I will look no further

I purchased a pre-loved Goyard. The exterior wasn’t bad just dusty in deep corners, and minor cracking on the handles, one couldn’t tell unless they expertly inspected each and every corner of the handbag. The interior is slightly dirty, no big deal. However, I thought, why not? I might resell it. I asked for a quote. The quote was affordable since I told them I wanted the interior cleaned up and the exterior dusted. Then, sent the bag via USPS. I didn’t purchase extra insurance. Since this was my first time, I didn’t include anything inside the packet as to my information and what I wanted done. A week passed by, and I didn’t hear anything. I called to follow up. They couldn’t locate it. OH NO!!! Within an hour or so, I got an email from Hannah with a specific breakdown on the interior and exterior cleaning fee, touch-ups, and resealing on handle edges. The price had gone (tripled), but what the heck. Again, I thought I would re-sell the bag. I wanted Rago Brothers to have ample of time to take good care of my bag. Almost 4 weeks later, I decided to follow up. Sure enough, the bag was on its way back to me.

When I got the bag, the packaging it came in was very secure and neat. I knew that Rago Brothers had taken the utmost care of my bag. Then, I pulled my bag. Oh, My Word!! It looks so beautiful and shiny. It’s better than new!! I may want to keep it for myself!! All that money I spent, worth.every.penny. I am so impressed with their customer service, expertise, and workmanship that they put into my bag. Although they did not overpromise/guarantee anything, what they’ve done. It’s BEYOND my expectation. Thank you SO VERY MUCH. I emailed Hannah right away to thank her, and she immediately replied to let me know how glad she was to hear that I am so so happy with their services.

I am definitely sending all of my repairs to Rago Brothers! Yes, they are on the other side of the country, but they are worth it!