Fenidi – Suede handbag missing screw

Fendi – Suede handbag missing tiny strap set screw.
I was unable to get a screw from Fendi even after waiting a month for them to tell they me did not have a replacement.
Rago Brothers came to my rescue. They replaced the screw very cheap, since the price was so good, I had them clean and brush
out the suede handbag. The handbag is 15.25 / 11.25 it is pretty good size. I a paid a very reasonable price for the cleaning and bushing.
But I said, Wow! when I seen the complete job. It looked like it was never used and I kept saying what a professional job. The screw was
perfectly matched. I can’t even tell which one it was. The cleaning look great, feels great and smells great. Fast service and shipping.
Rago Brother have the best crew!