Gucci Handbag Repair


Gucci is an Italian luxury brand founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence. With the help of his three sons, Gucci expanded to other Italian cities. Years later in 1953, two of his sons established offices in New York City. Traveling movie stars and the world’s elite contributed to the company’s growing popularity by posing with Gucci items around the world. Today, Gucci is a highly recognized brand with hundreds of store locations worldwide.

The highly skilled craftsmen at Rago Brothers have mastered the old-world techniques used by this luxury manufacturer and are able to clean, repair, and restore purses and wallets, among other Gucci leather products. We have decades of experience repairing both vintage and new designs. Some repairs include: custom leather straps, new leather liners, hardware repair or replacement, new piping, new binding, resealing edges, addition of leather corners, and repairing or replacing zippers.

While we are unable to provide Gucci branded replacement parts, we are often able to repair or reuse the original hardware. In the event that we cannot reuse your original hardware, we will work with you to source a suitable generic replacement.

Gucci® and its related patterns, designs, and logos are owned by the Gucci Group and Kering S.A. and protected by international trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

The use of the words “restore”, “restoring” or “restoration” on this website does not mean we can bring any item back to “brand new” or “original factory condition.”