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It’s the season to enliven your spring and summer sandals

Hello SoleMates!

Now is the time to revamp your spring/summer shoes and sandals before vacation, have them getaway-ready for your next trip, or simply show off that pedicure!

Rago Brothers can rekindle the love (and comfort) between you and your favorite warm-weather footwear: 

– Straps can be adjusted-shortened, lengthened, relocated
– Thin rubber protective soles added for comfort and traction
– Stitching repaired, tassels and charms replaced
– Overall cleaning and conditioning
Bring them out of hibernation and into the experts at Rago Brothers!


Hello everyone, welcome to my first post! I’m excited to share the Rago Brother’s knowledge about all things leather.

It’s summertime- which means white, pastel and light colored handbags are emerging from your closet. Paired with your favorite go-to summer outfits seems like an oh so trendy idea… until you discover the dye from your blue jeans has ended up on your brilliant white handbag.

No need to fret- the experts in our dyeing and refinishing studio can save that bag!

  • Your bag will be washed and cleaned inside and out with PH balanced products
  • It will be redyed to restore the white, pastel, or light color using hand-applied techniques
  • To finish, your bag will be protected for future wear

Insider tip: White or light-colored suede worn with dark denim may look great, but is a risky combination.

Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, you’ll be ready to show off your freshly refinished handbag… maybe even fooling a few if it’s new or not!

Please check back soon for more insider tips on all things leather!

With Heart & Sole,
Eva Rago



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