My spouse surprised me by sneaking two pair of my Louboutin’s out of the closet and sending them in for work. I had not taken the time to have any sole protectors applied and had worn the heel taps down a little (I guess I walk heavy) There was some worry about turn around time so that the shoes could be back in the closet without my noticing.

What was estimated to be two weeks plus return shipping turned out to be one week total time and they were back before I noticed. I was so happy when I went to put them on, right gobsmacked! They look super fab and the sole protectors are nearly the same color as the red bottoms. I am having my spouse send in two more pair for me, can’t wait to have them back looking like new 🙂 Thank you for excellent service!

Service provided: Christian Louboutin Shoe Repair (sole protectors and heels)