Improved on my Michael Kors Bag by 100%

I wanted a pink Kors purse. Found it, yeah! On sale! Double Yeah! No. It was a beautiful bag except one problem, the “ Jet Set In side now has this center zipper pocket section for a Tablet that makes this bag so tight inside nothing else fits. It’s like a file bag! Terrible. Literally it’s like a file cabinet drawer! I hated it. So I searched for a place or a shoe repair place that might be able to cut out this center section. Now I lived in NY most of my life, so I thought for sure such a place existed, that’s when I came across Rago Bro’s. Ad. Gave them a call, and the rest was history. Let’s just say, they were so nice, & reassuring. Everything went so easy. I mailed out my bag, paid less then I thought, I just got my bag back, and it looks as if I bought it this way! Perfect. I will recommend Rago Bro’s to everyone I know.