Longchamp Handbag Repair

Jean Cassegrain founded the company in Paris in 1948 as a leather accessory company for tobacco and smoking products. Later, the company was named Longchamp, which quickly became known for its highly-popular leather-wrapped pipes.

Longchamp currently sells its stylish handbag collections as well as luggage and accessories at over 100 branded boutiques worldwide and at select luxury fashion stores.

The craftsmen at Rago Brothers are highly experienced in repairing Longchamp handbags.
We offer cleaning, restitching, lining, and handle repair services on Longchamp bags, among many other services. If your Longchamp leather or fabric bag is in need of a minor repair or a full restoration, Rago Brothers has you covered.

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The use of the words “restore”, “restoring” or “restoration” on this website does not mean we can bring any item back to “brand new” or “original factory condition.”