Repair of lining Louis Vuitton Trocodero 30 Purse

Sent in my Louis to have inside and outside lining replaced as with some of the Louis’ the lining degrades and gets
a black sticky substance. The purse was in very good condition but needed a cleaning since it had been hanging
in someones closet for a while. I am simply amazed at the quality of work that was put into this. This has been the
second repair that I have had done. The first repair was a 30 plus year old LV wallet that the edges had curled up
on, this had been handed down to me from my sister who passed away and wanted to keep it as a memory. Tony
himself is whom I had spoken to and assured me that he would take care of this for me. Again simply amazed how
they could have saved that old wallet and make it useable again, I use it everyday and think of my sister everytime
I see it. Rago’s turn around time is awesome!!!! They had gotten my purse in on Friday and by Tuesday it was
being shipped back to me.