Fast Service!

I needed a repair (d-ring on the strap) on my Kate Spade purse. Since it was less than one year old, it was still under warranty with Kate Spade, I could have returned it for a full refund or exchanged it for another color. But I didn’t want to exchange it because the color I have (a gorgeous shade of Lilac purple) is no longer available. Kate Spade recommended Rago Brothers for repairs. So I initiated the mail-in repair order with photos and was given an estimate the next day! The price was reasonable ($52 including shipping for a $300 purse) so I went ahead with it. I was notified when it was received and given an estimate of a shipping date, which was just a few days in the future. However, the next day, I was notified that it was repaired and ready to ship back to me. The purse looks fantastic now!