Hermès Handbag Repair

Hermès is a French luxury designer and manufacturer that specializes in leather goods, accessories, clothing, and numerous lifestyle and home products.

The company was founded in Paris in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, a leather harness and bridle manufacturer for the European aristocracy. Their product line eventually expanded to saddles, saddle bags, leather garments, handbags, luggage, clothing, and accessories for discriminating clientele.

Hermès continues to manufacture their leather products almost completely by hand. They are known for using the highest quality skins and for the old-world craftsmanship of their artisans.

A refurbishment of a Hermès handbag requires craftsmen to have years of experience in several areas, including the mastery of intricate stitching techniques, expertise in custom making dyes to match original colors, and the ability to source or re-manufacture damaged hardware and parts.
Our expertise in leather handbag repair has developed over one hundred years and four generations.

When it comes to Hermès handbags, luggage or accessories, you can always trust the professionals at Rago Brothers to make the expert repairs you need. If you ship your Hermès items to Rago Brothers, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results.

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