Chanel Handbag Repair


Chanel was originally founded as a hat-making shop in 1909 when Gabrielle (Coco) Bonheur Chanel opened her doors to create fashionable hats for the affluent women of Paris. It was not until 1929 that she designed her first bag. However, it was Karl Lagerfeld who added the iconic interlocking CC logo closure to the bag’s design in the 1980s. Today, in addition to the Classic Flap bag, Chanel has designed and produced many other highly sought-after handbag styles, such as the Boy Bag and the reissued 2.55.

When Rago Brothers receives a Chanel or other luxury brand handbag in need of repair, it first undergoes a thorough inspection by our designer handbag repair experts. This detailed assessment may also identify other areas of repair that may be needed. We have the knowledge and experience required to identify and repair anything your bag may need. Some repairs can include: restructuring, cleaning and refinishing leather, new leather in chains, lengthen chains, sealing tears or lifted leather, hardware repair (additional details below), and stitching.

While we are unable to provide Chanel branded replacement parts, we are often able to repair or reuse the original hardware. In the event that we cannot reuse your original hardware, we will work with you to source a suitable generic replacement. We also offer a re-plating service for certain pieces of hardware to restore the original finish of the metal, and we can custom create specific hardware parts if they are missing entirely.

Chanel® and its related patterns, designs, and logos are owned by Chanel S.A. and protected by international trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

The use of the words “restore”, “restoring” or “restoration” on this website does not mean we can bring any item back to “brand new” or “original factory condition.”