Hello everyone, welcome to my first post! I’m excited to share the Rago Brother’s knowledge about all things leather.

It’s summertime- which means white, pastel and light colored handbags are emerging from your closet. Paired with your favorite go-to summer outfits seems like an oh so trendy idea… until you discover the dye from your blue jeans has ended up on your brilliant white handbag.

No need to fret- the experts in our dyeing and refinishing studio can save that bag!

  • Your bag will be washed and cleaned inside and out with PH balanced products
  • It will be redyed to restore the white, pastel, or light color using hand-applied techniques
  • To finish, your bag will be protected for future wear

Insider tip: White or light-colored suede worn with dark denim may look great, but is a risky combination.

Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, you’ll be ready to show off your freshly refinished handbag… maybe even fooling a few if it’s new or not!

Please check back soon for more insider tips on all things leather!

With Heart & Sole,
Eva Rago