Stunning. Unexpected. Fast. Value.

20 year old Louis Vuitton purse that was loved to death. The corners had worn out on both the bottom leather base plate, but also the corners of the large ‘Logo panels’. There were actual holes, things were falling out of the purse. All was lost.

I went to a Louis Vuitton shop and their service team said ‘total loss, beyond repair’

On a lark I sent the purse in to the Rago Brothers team. Tony called me back and asked why I wanted to save the purse since it was really quite far gone. I explained my reasons; a gift from my husband, 20 years of service, ‘an old friend’. He listened and swore “to try his best – but no promises”.

Today a box arrived un-announced, weeks ahead of schedule. And what was inside was stunning. Through a combination of panel replacement, and artistic nip-and-tuck what was before me was basically a new bag.

If this is ‘no promises’, I cannot image what a promise would deliver…

And the price? Not really important.