Superb Craftsmanship & Great Service!!

I am so impressed with the craftsmanship of the repair team at Rago Brothers. Last year I knew I was going to be in NJ and brought 2 large leather handbags that had been pretty beaten up by the wear and tear of frequent travel. The inside linings were also quite dirty. Rago returned them in good-as-new condition. Last week I sent Rago a pair of leather slippers with a wedge heel in pretty awful condition. I wish I had taken before & after pics. so you could see for yourselves what they managed to salvage and restore to perfection. The upper part of one of the slippers had come out of the sewn-in side and someone at home, who shall remain nameless, tried to glue them back in place. What a mess! I thought they were beyond salvation but knowing that they are a favorite pair of my 98 year old mother I decided to mail from Miami and ask if they thought there was any hope. They said they would try. In less than 1 week since the slippers’ arrival in NJ the shoes arrived back in Miami today and I was blown away by how fantastic they look! My mother was thrilled!! Truly an absolutely amazing transformation!! Always pleasant staff both in person and over the phone. A big thank you to Hannah, the brothers, and the rest of the repair team.