I am so excited that Rago Brothers was able to help me repair my 2 purses!

Mitzi, my little Lulu Guiness bag, is my conversation piece that I carry on beach vacations, and I was so unhappy to think that I’d no longer be able to take along with me since her straw handle was about to break for good. You sewed her up and she is all fresh and ready to go. But I will be more careful now when we go out and not put too much stuff in there.

My Prada bag is also very special to me and unique with all of the beading that is on it. So unique apparently, that Prada didn’t want to try to fix the loose stones. I thought that it would sit in my drawer until I found Rago Brothers and you were able to repair the bag so that the beads/stones are sewn on and looks great! You also were so quick in fixing the bags and returning it back to me-it all took about a week. It was such an easy experience and not so expensive either! I will definitely use you again and tell my friends all about you!

Thank you!