Over Delivered – Wow!

Sent away a vintage Louis Vuitton City Steamer bag for a buckle strap repair – just cut open the box after returning from vacation, and I am shocked at the quality of work, and wish I would have done this years ago!

I hesitated to get this buckle strap repair done because I just assumed that the leather would look completely different – and so I ended up never using this bag for my travels, which is unfortunate because it’s my favorite bag to travel with (we’ve been all over the globe together).

Not only did Rago Brothers suggest a double strap change for consistency and color match – but the level of expertise in not only the craftsmanship – but the leather “oxidation color matching” to the existing body of leather is WILD!

I cannot believe my eyes!

I opened the box and thought that I was looking at a brand new bag, it’s perfection through and through!

If you’re thinking about that one repair that you may be hesitant to make because it might affect the original esthetic – let that go, send in your consultation pics, and just say yes.

I’m now digging through all of my other leather goods to see what’s been stored away due to the need for repair and will be sending it in for their loving care and beautiful work!

Beyond satisfied and incredibly pleased with my entire experience with Rago Brothers.