Battered Burberry Brought Back to Life!

I bought a Blue Label tote several years ago and after some time, despite taking excellent care of my bag, the leather handles began to dry rot. My local shoe repair guy was even afraid to take it on, fearing that he might damage it further. So I packed it away and thought about reselling it “as is” on Poshmark or something.

One Sunday afternoon Google-fest, I looked up designer handbag repair and Rago Brothers popped up. After viewing their gallery of work I started a repair and sent it in. So when I received it back I was stunned by not only how quickly the repair was done but the quality of the work. Rago changed the original design (flaw) improved it and made it likely how it should have been made in the first place. I did not take a before picture but I can assure you: it was not good. Enjoy the after picture instead. Beautiful work.
Thank you!!