Rago Brothers, my YSL loves your handiwork!

As I searched for someone to entrust my discontinued and treasured YSL handbag to….one name kept popping up…Rago Brothers. I shipped from Alaska and Rago Brothers’ staff called me when they received it! That is customer service. I was told to expect my handbag back sometime the week of April 19th and I received it within that timeframe! That is customer service. Now to the workmanship. No one would be able to tell that minor repair was performed. My handbag returned home in such better condition than when it left. This bag is treasured because it is discontinued and was a limited supply stock. It’s a classic that one of my granddaughters will now be able to enjoy. Trust is what I think of when I think of Rago Brothers. Thank you, Rago Brothers for your beautiful craftsmanship and customer service.