I received the Hermes Oran sandals as a birthday gift. My 2 year old dog (I thought had grown out of chewing shoes) just could not resist the real leather. He chewed the top corner and tore the leather and stitching. I was devastated. I tried to contact the closest store which is over an hour away from me and they said I had to come in (they close by 4) and they might not even be able to help if the leather was torn. Rago Brothers is so easy to use, you just mail them your item. They assess whether they can help (which they most likely can) and call you with a price quote. I was so happy with how fast they got back to me and the price was reasonable. So much better then having to buy another pair. I just received my fixed shoe and I am beyond happy with the work Rago Brothers did. I got the shoe 5 min ago and jumped on to write a review when I am typically not one who does at all. That’s how impressed I am. 10/10 recommend and would use again.