Gucci Handbag Suede Interior

Founded through Google due to their high ratings, with a little hesitancy, I gave them a chance. I drive over an hour to them bringing my recently purchased Gucci handbag with suede interior. I accidentally marked in the inside with makeup. I then did my research to buy a suede cleanser. Using a suede brush and liquid cleanser, I scrubbed the suede trying to clean the dirty area. Well, what a HUGE mistake. The whole interior was so stiff from it being wet and lost its soft touch alone with wet marks. Even the employee at Rago said they would try but they suggested that I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Charged less than I expected including shipping, I had my item shipped back to me in less than a week, tracking code included and sent via email. I was worried because it was raining during time of shipping but it was packaged very well. I am so incredibly shocked and happy that they have repaired my bag! They fully repaired and cleaned the suede. It is soft and perfect! I didn’t think it was possible! Perfectly handled. THANK YOU RAGO BROTHERS! I will be a returning customer!