Kate Spade banana yellow purse

The strap on my Kate Spade purse ripped, I was going to donate the purse to Goodwill since it looked horrible and non functional. Then I discovered Rago Brothers online, who repair quality name brand purses making them look brand new. So I decided to get them a try. I packaged up my purse and off it went via UPS. They called me once it was received and told me the cost of the repair and return shipping. I chose to go ahead with the repair. Much to my surprise, they did a FANTASTIC job repairing my Kate Spade purse that I really like and gets lots of compliments on both by men and women.

It’s a very unique banana yellow color and they matched it PERFECTLY!!! I am so happy that I did not get rid of my purse. Rago Brothers keep up your outstanding customer service and repairs!! It was worth the money! And the way they shipped the purse back to me was nicely done with plastic packing inside the purse to maintain its shape and along with a thank you card and my receipt.

Service provided: Kate Spade handbag (strap repair and color refinishing)