Best shoe repair around!

During Christmas, I received my first pair of Louboutin shoes in which our Christmas puppy also found as one of the best gifts for her. She completely chewed up the shoes all around and Rago’s sent them back almost brand new! It was in rough shape and they came back with only small bite marks

30 Year Old Channel Handbag SAVED

I sent a 30 year old handbag that I literally used every day to Rago Brothers for repair and WOW, what a surprise! It looks brand new, the leather in the chain was replaced and the chain was re-dipped, the rough edges are all smooth! It is absolutely BEATUIFUL! My friend saw the bag and

True Craftsmen!

I purchased a Fendi bucket bag years ago. The bag had become worn with weathered leather that was so bad the bag was unusable. This is no longer the case. I received my bag back today and my mouth dropped at how perfect it looks once again. I am not sure what my expectation was

Bucket Bag Restoration that Exceeded my Expectations

My 25 year old Bottega Veneta bag showed scratches and signs of wear from age and poor storage practices. AND Bottega Veneta no longer restores this leather line (“Marco Polo”) in house. Rago Brothers had great reviews and WOW, they really exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Their online instructions were simple and

Black Suede Ferragamo repair

Needed new sole on favorite pair of Ferragamo shoes. Sent to Rago Brothers for repair. Results: friendly, fast, professional, high-quality workmanship. Couldn’t be more pleased. There’s a reason why they’ve been successfully around since 1911.

Amazing Work

I received a beautiful Kate Spade bag as a gift a couple years ago, but after a few uses the hardware attaching the strap broke off. I was so disappointed because it was no longer useable, yet it was still beautiful since it was in pristine condition. It sat for 2 years until I discovered

Unfortunate Pleasure

I have had the, unfortunate, pleasure of having to use Rago Brothers twice, on two separate occasions. It was only unfortunate because it’s never fun having to have anything repaired, but it was a pleasure because Rago Brothers made feel like a valued customer during both experiences. Both repairs were returned in timely manner, and

Amazing Repair Job on my Louis Vuitton Purse!!!!!

My Louie was 4 years old and as the service reps at Louis Vuitton said, “well loved”. The leather had some tears on each corner of the purse, small but bothersome. LV turned my repair request away, but not Rago Brothers! They received my purse on a Monday and I had it back the following

Trim & Handle Repair – AMAZING

I sent three bags to be repaired by Rago Brothers, and I could not be happier with the results. They redid the trim and handle on my Louis Vuitton Saumur and I could have cried when I got my bag back. I can use it again and not worry the handle is falling off. You

Favorite bag finally repaired

My favorite mini black coach bag that I bought during the NYC marathon has been unrepairable (according to Coach). Rago Bros. Quickly repaired it. I can’t thank you enough for the quick turnaround and perfect job!