Excellent Service

I am so happy with the service I received from Rago Brothers in repairing my Kate Spade Jackson Street Kristine bag. Rago Brothers’ professionalism and quick turnaround time in repairing my bag was amazing! The problem with my bag started when the thread on the interior zip interior pocket had come undone, which caused the interior pocket to hang and the shoulder strap attached to the interior pocket to come loose. I owned the bag for a few months and had contacted Kate Spade regarding their warranty. I was informed that they did not have a replacement and I could return the bag to them and get my money bag. I chose, however, to repair the bag because I love it. Kate Spade recommended Rago Brothers. I contacted Ernesto of Rago Brothers and was first informed that I should contact Kate Spade because the bag was still under warranty. I informed Ernesto that I had already contacted Kate Spade and decided to have the bag repaired at my cost. Rago Brothers contacted me, via e-mail, upon receiving the bag, informing me the price for repair, and when the bag was shipped to me. My favorite bag is brand new thanks to Rago Brothers. I will definitely continue to use Rago Brothers for repair of all my bags! Thank you Rago Brothers!!!!