I have a very expensive leather jacket that unfortunately ripped in the armpit area, right where the arm attaches to the jacket. It was a pretty big rip. Looking at it, I thought it was a lost cause. It just didn’t look like there was any way that it could be fixed, because it wasn’t like it was a ripped seam that could be sewn. It looked like it would somehow need to be glued back together. But I did an online search for “leather repair” and Rago Brothers came up. I sent them a photo of my jacket and they said they could help. Within about 2 days I had my jacket back. Wow, that was fast! When I took the jacket out of the box, I fully expected to see some sort of patch, or some evidence that a repair was done. Nope. It just looked like my jacket, before the rip happened. I couldn’t believe it. Amazing! Everything about the transaction was very easy, too. All the communications from the merchant, the turn around time…fantastic.