, NY

Service was excellent…quick easy and efficient.
Thank you. Service provided: Henri Bendel backpack (strap repair)

, August 19, 2019 / Cherna W.

Great work!

Harrison, NY

Sent my Prada leather crossbody to have strap and leather redone. The bag not only came back within a quick time frame but also looks brand new. Just sent another handbag to be repaired today – definitely has gained my trust and business!

, August 19, 2019 / Ileana R

Exceptionally good

Montgomery County, PA.

The professional care and service of Rago Brothers is above and beyond. They made my old Tory Burch sandals look brand new again. Can’t say enough good about them Thank you! Service provided: Tory Burch sandal repair.

, August 16, 2019 / Mary


Johnston, RI

Fantastic work! I purchased a classic Fendi zucca bag at a consignment shop. The bag was in great shape except for the strap and piping along the top. The repair was exceptional. You would not know it wasn’t original to the bag. Perfect match to the vintage 90’s leather. I will fully trust the Rago Brothers with any future repairs I may need.

, August 15, 2019 / Kristin G.

They’re Great

East Stroudsburg, PA

I will swear by Rago Brothers Shoe repair. They have made me so happy. The first pair of Ferragamo’s I wore one time and the bottoms were destroyed. I sent them to Rago Brothers and my shoes were returned to me looking brand new. The second pair I didn’t even wear outside, I sent them straight to Rago Brothers right out the Ferragamo box brand new to have them resoled. They did a fantastic job, I love their work. I pay too much money for my shoe to not be able to enjoy them. Rago Brothers let you enjoy your purchases. Thank you so much.

, August 14, 2019 / Michele W.


Warner Robins, GA
WOW VERY HAPPY - Keith Allmond

I haven’t seen the quality of work like this in many years. I am so happy and impressed with the quality and workmanship that was used in the relining of my jacket. You have no idea how stunned I was when I received my jacket in the post.
The best I’ve ever seen

, August 12, 2019 / Keith A.

Excellent Work

Walnut Creek, CA

I’m so happy with the work that Rago Brothers did with my Prada handbag. The piping was replaced. The bag was cleaned and dyed. It looks better than new. The professionalism and commitment to providing an excellent product is evident in the finished product. The associates in the office were kind and helpful. It was a superior experience and I highly recommend them.

, August 9, 2019 / Lynn P.

Very considerate

Aurora, CO

Not only was the missing “M” replaced, the bag came back with three extra, complete logos from three different colored leather pieces/cut outs. This is very helpful for me because I have MK everything and will be prepared if the logo ever falls off again.
Thank you!

, August 2, 2019 / Nhi C.


Newtown, CT

I just got back my Peals from Rago Brothers and was stunned at the quality of the repair work. They look like they are brand new. I will never have anyone else repair any of my shoes again! Service provided: Peal shoe repair (soles and heels)

, August 2, 2019 / George B.

ferragamo belt

Bridgeport, CT

Fast Service, excellent repairs, fair priced, and all work done to perfection. Online staff excellent! Thank you! Service provided: Ferragamo belt repair

, August 1, 2019 / Harold J.

Thanks Hanna

Wyncote, PA
Thanks Hanna - Nancy Garvin

Hanna you did an amazing job repairing the slit in my Celine tote! Thanks!!!!! Service Provided: Céline handbag repair

, August 1, 2019 / Nancy G.

Repair? More like upgrade.

Rochester, MI
Repair More like upgrade - Francis S

I sent my LV wallet in to get the crease repaired, resealed and stitched. I did not expect them to come back and add this insanely cool black strip. Really creative, unexpected and really practical.

I used to just, you know, think I had a regular LV wallet. Now, it’s basically a 1-of-1 item. This is awesome – you guys are true professionals.

, July 23, 2019 / Francis S

absolutely amazing!!

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

While in Las Vegas with my husband we purchased a beautiful Givenchy handbag. I was heart broken when one of the small gold balls that held the handle on fell off. I was so distressed as I thought there is no way anyone can replace this unique item.

I am totally amazed at the fantastic job Rago Brothers did on my purse. It is better than ever and looks beautiful. More than that, it is a great memory of the wonderful time we shared together.

Thank you Rago Brothers, I will be singing your praises to everyone.

, July 22, 2019 / Mariann B.

More Than Happy

Durham NC
More Than Happy - Rishaun D.

Saying I am pleased is an understatement. Rago Brothers took my 10 year old wallet and made it brand new all the way around. It is flawless and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you Rago Brothers!! Service Provided: Louis Vuitton wallet repair (refurbishment)

, July 20, 2019 / Rishaun D.

Unbelievably Awesome!

Atlanta, GA
Unbelievably Awesome! - Jarrod

I cannot express what a fantastic job Rago Brothers did restoring my loafers. I had my fingers crossed that they would look half as good as they actually do. Seriously, it looks like they shipped me a brand new pair of shoes. I am completely awestruck.

If you’re thinking of trying Rago Brothers, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Customer for LIFE-

, July 19, 2019 / Jarrod

Extremely Satisfied and Will Absolutely Repeat Business

Glastonbury CT

I sent in my new Michael Kors handbag for repairs (bought from 3rd party and the strap broke). Rago Brothers emailed me the day it was received with the estimate of cost to repair. I received my purse 48 hours later. Very reasonable cost, professional and efficient service. I am extremely happy with the repairs, my purse is as good as new. I highly recommend!!

, July 17, 2019 / Diane D

Very Pleased!

Thomaston, GA

This is the first time I have used Rago Brothers for repairs, but other testimonials I read encouraged me to try them.

The leather portion on my Vintage Ferragamo handbag was showing definite signs of age. They dyed the leather portion of my handbag to a perfect match! I am so pleased with the work!

I highly recommend their service and plan on using them again.

, July 16, 2019 / Mary M.

Unbelievably easy!

Haleiwa, HI

It was an old wallet that belong to my father and all the credit card holder interiors ripped. Sent it in essentially forgot about it then before I knew it was back and fixed!

, July 15, 2019 / Antonio E.

Louboutin heels like new

Tulsa, Oklahoma

My pump get caught in a crack in the sidewalk outside of my office building. The heel was shredded. Sent my heels in to get sole covers and to fix the stiletto. Received the shoes back in no time at all and they look great. The sole covers are perfect and the heel looks as good as new. I am so unbelievably impressed with the work Rago Brothers performed to rehab my heels.

, July 15. 2019 / Lauren M

Restored two of my shoes!


When two of my Chloe flats suffered from water damage, leaving them discolored/uneven the brand directed me to Rago Brothers. They restored both pair to their original condition and I am thrilled I have someone I can trust with designer shoes for any future needs.

, July 15, 2019 / Valerie H

Great option for purses!

San Francisco, CA

I have a bad habit of cramming EVERYTHING into my purse and as a result, both my Kate Spade and Coach bags were starting to come apart at the straps.

Finding Rago Brothers allowed me to get my bags fixed with zero hassle. All I had to do is find a box. I’m thrilled with the results, and so happy to have my bags back quickly and nicer than I sent in. I’d definitely use this service again.

, July 13, 2019 / Meghan S.


Toms River, NJ

From the moment you call this company the girls on the other end of the phone are friendly, professional and accommodating. They are efficient and timely in all communications and the turnaround time to get your shoes back is incredible. If you’re like me and you treasure your CLs or any other designer shoes (they’re my kids!) lol, TRUST Rago Brothers with your red bottoms.

, July 11, 2019 / LISA Q.

2nd Annual Refurb, 2nd Annual New Shoes!

Philadelphia, PA
2nd Annual Refurb, 2nd Annual New Shoes! - Robert Stonecipher

This is the second year Rago Brothers was used to refurb a pair of black men’s Louis Vuitton lace-up brogues and the second year they were made to look like they just came out of the box from the manufacturer! They get *very* abused from 100% travel for work and I work at least six days a week for often 12 hours a day so they usually need new heels, new soles, and a range of repairs to the leather including gouges to the leather, scratches, scuff marks, and the finish being rubbed off. It’s shocking when they have been returned both times because of how like-new they look. They’ll be going back again next year too!

, July 11, 2019 / Robert S.

Very Satisfied

Wildwood, MO

I received the repair referral for Rago Brothers from Ferragamo so I trusted my mail-in order would be handled professionally and it was! Quick turn-around. Repairs were perfect. It’s like having a new pair of shoes and purse for the reasonable cost of a repair.

, July 8, 2019 / Betsy B.

Great work

Agoura, CA

Great job on putting new soles and heels on these twenty-year-old shoes. Additionally refurbished the upper part so they look almost new. Workmanship and material provided was top notch. Service provided: Ferragamo Shoe Repair (soles and heels)

, July 5, 2019 / Jim B.


Lincoln, MA

I could not be more thrilled with the repairs of my Fendi sandals which were well-worn. The results far exceeded my expectations and I feel like I have a new pair. Now I know that I have somewhere I can trust when my fine shoes are in need of attention.

Thank you!

, July 4, 2019 / Louise A.

3 day turnaround!

Averill Park, NY

I sent my bag in on Saturday and received it back 3 days later. One of the straps was broken, so it was sewed back and reinforced. Thank you!! Service Provided: Kate Spade Handbag repair (re-sew strap)

, June 28, 2019 / Roberta B.

Unbelievable craftsmanship!

Dalton, GA
Unbelievable craftsmanship! - Louise D

Just received my relined Louis Vuitton purse back from Rago Brothers. I cannot believe how perfect the beautiful kid leather replacement lining is. I have to admit, I was a bit leery when I sent my bag for repair. But, any trepidation I had was gone the second I opened my bag. I sent the bag UPS 2nd day on 6/18/19 and received it back today, 6/26/19. I highly recommend these amazing craftsmen and their very helpful staff – thank you for my being able to enjoy my bag for many more years!

, June 26, 2019 / Louise D.

Amazing Work!

Lake in the Hills, IL
Amazing Work! - Katarzyna

I had a Michael Kors purse that needed repair on it’s leather straps and I was directed to Rago Brothers after calling Michael Kors customer service. I was a little skeptical sending my purse to NJ, however, I was given tracking information and as soon as my purse arrived, I was notified immediately by Rago Brothers. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kasia at Rago Brothers whom informed me that the straps for my purse were no longer available but she had suggested another strap that looked very similar. Before making my final decision, she had sent me a picture of the straps side by side to my purse to give me an idea of what they would look like. I had agreed and payment was processed over the phone. Within a couple of days, I received a tracking number of my purse being shipped back to me. My purse looks brand new as they had also washed it for me! I will recommend Rago Brothers to everyone for any kind of repair! You have definitely won over my trust and I couldn’t be more happier with how the repair turned out. Thank you for your amazing customer service and beautiful work.

, June 26, 2019 / Katarzyna


Woodbury, NJ
impressed - Meagan

I received the Hermes Oran sandals as a birthday gift. My 2 year old dog (I thought had grown out of chewing shoes) just could not resist the real leather. He chewed the top corner and tore the leather and stitching. I was devastated. I tried to contact the closest store which is over an hour away from me and they said I had to come in (they close by 4) and they might not even be able to help if the leather was torn. Rago Brothers is so easy to use, you just mail them your item. They assess whether they can help (which they most likely can) and call you with a price quote. I was so happy with how fast they got back to me and the price was reasonable. So much better then having to buy another pair. I just received my fixed shoe and I am beyond happy with the work Rago Brothers did. I got the shoe 5 min ago and jumped on to write a review when I am typically not one who does at all. That’s how impressed I am. 10/10 recommend and would use again.

, June 25, 2019 / Meagan

So Happy

Brookline, MA

I am beyond pleased with the custom handle on my bag! This bag belonged to my mom, so it has a very special meaning for me. I took a leap of faith after reading all the wonderful reviews on The Rago Brothers and I wasn’t disappointed! The customer service was wonderful, every email was responded to quickly and the turn around time was surprisingly fast! Don’t even think it was a week. I will use them again in a heartbeat! Thank you Rago Brothers!

, June 25, 2019 / Elizabeth

Wow!! My handbag looks brand new again.

Oakland, CA

Rago Brothers restored the leather and condition of my beloved Valentino handbag and the result is incredible. It looks brand new. Another leather cleaning company tried to clean and restore my bag but it really didn’t help. So I turned to Rago Bros and voila … just like new. Thank you!!

, June 24, 2019 / Arlene C.

Great job

New York, NY

The work was done quickly and everything looked great. One handbag was an unusual patent leather brown that I was worried would be hard to match, but either they were able to repair what was there or they found a match. Either way it looked flawless. Would definitely use again.

, June 24, 2019 / LeeAnn P.

Great Craftsmanship!

Cambridge, MA

I first started collecting Louis Vuitton when I lived in France many decades ago! I have watched the company grow in wealth and popularity, and I have also noticed a decline in quality and customer service. Rago Brothers repaired the zipper on my bag and I am TOTALLY pleased! The craftsmanship is superb; you can tell that careful attention was given to the item. The quality shows!

Rago will be my go-to company for all my LV items and for other items that might need careful attention! Kudos to Rago!

, June 19, 2019 / Dr J

Fast, quality service

Charlotte, NC

The closing clasp broke on my purse. I googled “Getting Proenza Schouler clasp fixed” and the Rago Brothers was the first site that came up. I read the reviews and was impressed. I sent my purse to Rago Brothers, heard from them immediately upon receipt with a very reasonable estimate and my purse was returned to me within a week. I am very pleased!

, June 19, 2019 / Leah W.

Fast and meticulous

North Brunswick, NJ

Lightning fast service. I shipped it and got it back in 4 days time. The purse has a broken strap. Rago restored it to almost new. Friendly and fast service. Service Provided: Burberry Crossbody repair

, June 15, 2019 / Miriam S.

Gucci Handbag Suede Interior

Staten Island, NY

Founded through Google due to their high ratings, with a little hesitancy, I gave them a chance. I drive over an hour to them bringing my recently purchased Gucci handbag with suede interior. I accidentally marked in the inside with makeup. I then did my research to buy a suede cleanser. Using a suede brush and liquid cleanser, I scrubbed the suede trying to clean the dirty area. Well, what a HUGE mistake. The whole interior was so stiff from it being wet and lost its soft touch alone with wet marks. Even the employee at Rago said they would try but they suggested that I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Charged less than I expected including shipping, I had my item shipped back to me in less than a week, tracking code included and sent via email. I was worried because it was raining during time of shipping but it was packaged very well. I am so incredibly shocked and happy that they have repaired my bag! They fully repaired and cleaned the suede. It is soft and perfect! I didn’t think it was possible! Perfectly handled. THANK YOU RAGO BROTHERS! I will be a returning customer!

, June 18, 2019 / Vanessa C


Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Incredible - Janette

I had a beautiful YSL large shoulder/crossbody bag. Unfortunately my bag fell off of a table one night and the YSL logo broke and the L broke off. I thought my bag was done. Who wants to have a YSL bag with a broken L.

Well thanks to the craftsmanship of Rago Brothers my bag looks like it’s new. See before and after pictures. I can’t thank them enough. I have sent at least 4 or 5 bags for miscellaneous
services like cleaning and repairs. They have always been great. This repair exceeded my expectations.

I will be sending another bag soon and I have no doubt the work will always surpass my expectations. Thank you Rago Brothers. I love you guys!

, June 13, 2019 / Janette

Looks like brand new

Brandon, MS

I must stay it looks just as it did when I first purchased it. Excellent work! Service provided: Micheal Kors wristlet repair

, June 5, 2019 / Stephanie M.

My Ferragamo purse is good as new!

Fair Haven, NJ
My Ferragamo purse is good as new! - Bonnie Torcivia

I was so relieved when my treasured Ferragamo Crossbody purse was returned to me from Rago Brothers with a new snap and clean as new. This purse has traveled the world with me and I was heartbroken when on my last trip the closing snap broke. It was also in need of a good cleaning after visiting over 50 countries. I am so pleased with Rago’s work and would definitely recommend them!

, June 1, 2019 / Bonnie T.

One Happy Customer

Lawrenceville, GA
One Happy Customer - Shanta T.

The entire process was very seamless from submitting the inquiry (photos) to receiving the finished product. The straps on my handbag were ruined beyond repair and I was ready to toss out a $400 purse until I heard about Rago Brothers. Thank you so very much for being able to replace my straps. I can’t even tell the difference from the original straps. I am happily carrying my bag again after it being stored in the closet for almost 2 years. Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!

, May 31, 2019 / Shanta T.

Fast, efficient, quality

Portland, OR

I have a two year old Tory Burch bag that I love. It is in near-perfect condition but the straps were coming apart. I looked for replacement straps but the color has been discontinued and I couldn’t find any. I discovered Rago Bros and contacted them.

Their process is quite efficient from beginning to end. They explained how to mail my straps, I received an estimate right after they received them, and I received my straps back within two weeks (per their promise). I found it expensive, but the bag is also and I wasn’t using it because of the straps). The workmanship looks great. If I have a similar need on a high-value item, I would definitely use Rago Bros again.

, May 31, 2019 / K.C. A.

AMAZING repair

North Beach, NJ

The work done by Rago Brothers on my handbag is AMAZING. They actually sent my bag to their leather supplier to match the color and texture of the existing handle! Once they had the leather, (two weeks only!), they fabricated a new, longer handle for my handbag, and it is beyond fabulous.

These people are MASTERS of their craft. I feel fortunate to have found them.

, May 31, 2019 / Sandy B

Reseal Handles

Maysville, KY

My Michael Kors purse was only 2 years old and I noticed the outside leather handles were fraying but it was out of warranty. I called the Micheal Kors Customer Service and they gave me the name and phone number to Rago Brothers. I spoke with them and they advise me to send the purse to them and they would email me a quote if the handles could be repaired once they received the purse.

I was so excited to find out they could reseal the handles and the quote was reasonable with a one to two week turnaround. I received my purse in less than two weeks and it looks like a brand new purse. I am very pleased with the repair service. I will let my friends and family know about Rago Brothers if they need to have any leather repairs. Everyone I spoke to at Rago Brothers was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for such a great job and saving me from buying a brand new purse.

, May 30, 2019 / Rhonda C.

Michael Kors Pocketbook

Middlebury, CT

Excellent repairs and very fast, highly recommend. Service provided: Michael Kors handbag / purse repair

, May 29, 2019 / Mary A.

Vintage LV repair

Rumson, NJ

Rago Brothers service is the best! Wow! I reached out to these folks about replacing the zipper in a vintage LV bag. They responded very quickly to my email. I sent the bag to them, and again, they gave me a quote as soon as they had received the bag. I authorized the repair and it was done beautifully and back to me in a few days! Oh – and I had the handles restitched!

Thank you!

, May 29, 2019 / Kathleen R.

“Taking Care Of An Old Friend”

Bennington, VT

When I first purchased my tote bag, I was in college. Next week I will attend my 50th reunion at that institution. Over five decades, this bag has been with me. I sometimes speculate as to the number of cumulative tons it has “toted.” A few years ago some seams needed attention and Rago Brothers patched them up in fine style. No problem.

Then came the handles. They were giving way to the breaking point. I sent my bag back to Rago Brothers and they assessed the project. I was given a price and I agreed to their proposition. On March 29th, 2019 I got a call from Tony Rago and he said that the handle fix that had been proposed was not feasible. He said he could take a pair of handles from some other tote and use them. He asked what I thought and I said, “I don’t think so. The new handles will look different and I don’t want to do that to an old friend.” The next thing I heard was Tony’s heartfelt laughter and he said, “I love it. I love it. Listen, I will make you new handles.”

He did and they are perfect. Thanks Tony!

, May 28, 2019 / Julius R.


Newport News, VA

I found some old badly worn vintage leather Gucci men’s boots that are in the $2000 price range when new. I sent the boots to Rago Brothers for repair not expecting much in return at all. But to my surprise, my shoes were returned within seven days looking shiny and new. I will always use Rago Brothers from now on!

, May 23, 2019 / Mark G.

Quality Work and Seamless Customer Experience

Seattle, WA

It can take 4-8 weeks for shoes to be looked after by a quality traditional cobbler here in Seattle. With Rago Brothers I had the shoes back in less than two weeks (including coast-to-coast shipping). The quality of the work was high and they did a great match of the hardware to the style of the boot.

Highly recommended!

, May 18, 2019 / Helen

Professional, Quick, Excellent work


This shoe looks perfect. I had taken this shoe to three different shoe repair shops in my area and none of them were able to help me. I looked up Rago and took a chance by sending the shoe across the country and hoped they could help with an expensive Ferragamo loafer with a broken buckle. YAY they did a fantastic job, found a buckle and this shoe is as good as new. They communicated very well and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.

Great job and thank you!!


, May 18, 2019 / Debbie

Fully Satisfied Customer

San Francisco, CA
Fully Satisfied Customer - Mari M

The repair to the shoulder strap and side stitching of my favorite and heavily used Prada bag was exceptional – so fast, so polite, so easy, and so well-done. $55 for both repair and return shipping cross-country – entirely reasonable. I can only recommend this service with the fullest enthusiasm. I’ll be sending another bag along soon. I had given it up as a lost cause but my first experience with Rago Brothers has made a repeat customer out of me.

, May 16, 2019 / Mari M

Simply the Best

Weslaco, TX
Simply the Best - Daniela M

I purchased this Cabas Piano Louis Vuitton tote but wanted to make it into a crossbody. I took it to a nearby cobbler in Texas who said he could do the job but ended up ruining the bag. A friend recommended I send it out to Rago Brothers. I was scared to ship it out but did anyway since the bag was practically ruined. Rago Brothers sent it back in no time and did an amazing job. Rago Brothers saves my bag!

, May 15, 2019 / Daniela M

Purse repair

Phoenix, AZ

I have had this purse since 2007 and it has had a lot of use over the years. The tooling was in need of repair. Rago Brothers did a fantastic job of bringing it back to life. It’s nice to find a family business that treats their clients so well and dealing with a home state family business is a plus. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you.

, May 15, 2019 / Dawn J.

I can’t even tell it was repaired!

Hudson, NY
I can’t even tell it was repaired! - Kimberly Cortez

I was so sad when I noticed my beloved Chloe bag needed repair. I reached out to Chloe customer service and they suggested I get in touch with Rago Brothers. I’m so glad I did! I received my bag back today and I cannot even tell it was repaired! It looks amazing!

From start to finish, Rago Brothers was fantastic. The process to start a repair was very organized and the communication was superb!

Thank you so much for fixing my bag!

, May 14, 2019 / Kimberly C.

My Vintage Fendi Looks Brand New!

Langhorne, PA
My Vintage Fendi Looks Brand New! - Jennifer Gabriele

I received a Fendi handbag in 1991 as a gift and have loved it ever since! The leather piping at the top of the bag was completely gone from years of use and I wanted to start using this amazing bag again. I sent it to Rago Brothers and the entire transaction was seamless! The bag was back at my home, repaired brand new, in less than a week! The professionalism and friendliness was evident from the first email I received. I highly recommend their shop and will definitely be a repeat customer.

, May 8, 2019 / Jennifer G.

Amazing Work!

Greenville, North Carolina
Amazing Work! - Irma

My Givenchy tote was my go to bag and I was disappointed when the handles started to come apart. I found Rago Brothers after a search on the internet. The testimonials and Instagram photos sold me and I contacted them straight away. Hannah was quick to answer my emails. I shipped the bag off to New Jersey and it was back to me within the month. I’m so impressed with the replacement handles. I feel comforted knowing that I can send a bag to them and have it repaired properly. Rago Brothers have a customer for life.

, May 5, 2019 / Irma

Outstanding Job

Aberdeen, NJ
Outstanding Job - Sandie L

I sent my 15 year old black leather coach briefcase to Rago Brothers. Oh my God I have a brand new bag in mint condition. Beautiful work. Thank you!!!!! Service Provided: Coach Briefcase Repair

, May 5, 2019 / Sandie L

A delightful restoration

East orange, NJ
A delightful restoration - Darlene H-S

I fell in love with my bag the minute I saw it. So as you can see in the pictures, it’s truly one of my favorites. This bag been around the world with me. For the past year I laid it to rest. My neighbor told me about the Rago brothers. I looked them up several times before I decided to take a chance. Needless to say it was the best decision I could have made. I’m getting a box ready to send my shoes and more bags…. I have my bag back!!! It looks remarkably great!
St. Lucia here we come.

, May 2, 2019 / Darlene H.

Unnoticed Repair

Boston, MA
Unnoticed Repair - Monica Q-H

This is my 2nd time using Rago Bros to repair one of my vintage bags. The inside trim was unraveling and fraying. I sent it in and days later I got an email response from Hannah. She explained the repair is difficult but repairable. I got my bag back one week later. My bag looks like I never sent it out to be repaired. Very pleased with the work. Thank you Hannah & et al at Rago Bros.

, May 1, 2019 / Monica Q.

This Shoe Service is the top of the Mark!!!

Loxahatchee, FL

I am so excited by this company. From start to finish I was impressed by their professional and timely service. Not to mention their follow through. I had just received a pair of Ferragamo snakeskin pumps over the summer. When wearing them for the first time the tab broke off at the very bottom of the heel. I took it to 3 local shoe repairs in my state. They would not even touch it, told me it was impossible to remove the tab shaft and replace. I contacted a previous business associate that raved about Rago Brothers. Since I was told by experts that repair of the shoe was impossible, and they were a total loss, I gave it a shot. They received my shoes promptly, gave a super reasonable estimate, and shipped them back to me. The entire process took less than two weeks.The company communicated by text, email & phone. WHEN ASKED HOW INVOLVED THE REPAIR WAS, THEY STATED SIMPLY” IT’S NOT A PROBLEM FOR US”. I am so glad I went with this repair service & will continue in the future to send my personal designer shoes, as well as recommend that anyone looking for a “WOW” experience seek out Rago Brothers!

, April 30, 2019 / Allison B.

Quality Beyond Good

Brigham City, Utah

I was loath to trust just anyone close by. I called Ferragamo customer service and they recommended Rago Brothers. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality of the repair……they are as beautiful as when they were brand new! Thank you to everyone involved. Thank you, thank you.

, April 26, 2019 / Christine S

Great repair!

Charlotte, NC

I was so impressed with Rago Brothers whose name I got through the Henri Bendel Department store in NYC. I had a $500 bag which had the handle come off and I contacted Rago for the repair.

Rago customer service answered right away and emailed me a form to pack with the bag while I was on the phone with them. Within a couple days of me mailing the bag, I received a prompt email with a (very reasonable) estimate for the repair and a super easy way to accept the repair and make the payment. The bag came back within a week perfectly repaired! I will remember them for all future repairs!! Totally professional and smooth process. Well done and affordable!

, April 24, 2019 / Elizabeth

Great service!

Baltimore, MD

Rago Brothers are great! They revived my ostrich skin wallet which I thought was dead forever. For a very, very reasonable price they restored it to almost new condition. I am so pleased. More than that, they spent quite a lot of time on the phone with me discussing various options. You won’t be sorry!

, April 23, 2019 / Dan N

Absolutely Beautiful

Greentown, PA

Thank you so much for repairing the handles on my Michael Kors handbag. It looks like new. I’m so happy the customer service representative at Michael Kors recommended you to me.

, April 23. 2019 / Marlene R.

Exceptional work!

Oconomowoc, WI

Thank you Rago Brothers for bringing back to life my old Louis Vuitton wallet! A sentimental gift, I have used it for the last 16 years daily, but after the inside stitching ripped, I thought it was retired to my closet for good. I found you online, and am so glad I did! I just got my wallet back and it looks amazing! I can’t believe you were able to fix the wearing and tear on the sides and shine it up to look so nice! The interior is perfectly repaired and so clean. I will be able to use my wallet for years to come!

, April 19, 2019 / Jane K

Beautiful Repair on Vintage LV

Shawnee, KS

Thank you so much for the beautiful repair of my vintage LV Doruot bag! The strap broke on my bag recently and I was given Rago Bros info as the best place to get it repaired. It looks AMAZING! The service was professional, easy, and very timely. Thank you!!

, April 19, 2019 / Jillian M.

First Rate Experience

Cleveland. OH

My experience with Rago Brothers was thoroughly outstanding! I found the customer service super friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The quality of the repair my boots received is first-rate and beautifully executed.

, April 17, 2019 / Chris B

Shocked at how good it looks

Upton, MA

This handbag was the first designer handbag I purchased 34 years ago. There was some wear on the outside that showed it’s age. However, the inside suede lining was so deteriorated it could not be used. Several times I was going to throw the bag out. I just couldn’t do it. I received my handbag back today and I am so happy about the restoration of it. I cannot wait to use the bag.

Thank You Rago Brothers for such a great job. I’m a happy customer!

, April 15, 2019 / Lorraine W

Couldn’t be more pleased

St. Paul, MN

My black go- to Michael Kors purse needed repair on its handles but my shoe repair man explained he couldn’t fix it because it’s inner cord had broken during my unconscious nervous twisting it around. Am I the only person who does stuff like that?

A Nordstrom saleswoman told me about Rago Brothers and now a week later I have what looks like a brand new purse-and I definitely have brand new handles on it.
I couldn’t be more pleased and am spreading the word.

, April 11, 2019 / Carol B.

Excellent work

Islip, NY

After my dog chewed the strap of my Michael Kors Crossbody Bag I contacted Michael Kors who referred me to Rago Brothers for repair. I sent the Michael Kors Crossbody Bag to Rago Brothers. Within one week of mailing the bag it was returned to me fixed. Rago Brothers replaced the strap and the bag is as good as new. I would definitely use Rago Brothers again and highly recommend them. Great job!

, April 11, 2019 / Debbie C

I couldn’t be more pleased

Elon, NC
I couldn’t be more pleased - Dianna Mastroianni

I shipped my handbag to be cleaned and have some stains removed. I was not that optimistic but I thought I would give it a try since I stopped using the bag due to stains. I received my bag back today and I cannot believe the condition it is in. I can proudly use my bag again and I am very grateful for the care taken to restore it! Not only did my bag come bag beautiful but the service I received, from everyone I spoke with, was impeccable. Just a wonderful experience all around.

I would highly, highly recommend Rago Brothers to anyone who wants amazing service.

Thank you to everyone who assisted me!

, April 8, 2019 / Dianna M.

Fantastic job

Coopersburg, PA
Fantastic job - Linda

I had several Gucci items repaired by Rago brothers…unbelievable how beautiful each item turned out. I could not be more pleased. Highly recommend them.

, April 4, 2019 / Linda

Impeccable Work

Accokeek, MD

My bag had a small piece of leather missing and they fixed it. I can’t even tell where the repair was on the bag. These guys are amazing! Thank you Rago Brothers.

, March 29, 2019 / Kim H.


Morristown, NJ
Wow! - Jamie Passet

Wow! I am taken back on the quality of the repair on my loafers. The picture really speaks for itself. Being a red leather, it is harder to maintain. I came in to get the leather conditioned and the color refreshed along with helping any scuffs and marks. They came back better than I could’ve imagined – and at an awesome price! Seriously can’t say enough great things!

, March 27, 2019 / Jamie P.

Absolutely unbelievable!

Irvine, CA
Absolutely unbelievable! - Sarah Takasugi

I just received my Gucci purse from Rago Brothers. Tony was a terrific help on the phone and told me exactly what he could do without trying to upsell me on repairs and cleaning I did not need. I had scuffs on the bottom of my purse and the paint had begun to peel off. I just received my purse in the mail and I am absolutely stunned at the repair. I cannot detect where the scuffs were. So amazed! Thank you!!

, March 26, 2019 / Sarah T.

I’m sold on Rago!

Atlanta, GA
I’m sold on Rago! - Natalie

I recently purchased a pre-owned Louis Vuitton Neverfull from online. The only drawback was that all of its gold D’ ring hold plated hardware were now turning silver. Louis Vuitton quoted me a price of $460 to replace all the D’ rings with fresh new ones. After asking a handbag group on FB about it, I was referred to Rago brothers. I called and got a price of $145 for the same job. I shipped my LV handbag off to them the next morning. After a week of working on it, they sent it back. I am in love! My handbag looks wonderful and their work is flawless! I am sold on Rago Brothers!

, March 22, 2019 / Natalie

Excellent Repair

Palm Bay. FL
Excellent Repair - Dawn P

My personalized red Henri Bendel Bowery Backpack was in need of a repair. Henri Bendel sent it to Rago Bros. I was at first apprehensive that it might get lost in the mail or that it would prove to be difficult communicating with a repair company so far away. I am pleased to report that it has come back to me repaired and looking fantastic! Rago Brothers does excellent work. I will certainly recommend them to anyone looking for top quality repairs of purses.

, March 22, 2019 / Dawn P.

Best Shoe Repair ….

New York, NY
Best Shoe Repair - Bruce Taylor

Repair work is top notch. The repairs made make wonder if they are part of Salvatore Ferragamo Company, the work done is incredible. I will have all my shoes repaired at Rago Brothers. Also their customer service is excellent. Fast and accurate.

, March 18, 2019 / Bruce T.

Outstanding Customer Service

Belmont MA

The Rago brothers certainly know how to satisfy their customers. Their customer service is the best I have received anywhere. I have over 20 years of retail experience and they are by far the best I’ve seen. Their quality of work is superb and their customers are treated with kindness and respect. I have had many shoes repaired and recently a pair of boots. The quality of work is wonderful and done in a reasonable amount of time. It’s a pleasure doing business with them and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs items repaired.

, March 15, 2019 / Charlene C.

Always Such Wonderful Service

Mendham, NJ

Every time I visit Rago Brothers, I feel as though I am coming back to see an extended family. Even if it is just to get new taps but on a pair of heels, the associates work as a seamless, organic team who is always on top of whether you have been served and where the order is that you are awaiting. It is always a special treat to see one of the Rago Brothers who lends a special word, a special comment or an extra bonus to make you feel valued. Can’t say enough good about this shop where I have been coming for 20+ years.

, February 27, 2019 / Catharine H.


Dover, DE

Thank you Mr. Tony Rago for the most lovely exchange over the phone. Really appreciate your honesty and kindness. Hope you have a grace-filled day forever! Kudos to your business! Thank you. Service Provided: Ferragamo Crossbody Bag Repair

, February 24, 2019 / Maria P.

Have bag will travel

Boston, MA

I was traveling from Massachusetts to Allentown NJ to visit the Grandchildren. Found your Website and decided to stop on the way down to have your staff evaluate repairing patent leather straps on my wife’s Coach bag. Service was outstanding and very patient. You replaced the straps while I waited about 45 minutes. Young lady (Boston College Alum) who assisted me could not have been nicer and extremely accommodating. THANKS!

My wife was extremely pleased with her “new” bag. New strap colors matched well and the price was reasonable.

I will recommend the Rago Brothers to all…..thank you again.

, February 26, 2019 / Mike P


Enlglewood, Ohio

I was referred to Rago Brothers by Michael The zipper on my handbag needed to be repaired. I was so impressed with the customer service when I called for the first time. I received my handbag back in less than a week. It was wrapped like it was purchased for the first time. The work done perfect.

Thank You


, February 5, 2019 / Evelyn A.

Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else

Nashua, NH

I have sent 2 items in from NH to be repaired and honestly would never go anywhere else. They are trustworthy and prices are very reasonable. They are communicative and very easy to deal with. Don’t ever hesitate if you are in another state!!

, January 25, 2019 / Donna M.


Orange, NJ

Your work is exemplary and I am grateful for the care you gave to my shoes. I have posted a positive review on yelp. Blessings to your family… Service Provided: Men’s Shoe Repair

, January 25, 2019 / Gerard


Miami, FL

I just wanted to take the time and congratulate these guys as my shoes came back looking like new. I was very angry that my shoes came with rubber soles and these guys did a phenomenal job of repairing my shoes and switching out the rubber sole for a leather sole. I can’t thank these people enough. I live in Miami, FL and I will now only send my shoes to Rago Brothers for service. Again thank you guys for all the help.

, January 18, 2019 / Fernando A.

I Was Amazed!

Manalapan, NJ

My Aunt was the fashion icon of the family. When she passed away, I was lucky enough to inherit her handbags. The bags were beautiful but very worn and dirty with scuffs and stains. I would never have worn them in that condition. I heard about Rago Brothers and sent them all out hoping for the best, but not really very optimistic. I was ASTONISHED when I got them back. They looked BRAND NEW! Even the white Gucci was absolutely pristine. They are true miracle workers.

, January 18, 2019 / Pam W.

Thank you Ernesto

Vernon Hills, IL

I was recommended to Rago Brothers from a Kate Spade store in Old Orchard. I was not sure what to expect. I checked the reviews online and gave them a chance. Ernesto sent an email as soon as my handbag arrived. He was very professional and explained what needed to be done. I received my handbag in the mail and was amazed at what an incredible job he had done. He rebuilt the strap on my handbag that was frayed and ready to fall apart. It looks brand new! A very professional job with expert craftsmanship. Thank you!

, January 15, 2019 / Sherry H.


Cedar Knolls, NJ

I had never been here before and walked in without an appointment. I inquired if they would be able to punch a hole in my watch strap as it was a bit too wide for me. Some friendly banter was exchanged, some handshakes were had, and then I was out the door within 5 minutes. They stopped me as I was reaching for my wallet.

No questions asked, they took great care of me and I will remember this gesture of goodwill. This is how you get a customer who will come back in the future and refer his friends. Many thanks!

, December 2, 2018 / Edward

Ferragamo Repaired!


I damaged my dress left shoe by Ferragamo. I went to two seasoned shoe repair companies. They said it couldn’t be fixed. I found The Rago Brothers mail-in service. I was a little skeptical about sending my shoes out of state and not knowing what could happen and results. It’s amazing of the quality of work was done. It’s like nothing ever happened. I’m very impressed and would highly recommend them. Every penny spent was worth it. Great price and fast turn-around time.

, November 18, 2018 / Herbert A.