Incredible Chanel Wild Stitch Flap Bag

My Chanel wild stitch flap bag had been previously dyed from pink to black by someone else not Rago Brothers. The dye job was horrible and the dye was transferring. The strap had leather in the strap had been damaged and tied back together in a knot. The cream interior had been stained by the black dye. I sent my bag to the Rago Brothers hoping for a miracle and that is what I got. Don’t know how they got the dye out of the lining but they did. The redye was flawless no brush strokes showing. The leather in the chain sewn back together but I can’t see where because it is finished so well. And most importantly I can wear the bag because no dye is coming off on my hands or clothes. I am so beyond pleased with the quality of work and care taken for my Chanel bag. When you invest in a Chanel piece it is nice to know there is a company that respects the investment.