Excellent and Convenient Customer Service

I sent my pink Kate Spade wallet into Rago Brothers to repair the gold metal embellishment that reads “New York,” which had fallen off. It was great that I could just mail in my item, as opposed to dropping off and picking it up at a shop in person (I work full time and simply mailed it on my lunch break…it’s hard to find repair locations with convenient hours). They called me as soon as they received it and gave me a quote ($40 to repair the missing metal piece). I had the option to decline their services, which was a nice option. I consented to the repair and they fixed the wallet and sent it back very quickly.

I highly recommend Rago Brothers for service quality, good customer service, convenience, and price. I could not send the wallet back to Kate Spade for repairs because I had bought it from eBay rather than through the actual company, so having a service like Rago Brother works great for me!