On short notice, I was called to attend a big, important meeting out on the West Coast and I needed my most prized and impressive bag–an Orange Ferragamo structured tote. Unfortunately, I’d neglected the bag and the now well set in water stain along the entire length of the bag on one side was 2-3 inches high. Frantically, I took the bag to several reputable places for the repair. Not only were they uncertain of fixing the bag they said it would 2 weeks to even try! I needed the bag in days not weeks!

Then, Salvatore Ferragamo Customer Service referred me to Rago Bros. I called and got Debbie in quick order. Debbie was so kind and sympathetic to my plight. She instantly understood how important it was to me to get the work done fast and professionally. She walked me through the entire process–the website request form, what to write on the ticket so the staff expedited my repairs and sent it back to me overnight. Debbie was so kind and patient. She told me the approximate price and how long the process would take. With Debbie, I felt like I had chose the right place for the most expensive bag I own.

Everything was fine until USPS got involved. The Post Office was a day late delivering my bag. Time was of the essence. I talked to Debbie again and told her the situation. She was kind and reassured me that they’d still have time to do it but to call her as soon as I knew it was delivered. That’s exactly what I did and Debbie ensured they got started on it right away.

I am so grateful to Debbie and the whole team at Rago. They did excellent work and took expert care of me in a tight spot. I wish everyone I dealt was as diligent and professional as the team at Rago Bros! I’ll never send my bags anywhere else. THANK YOU!

Service provided: Ferragamo Handbag Repair (stain removal and re-dye)